Concerned Citizen Ginger Lee Performs Her Civic Duty

ginger leeAnthony Weiner’s wife came home and told him to quit. He immediately complied. I can get behind that. If he persisted, she would have had to share the consequences. She would have it on him forever. This way, when she gets annoyed about his hanging around in his underwear surfing the Web instead of looking for a job … well, she did insist that their life together was more important than his career. He will never have to mention this. It will always be there. Every marriage must have grudge tokens like this to maintain the balance of power.

But what life together? Cynics like me ask where she was when he was alone in his office seeking companionship online. I remember when couples used to actually live together. I guess it’s more exciting meeting in hotel rooms when their paths cross. Also, you don’t have to deal with the sheets and towels.

There’s a huge generational divide on Weinergate. The general opinion I’m reading in forums mainly populated by youth such as and is that Weiner was an idiot for not realizing that his private Twitter messages could easily become public, as well as for lying about this when it first broke. Only right wing trolls think there was anything wrong with what he did, other than betraying his wife in a very trivial way. It’s rumored that he lied to President Obama about it, too, even more stupid, because Obama was his best hope for lenient treatment.

The political consequences are serious. The Democratic Party party is bleeding older white men. One of the main reasons is that it has become identified too closely with feminists and women’s studies type, who have far too much power. Now it embarks on driving away young white men (and many women). Weiner was one of their most popular politicians, admired for his giant clanging brass balls.

Nancy Pelosi and Debbie Wasserman Schultz are perceived as castrating feminist witches by many men. I don’t think they are witches. This is the end result of feminism, the desexualization of the American male. They are going to display Weiner’s balls in the Capitol Rotunda as an encouragement to the others. They will cast them in bell metal, like giant baby shoes, and add clappers. They will be called the Captivity Bells.

Despite this, Weinergate will continue to fascinate the punditocracy.This scandal still has lots of clicks, not to speak of lulz. Please leave sex out of this. Profound moral issues at stake. It is definitely a major civics lesson. Consider Ginger Lee, one of Weiner’s six known sexting partners (if you leave out the fact that they were not sexting, that is).

titter magazineI did an image search for her name. Eek! Not safe for work or family viewing. Don’t do that if you are easily shocked or are at work or where your significant other can see your screen.

My computer is in the living room. No dear, I am not surfing the web for porn; just doing some political research.


So here’s a lady who is famed for being utterly lewd in public for pay. Weiner exchanges a hundred or so text messages with her about — are you reading this or looking at the pictures? — politics.

In a few of them, he flirts a bit — unsuccessfully — and mentions his “package.” She puns about getting Weiner in the morning to her Twitter followers. Tee-hee. I am going to start a competing service called Titter, for people who like to snicker. Is Titter magazine still in business? Hmm.

No pictures are exchanged, no sexting. Politics.

While I think the congressman is to be commended for talking with people in all walks of life outside the Beltway, others disagree. That was ok for another Jewish boy named Jesus. [Hey, Jules, can we get a swimming pool boy joke in here somewhere?]

Photograph by Anita Brown

When the story broke, she claims he told her to lie. Now this concerned citizen is stepping forward as her civic duty demand his resignation because he is a LIAR!

Oh, by the way, she’ll be performing at the Los Angeles Pussy Cat Club at three times her usual rate. Um, maybe it’s not called the Pussy Cat Club, but it is definitely a place for baring the flesh. A sharp-eyed reader has informed me that it is the Pink Lady in Atlanta. Well, OK then. I am afraid to do any more research myself. It’s wonderful to see people move up in life, though. Is this a great country or what?

Jules Siegel

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