“50 for History” GOTV for Kamala Harris!

kamala harrisWe are one week away from making history in California by electing San Francisco District Attorney Kamala D. Harris as California’s Attorney General. In order to get this done we are counting on all of you to help! We are very excited to announce a netroots-based GOTV Program organized by Young Professionals for Kamala Harris:

The 50 for History GOTV Campaign

Do you have 50 friends in your phone book or on Facebook? If so, we are asking you to be one of our 200 GOTV Captains across the state and participate in this program by committing to turn out 50 votes for Kamala Harris next Tuesday. The great news is that you are your own precinct, you don’t have to walk in a neighborhood you don’t live in or call people you don’t know, but together we as young people will guarantee 10,000 votes for Kamala – an amazing contribution.

How it works:

  • Call With Kamala: Once you have made your commitment you will be invited to a special conference call with Kamala tomorrow (Tuesday 10/26) evening to learn the details of the program.
  • Submit Your 50: Tuesday night you will submit your list of 50 votes to 50 for History Director Alida Garcia.
  • Third Time’s a Charm: We will then make “3 touches” over the next week to each of your votes: (1) Introduction/ask for their vote; (2) Reminder call/polling location info; (3) Follow-up on Tuesday to confirm they’ve voted. (materials to be provided by the Campaign)

If you missed the news from last week, $1.1 million dollars was placed in attack ads against Kamala by Karl Rove’s shadowy Virgina-based company funded by the oil industry and tobacco companies. Let’s stand up and tell Karl Rove “Not in my backyard!” Our voices can be stronger than his if we work together.

Alinda Garcia and Kamala Harris

Alinda Garcia and Kamala Harris

Please make your 50 for History Pledge here: http://tinyurl.com/50forHistory

Kamala and I look forward to speaking with you tomorrow!

Alida Garcia
Director, 50 for History GOTV Campaign
Kamala Harris for California Attorney General 2010

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