The GOP’s Two Tents (Too Tense)

The current Republican Party doesn’t appear to know its wigwam from a teepee, its right from its far right, or its don’t touch yourself or my guns, but the GOP is firmly under both tents and everybody else’s tent. The Tea Party People are suckers for Frank Luntz’s black art of fear and hate words. In his word world a witch can be good or bad according to the slant. TP’s are not rocket scientists and they not only hate rocket science, but also our Constitution, our laws, our history, our religious freedom and our duly elected President.

The Tea Party People have GOP reign drops falling on their heads and most seem totally unaware how they’re being used. Many $millions of the anti-Government Koch Brothers Corporate oil money has stealthily been poured under both tents, along with Rupert Murdoch, Australian-born media magnate and founder, chairman and CEO of News Corporation. It turns out Murdoch, an un-American made American has huge satellite dealings with Communist China and not for the benefit of the United States.

Bringing us to the analogy of ‘The Camel’s Nose in the Tent.’ One cold night, a Koch/Murdoch Camel gently thrust his nose under the TEA PARTY Person’s tent that had been unknowingly supplied by the K/M camel.

K/M CAMEL: “Oh mighty Tea Party Person, let me put my nose in your tent, since it is so cold and stormy outside.”

TEA PARTY PERSON: “Of course, your nose is welcome and will fit nicely in our small tent.”

K/M CAMEL: “We will get along very well. We like how you think and you will like what we think and say.” A little later the Tea Party Person woke up and found the K/M Camel had his head and neck in the tent.”I will take but little more room if I place my forelegs within the tent.”

TPP: “Okay, you gave us transport to get our tent this far, so you may put your forelegs within our small tent.”

After a short time the K/M CAMEL said: “May I not stand wholly inside, that way the tent will not be open?”

Very sleepy now, the TPP said: “I guess that’s alright.” The TPP falls asleep again. The K/M CAMEL moves into the cramped tent. When the TPP woke up he was outside in the cold and the K/M CAMEL had the tent to himself.

Under the Health Care Insurance companies and the Doctor’s Big Tent
Most doctors want health care reform, unless of course they’re a Republican doctor. Today’s Republican doctors have sworn off the Hippocratic Oath of “Do no harm,” to their newly formed Hypocritic Oath of “Do no harm to my bottom line.” (gluteus maximus) The Health Care Insurance companies are having a rough time these days because their 200% profit and multi-million dollar CEO’s salaries are being challenged.

Because the oil industry and the Health Care Industry’s record profits have zoomed, the level of the CEO’s salary will be a $billion dollars to keep their best top guns. What do Health Care Insurance companies do? Well, they shuffle lots of paper, bureaucratic clerks determine who lives and who dies (they created the original ‘death panels) cancel health contracts, (keeping the clients money) and reduce benefits. Do they do anything to help patients? Just what was listed above.

Why don’t we have Government Health Care like all the other industrialized nations in the world use? How did the Health Insurance companies get all the health business if all they do is shuffle papers? Don’t ask and we won’t tell.

Because the GOP almost owns 95% of the media and wants to privatize the government and Constitution they hate so much. Dick Armey helped to form the Tea Party, along with major funding for the organization and busing the delighted TP’s, from the Koch Brothers, 8th richest persons in our nation.

Hands off my Medicare and we must kill Obama’s Health Care.” “Don’t mess with my Socialist Social Security, but we must kill Socialism.” In the same breath a Newt (not to be confused with a chameleon that changes colors instantly, but closely related to the slimy semi-aquatic creature that lives in dark damp places) can say: “The United States is the only nation that has true religious freedom and freedom of speech. So the TPP must now yell ‘down with Islam.'” So, according to Gop, we’ve become a Christian Nation, all under the Gop tent.

The United Citizens’ Corporate Supreme Court Tent
Aka the Republican Supreme Court, the Piñata Billionaires, the shameless, lying, Republican Party that can denounce the Stimulus Bill as evil and then ask for Stimulus money for their Districts or States. The Republicans now have Freedom to lie as much as they want with permission from the Supreme Corporate Court and the Republican Fox News Network. The GOP goal is to stop all voting in the U.S., since all future elections will be bought by the cash laden Republicans. The Corporate Republicans know their job is to sell: “What’s good for Americans is bad. What’ bad for Americans is good.”

When you think about it, the Republicans have not won an election legitimately since Ike Eisenhower. If the GOP didn’t steal, lie, corrupt and intimidate they could never win an election, because they’re always against We the People. Watergate, the October Surprise, the Dirty Tricks, Iraq, Oil and Energy policy, Iraq, 911 after 56 ‘Hair on Fire warnings.’ So when the scary elephant sticks its’ nose under your tent, punch him in the trunk!

Jerry Drucker

Jerry Drucker is a freelance writer and screenwriter, political progressive letter writer, a member of Valley Democrats United, Democratic Club of Camarillo and Valley Grassroots for Democracy.  A graduate of the UCLA Film School .  Jerry was voted as the 41st AD Man of the Year for 2008 by the LA County Democratic Party members.

Published with permission from the VDU Newsletter, Margie Murray, editor.


  1. Wes Tipton says

    The tea party in a nutshell is millions of angry ‘Americans’ who are weary of the promises of this impostor in our white house. We clearly see the hyprocisy of the left and their rhetoric about the plight of the people, while draining our pockets and voting in one insane far left program after another because they know better than we do what is right!
    At least they have the ‘right’ part correct, and the conservative constitution loving right will bring us back to sanity after 2 years of wandering the barren marxist wasteland this ‘duly elected’ impostor lives in.
    I’ve read some pretty lame and loonie atricles these last few months, but you Mr. Drucker are a far left conspiracy expert with the logic of a mental patient. Conservatives are un-American idiots who are being led around by the nose by those terrible war mongering, corportate bullies? Wow, far left lunacy at it’s worst sir.
    I’ll take businessmen over a pack of inexperienced lawyers all day long because they know how to run a free market nation without bankrupting us or leading us down this sorry ass road to socialism/European union BS!

    • Jerry Drucker says

      It must be a wonderful life for you when your life boils down to slogans and bumper stickers. Here’s one for you: “If it ain’t broke, break it.”

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