Georgia Lawmaker Says National Guard Should ‘Shoot To Kill’ Border Crossers

“Shoot To Kill” Border Crossers

At a candidate forum last week, Georgia state Rep. John Yates (R) was asked for his recommendations on what to do about illegal immigration in Florida. Yates replied that troops on the border should be given “shoot to kill” orders and that fliers should be dropped in Mexico warning of the new immigration policy. “They ought to be armed and if warned leaflets dropped all over Mexico says that we will shoot to kill if anybody crosses and be serious about this and if they do that then there won’t be anybody killed [sic],”reasoned Yates.

In an interview with Atlanta’s Fox5, Yates stood by his comments:

Some have questioned Yates’ comments. When asked if he could see why people would be upset with his comments Yates, “No, I don’t think they’d be upset with what I’d say.”

Rep. Yates, a WWII veteran in office more than 20 years, represents parts of Douglas, Fayette and Spalding Counties.

“If they come over here, on these raids killing ranchers and everything, you got to stop them some way,” said Yates.

Yates likened illegal immigrants to enemies of the country.

“Stopping Hitler was worth the price,” Yates said. “It’s our border, they’re invading us.”

Watch Fox5′s report:

Jerry Gonzalez of Georgia’s Association of Latino Elected Officials’s has already voiced his concerns: “We’re concerned that this type of rhetoric, if it blows up is going to incite violence against our community.”

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) echoed Gonzalez’s statement. “We are seeing a frightening ratcheting up of hate speech about undocumented workers from Mexico, and John Yates has taken the rhetoric to a level of extremism that is shocking and deeply disturbing,” said Bill Nigut, the ADL’s southeast regional director. “Comparing Mexicans crossing the border illegally to Hitler’s army is grossly offensive to Jews and others who suffered the tragic consequences of the Nazi’s so-called ‘Final Solution.’”

Andrea NillImmigration has become a hot button issue in Georgia, particularly in the past few months. The issue is at the front and center of the state’s gubernatorial race, along with many otherlocal elections. The state recently banned undocumented immigrants from attending most of the state’s most prestigious public universities and colleges. Georgia Republicans are already drafting an immigration law similar to the one recently passed by Arizona. Georgia is home to an estimated 480,000 undocumented immigrants.

Andrea Christina Nill

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  1. DavethNative says

    Gosh, That’s a great idea. Instead of feeding and helping the Europeans and being curious about them when they came, we should have been a unified Native American army and shot to kill, instead of arguing with each other about what to do with them. Oh, but God that would make us as bad as the savages that committed genocide on our people. On second thought, Nah then we would be just like them.

    • Ryder says

      Interesting point… Had the natives done a better job protecting themselves, they might not have been wiped out… I guess this just goes to show when one fails to respond to a crisis.

  2. Ryder says

    I think that people are intentionally missing the point… (which is intellectually dishonest).

    There was no suggestion to shoot those illegally entering the country…

    The suggestion was that soldiers have a policy to shoot, in order to stop ceasing so that no shots are ever fired.

    This is very similar to the nuclear arms policy we has for decades… “mutually assured destruction”, where to policy against any nuclear attack, no matter how small, I initiated a full nuclear response.

    This policy seems to have worked, as no nuclear weapons have been used in war since they were first invented.

    If the representative is right, no shots will be fired at all, by design.

    One also has to consider the many deaths associated with the illegal crossings. Many people die each year in the attempt, from exposure or criminals.

    If the representative is right, and crossing attempts stop, then lives will actually be saved in such a plan.

    Saving lives is always worth considering.

  3. Annette says

    Rep. John Yates comments are ridiculous. Suggesting we should shoot people is an inflammatory ploy for votes. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have a serious problem with illegal immigration. We should be making a real effort to deport illegal aliens, especially those who break the law. In fact, the most effective strategy for reducing the number of new illegal aliens would be to make it a crime for employers to hire them, with serious punishments such as jail time, large fines, and confiscation of resources in the same way cops take cars and houses from drug makers and pushers. Rich developers are raking in profits by hiring “undocumented workers” because they don’t have to pay regular wages, FICA social security, Workers Compensation and other payroll taxes. If the government confiscated a few multimillion dollar development tracks, those employers would think twice before cheating the rest of us by hiring illegal aliens.

    We should also fire college officials that give illegal aliens in-state tuition breaks. The public supports in-state tuition recipients by funneling extra tax money to colleges and universities. When illegal aliens cheat and lie to receive those lower rates, they’re stealing our public resources, and that’s just one of the many ways illegal aliens rob us. But the article you point to, Andrea, implies that it’s really not a big deal that illegal aliens are breaking our laws and stealing our tax money, and that those who want to stop them are somehow being unfair to them. Worse, those who recognize this problem for what it is, the blatant theft by foreigners of our public resources, are told they are racist. If the federal government would deal with this issue, border states that bear the huge public costs from illegal aliens wouldn’t have to take steps to resolve the problem.

    By the way, it’s not hate speech to want to protect our country from people who steal our resources. Illegal aliens, those people you like to call “undocumented immigrants,” jump ahead of the line of people trying to immigrate legally. I don’t blame foreigners for sneaking into this country. They just want to make their lives better, and some of them come from poor countries that are massively overpopulated. But if liberals really care about immigrants, then why prioritize illegal aliens over those who are willing to abide by the law? That’s either hypocritical, or simply naive.

    Instead of looking for valid solutions, the left wing is currently trying to get the federal government to give amnesty to illegal aliens once again (for the third or fourth time in the past half century). Giving amnesty didn’t work the other times we gave it to illegal aliens, it simply encouraged millions more to break the law to come here. The left can’t seem to grasp that allowing people to jump ahead of immigrants who are willing to follow the law and come here legally is counterproductive and detrimental to our nation.

    Another way to reduce the incentive for illegal aliens to come here is to change the Fourteenth Amendment so that babies of illegal aliens are not “instant citizens” who can therefore access all the US social service programs that US taxpayers fund, including welfare, Section 8 housing subsidies, and Social Security. (Even if their parents never paid a dime into the Social Security system, a child of illegal aliens can receive benefits just because they managed to have the birth in our country.) As long as we have a policy that allows birthright citizenship, we have an enticement for women to come here either legally or illegally to give birth. Birthright citizenship is yet another way foreigners can jump ahead of the immigration line because all those babies and kids are automatically a priority over potential adult workers who could come here and actually help our country instead of just cost us money. And each one of those “instant citizens” can sponsor the immigration of all of their family members. Birthright citizenship and amnesty for illegal immigration is just not fair to those immigrants who abided by the laws, nor is it fair to those who are still waiting to come here. Furthermore, it does not solve the world’s problems to let the rich masters of overpopulated countries off the hook for the extreme economic hardship they’ve created for the poor in their countries. Instead, it enables those who benefit from Mexico’s poverty to keep ripping off citizens of both Mexico and the US.

    We have millions of poor and uneducated people flooding our gates to escape poverty, crime and other problems in their own countries, and those people are a drain on our system much more than a benefit to our country. We can continue to “clean up” other countries problems by taking in their poor, or we can focus on getting those countries to change their policies that continue to create such abject poverty. Mexico is a prime example where the stark disparity of income between the rich and the poor will continue to create problems for the US until we demand change that allows a strong middle class to develop there. Sure, it would be nice if we can help struggling people from other countries, but when they come here illegally and FORCE us to give them our resources, of course hard working American taxpayers are going to resent that. That’s why we’re having another backlash from the voters right now. People are tired of being taken advantage of, especially during a down economy.

    So the big question is, why is the left wing still pushing for amnesty (again) and a massive increase in immigration? Are liberals just being naive, or are we being manipulated by the rich who benefit from reduced wages and massive job competition?

    • Don Duitz says

      I’m not sure that standing in line shows as much courage as risking life and limb to take control of your life to better it. I respect someone like that and frankly they probably make better citizens and are willing to work to make their way. Our country was and is made of this stuff.

      • Annette says

        Yeah, sure, and the people who broke the law to come here illegally and then lied to college s and universities in order to steal from the public and get themselves in-state tuition rates are suddenly going to become model citizens if we give them amnesty. Gee, what courage they must have to cheat the American taxpayers.

        What about all those people waiting on the list to immigrate? Do we really just want to tell them they were too stupid to break the law, so tough luck, they can’t live here because the lawbreakers are “braver?”

        This is where Andrea Nill’s bogus picture of Uncle Sam kicking the poor little Mexican shows just how naive the left can be. We spend billions of dollars helping the poor in Mexico and even more paying for the children of illegal aliens here in this country. So who exactly is the Mexican being kicked? I think the ones getting kicked are the poor Mexicans who are still stuck in Mexico being oppressed by the super rich who use NAFTA and the corrupt Mexican government to steal their country’s resources and the fruits of their own hard work.

    • Don Duitz says

      THE OLD FIRE IN THE THEATER BIT!!! I believe in free speech and know all of the ramifications of controlling it, BUT, the inflammatory and especially the out and out lies by the likes of what is strewn on Fox “cable fox news” is just plain propaganda and is poisoning America. They must be held responsible for the mood of the country and flagrant lies passing as news needs to be stopped.
      Like in Germany under Hitler even “intelligent” people like our legislators (for example John Yates) are caught up in the rhetoric.
      Wisdom is slaughtered by unfounded and irrational fear!

    • Freeride says

      Ohio even helps those working here on their degrees, especiall Afrika, to commit crimes and try to get locals kicked out. Federal Mediators like Steve Anderson are on the Dems side and will take any liar/ethnic non-white over a legal Ohioan with 200 plus year state ties. Outsiders welcome, our pierced youth will love the changes. The red side is the same and will help their street level criminals take over the colleges too. Its to the point where only gays can get on the janitor staff even and loading docks like Central State accept cocaine on the dock.

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