Glenn Beck and the Triumph of Ignorance

Author Alexander Zaitchik sits down with Keith Olbermann to discuss his new book, “Common Nonsense, Glenn Beck and the Triumph of Ignorance“. Zaitchik tells Olbermann that we shouldn’t misinterpret Beck’s recent dip in ratings to mean that he is losing popularity. According to Zaitchik, Beck has consciously built a multi-platform empire that can withstand occasional dips in his television ratings.Common Nonsense Glenn Beck Triumph of Ignorance

Olbermann and Zaitchik discuss Glenn Beck’s assertions that Roger Ailes was a civil rights leader and that the Jews killed Jesus adding that Beck relies on consultants from the conservative think tank “Americans for Prosperity” and “Freedomworks” as well as some fringe religious groups to tell him what his audience wants to hear.

In discussing the “Restoring Honor 8-28-10″ event that Beck has been promoting, Olbermann referred to it as a “defilement of Martin Luther King’s anniversary”. It was on this day in 1963 that Dr. King delivered his historical, “I Have a Dream” speech in front of the Lincoln Memorial at the culmination of the “March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom” which was organized in support of civil and economic rights for African-Americans who, after hundreds of years in this country, were living under an apartheid system.

On August 28, 2010 the Special Operations Warrior Foundation, Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin and others are asking their followers to, “join us in our pledge to restore honor at the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC”. Beck will be speaking at that event where it is reported that he will urge Americans to restore honor to America.

Zaitchik cautions people about reading too much into the 2010 Glenn Beck ratings dip. Says Zaitchik of Beck’s projects, “people are mobilizing across this country”. There are a series of events geared toward mobilizing the right to “take back” this country.

The question is – Take it back to what?


  1. Godfather05 says

    What Glenn Beck did was put a face of the 300,000 racists, bigoted hate mongers and the 1,200 Uncle Toms. The right wing fanatical hate mongers are paid by Freedom Works and other right wing conservative groups to bus in these Un-Americans as well as pay them to post on the internet. Take a look at the hate mongers and try to justify their beliefs or actions. You can not do it. And that is just the way it is.

  2. Marshall says

    What about all those tv shows about the black people who were leaders during our fight for independence? How about his taking up for Shirley, saying he saw no reason her comments, unless you took them out of content, were any reason to fire her from her government job? He has spoke of the southern states having a requirement that each southern state support slavery to join the CSA. Seems you cherry pick his comments, take them out of content, and then use them against him. Just what he did not do to Shirely!

    At least try to weigh his failures against his successes.

    • Dan says

      I agree. The progressives (aka socialists, marxists, communists
      and above all God haters)always have an opinion, but never any FACTS.

      They HATE Beck because he challenges their stupidity and hatred for God and this country.

      Olbermann, Satan has a special warm place waiting for you.

      The progressives just like all socialists are happy to spend our money. The problem with socialism, is you eventually run out of other peoples money.

      We will take back this country (before it is too late) and hopefully get back to what our founders saw as a Godly nation.

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