There Is No Ground Zero Mosque

There is no proposed Ground Zero Mosque

In response to Anthony Samad’s  article, “Ramadan: The Best Time To Discuss America’s Growing Anti-Muslim Sentiment“, we posted a quick poll to gauge the sentiments of the LA Progressive community on the construction of an Islamic Community Center near Ground Zero.

We’re a small publication, but our numbers are  growing fast. Thanks to many of you who take the time to forward these articles to friends or share them on Facebook, we continue to rank among the top tier of sites in the country, according to So it made sense, in terms of numbers, to put up a poll on this topic.

The poll asked, “Should there be a mosque built near the New York Twin Towers site?” and offered a “yes” or “no” response. Assuming that most progressives know the back story behind the opposition to building the Islamic Community Center, we chose to make it short and simple.

Shortly after the poll was published, we received a comment from a regular reader pleading with us to take it down. I contacted that reader to I ask why.  He forwarded a link to Keith Olbermann’s special commentary entitled “There is No Ground Zero Mosque.”

In his commentary, Olbermann insists that there is no Mosque being built at Ground Zero. He goes on to talk about the “stoking of enmity” and the “hatred amplified by politicians and zealots” using this construction to drum up support for their particular cause or political gain.

The Islamic Center which will be named 45 Park Place was, at one point, going to be named the Cordoba Center. However, the name was change because the opposition used the name “Cordoba” to plant suspicions.

When asked about the name “Cordoba,” Newt Gingrich, who is rumored to have eyes on the White House, was quoted in a July 22nd Washington Post article saying “It refers to Cordoba, Spain – the capital of Muslim conquerors who symbolized their victory over the Christian Spaniards by transforming a church there into the world’s third-largest mosque complex. Today, some of the mosque’s backers insist this term is being used to ‘symbolize interfaith cooperation’ when, in fact, every Islamist in the world recognized Cordoba as a symbol of Islamic conquest.”

Olbermann counters Gingrich’s claim about Muslim conquerors calling them “a figment of Newt Gingrich’s imagination”. He  goes on to dismantle Gingrich’s argument piece by piece in his lengthy, 12-minute-long commentary, which can be viewed if you click here.

But, I’m not writing a synopsis of Olbermann’s commentary. What I want to do here is apologize if I have done anything to promote or further the misinformation that abounds regarding Muslims and the Islamic Community Center. I thank the reader who pointed out that my poll should be taken down.  I agree with him and took down the poll. The words chosen for the title of the poll were misleading because there isn’t going to be a Mosque built near Ground Zero, at least not now.

I also want to ask you, the readers, to let me know if you’d like a poll. Finally, for those who would be interested the outcome of a poll on this topic, I ask that you send me a list of questions you’d like to see included the poll. You can do this by using the comments section below this article.

Sharon Kyle
Publisher, LA Progressive


  1. says

    Unless specific criminal actions and intents are found for plans or sponsorship of the proposed mosque and community center, it is our duty to ourselves and our national values as Americans to uphold the mosque’s law-abiding construction and uses.

    That duty to our own affirmative traditions of freedom must trump -but it does not contradict or suppress – our justifiable concerns about the jihadists within Islam. Unlike other prominent religions, Islam has holy scriptures which urge and command believers – not merely in the past but now and in the future – to subjugate, uproot and even destroy non-believers. So the Islamist jihadists are quite within the tradition of Islam, and in particular we are obliged to take quite seriously their proclamations and actions of war toward us of the US, and our values, including freedom of speech. The fatwa against Rushdie was an early and unmistakable sign of this. So too was 9/11. So too was the Iran regime’s choice of Ahmad Vahidi – mastermind of the Buenos Aires bombings of the Jewish community buildings – to be its ‘defense’ minister.

    Clearly Moslems have a choice: to be jihadists, or to set aside the imperatives of jihad in favor of a larger ideal, peaceful coexistence of all peoples.

    Bottom line: the question keeps getting asked: apart from the right (under our American system of laws and values) to construct the mosque, is it right (i.e. in other ways a morally acceptable notion) to construct the mosque?

    The answer to this latter question is not fixed at present: it will depend on what kind of Islam is promoted and propagated at the mosque.

  2. Mad Jayhawk says

    The Democrats will seriously regret supporting the construction of an Islamic Center that contains a mosque. The American people will remember who wanted to allow this building to go forward. The American people will also remember Democrat after Democrat calling them ignorant racists when the the majority of them said that Muslims are welcome to build a mosque anywhere they wanted to except near the spot where a group radical Muslims attacked this country and killed 3000 of their fellow Americans.

    The fact that the group that wants to build this center near Ground Zero and will not compromise says volumes about their true motivations. It also says volumes about Democrats who support this group’s aims. This is not about reglious freedom or freedom of speech. This is about a total lack of sensitivity by two groups – Democrats and a group of Muslims interested in embarrassing our country. It is like a group wanting to build a KKK information center next to the MLK Memorial in Atlanta.

  3. Willie Carr, Jr says

    While I agree that much opposition to the so called mosque is based on racism, and anti Islamic feelings, not all of it is. I am a black man and although I am a Christian, I bear no ill will to Muslims, other than those who perpetrate senseless mass murders without regard to race, color or religous preference. I just wish the majority of Muslims, if they are truly the majority, and they are really as peaceful as they say, would be far more vocal and active in speaking out against those who murder in the name of Islam. I mean people are threatened and murdered because they depict Mohammed in a cartoon, or because they speak against Allah or Mohammad. I’ve heard people curse God, and use the name of Jesus Christ in a curse, and while I don’t like it, I have no desire to kill them. I don’t understand the fear that many have of people who do not believe as they do. Anyone who believes that the God they worship is the one true God, should pray for those they think are mislead, but they certainly should not feel threatened by them. In my opinion if any type of religous structure is to be built anywhere near such a symbolic site as the area called ground zero, it should either be non-denominational, or multi-denominational. I feel this country was basically founded on Christian principles. While it is true that many of those principles were twisted by some in the name of Christianity, and they acted in nonChristian ways, if one takes the time to research the words of the founding fathers, they cannot deny that this country was intended to be a Christian country. Not to the exclusion of other religions, like most Islamic countries that deny Christians equal rights with Muslims. Regarding the current controversy at or near ground zero, I’d ask simply these questions of those in favor of the structure. How do you think Muslims anywhere in the world would react if Americans had destroyed such an iconic part of their culture as the World Trade Center Twin Towers were, and slaughtered thousands of their people at the same time, and then later they wanted to build a structure anywhere near where the attack had occurred? Also I’d like to know if in any country where Islam is the dominant religion, if anyone can point to anywhere they have allowed a Christian structure to be built, that is comparable to the proposal for ground zero?

  4. says

    Personally I would be happy to have an Islamic presence at ground zero, to re-affirm that Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, and people of all other faiths need to be and can be in solidarity on the urgent necessity of peace. These terrible divisions threaten all on Earth with utter disaster. We must emphasize the commitment of liberal democracy to work towards civilized and respectful discourse across them.

    The misconception that Islam is a terrorist or extremist religion needs to be denounced and exposed, again and again. This is a deeply educational thing, to explain and demonstrate to all Americans that can be reached, because so many people simply do not know that Islam is truly one of the great religions of the world (which has made important contributions even to Western Civilization), and deserves to be recognized and honored as such.

    It is up to progressives in America to teach this truth domestically, and then broadcast the message of friendship and respect far and wide abroad, so we are not seen as imperialists determined to conquer, nor as crusaders driven to crush others to our ways.

  5. TCinLA says

    Actually, moron, you’re the History Scupper, as “put history down the scupper.”

    But thanks again for proving that Homo Sap, the hairless biped that lacks a neocortex and opposable thumbs, can use a computer just like a real human being.

    “The only ‘good Republicans’ are pushing up daisies.”

  6. says

    Sorry, but the Ground Zero Mosque was deliberately sited as near to Ground Zero as they could get it, and while it’s all of 600 ft. away, it was purposedly designed to be high enough to be able to look down on it from the top floor, so yes, it is the Ground Zero Mosque. The promoters know that the true purpose is as a historical marker of a great victory of Allah over American infidels, as the Quran commands Muslims to build, and think we don’t know it. Only this one is planned so elaborately with such a huge budget, and why they resist attempts to trace the funding to its likely source of Saudi Arabia, home of the worst Sharia on the Earth today. They purposely named it Cordoba after the Great Mosque of Cordoba, which was a symbol of Islamic supremacy in Spain for over almost 800 years, and where there was a horrible pogrom or mass murder of Jews in the year 1011, which not coincidentally is exactly a thousand years from when they want to begin building it. Meanwhile any attempt to simply make them move the site away from GZ is resisted, while they use the mantle of religious tolerance as a shield. It’s not tolerance Islam wants, its superiority, and the rest is ignorance of history. Of course Muslims won’t erect Sharia in America in this decade, or the next, but they have all the time in the world after they get a victory flag mosque planted. It’s not about racism, since Islam is an ideology that wants all races submit, but it is about how far we can tolerate the intolerant, whose horrible Sharia keeps women down and is used to justify every evil the West loathes, such as slavery, female genital cutting, child brides, the list is endless, and Muslims do all this today. Scope Islam’s history with the Historyscoper free online and spend a few months arming your mind so you will recognize the next supremacist demand when it comes.

    • Donna says

      I read one of your comments with interest because it seemed more informative and objective, but now after reading this one loaded with “purposely,” I understand your bend. Did you have a private conversation with the Imam? Were you on the naming committee? I now see that your comments seek only to foster and enhance the fears of Americans. Shame on you!

  7. Chuck Schepel says

    Two and a half Manhattan blocks is a long walk from twin towers site and thus hardly close, much less on the site. Seems to me the whole argument against is irrelevant and is being used to promote an anti-Islam sentiment in general and any number of …phobias in particular.

    Since I now live in Sacramento, I probably should have my name removed from the L A Progresive email. Thanks.
    Chuck Schepel

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