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Haiti Cholera

Ezili Dantò: In a nutshell, the UN imported the deadly cholera disease to Haiti, but blames the fatal injury on the victim’s pre-existing conditions.
A dead body is transported from the cholera pavilion at a general hospital Port-au-Prince November 21, 2010. Credit: Reuters/Kena Betancur

A dead body is transported from the cholera pavilion at a general hospital Port-au-Prince November 21, 2010. Credit: Reuters/Kena Betancur

Haiti Cholera

In a nutshell, the United Nations imported the deadly cholera disease to Haiti, but blames the fatal injury on the victim’s pre-existing conditions.

Folks, the Health Leadership and Learning Network (HLLN) needs your help. The UN literally dumped the deadly disease, through gross and perhaps even criminal negligence into Haiti’s waterways and tributaries. It has killed untold thousands of Haitians. But the UN expects immunity from responsibility and prosecution.

Haitians are the first Blacks to stop slavery and colonialism and thus we have no big imperialist nuclear power to throw at the five post World War II powers who have divided the world amongst themselves and sit, with veto power over the 192 countries at the UN. This United Nations Security Council, their Clinton/Farmer UN Special Envoys, their NGOs with the Obama Administration who took over Haiti’s airport from the UN after the earthquake to “help” Haitians are killing Haitians, simply letting us die from their constant “help.”

The ugly, racist and interminable quiet genocide must end; the expectation of immunity for giving Haitians cholera must not stand. We Haitians, who have been working to save our own lives, are calling on those decent people of the world not involved in false benevolence, pimping poverty, structural racism or colonialism to stand in solidarity with us against UN immunity for this travesty it dumped into Haiti – this new and catastrophic earthquake- brought in by UN peacekeepers that is expected to infect 800,000 Haitians, that’s Rwanda genocide figures.

If might really doesn’t make right then the illegal, gross and perhaps criminal negligence of the UN in giving Haiti cholera will not be immune from prosecution and the reach of justice.

Since October 2010 when the UN-imported cholera outbreak was unleashed, we knew this new international and imported excrement would kill thousands upon thousands of innocent but super-exploited Haitians, destroy our Artibonite breadbasket further than Clinton’s Arkansa rice-dumping US policies, sweatshop/export economy and unfair trade already has. (See also, Haiti’s case against the UN for importing cholera epidemic, written on Oct. 28, 2010. )

As early as November 4, 2010, just weeks after the Oct. 19 Haiti cholera outbreak, John Mekalanos, a cholera expert and chairman of Harvard University’s microbiology department said this was a South Asian strain and most likely brought in by the Nepalese soldiers. The CDC likewise also said this was not a Haiti disease. But the mainstream media took a past. Stopped reporting the Haiti perspective, letting the UN “independently investigate” itself while Haiti’s people died unmercifully. No measures were taken to mobilize the UN’s massive resources or any of its tentacles to stop the contaminated UN carriers, throughout the country, from further infecting the poor Haitians. At one point the international “humanitarians” ordered 200,000 body bags to prepare for the dead they were expecting! That is, paid themselves monies for 200,000 body bags, but laid no monies down for installing not one inch of pipe for clean water or a sanitation system.

More than six months after the cholera outbreak the UN is confirming it imported cholera to Haiti but obfuscating UN liability with their newly released UN report.

For, this week, the UN, having examine itself is telling all and sundry it indeed brought the deadly disease to Haiti that has, on top of the apocalyptic earthquake trauma, made over 300,000 ill and killed untold thousands upon thousands of innocent Haitians. Cholera is expected to kill thousands more and make up to 800,000 more Haitians suffer sickness. But apparently the UN is not RESPONSIBLE to compensate and make whole for the damage done, the lives destroyed, for toxifying the country's land, water system, food and the entire eco-system it has compromised, nor for the unspeakable indignity of having our people drink its imported fecal excrement on top of and along with the rest of the UN nightmares Haiti's innocents have had to endured these last and interminable seven years!

In no world except exploited and ravaged-by-”humanitarians-and- peacekeepers”-Haiti would the carriers of this deadly disease not have been immediately tested and quarantined. The damage this has exacerbated is UNIMAGINABLE.

Do the world powers seriously believe that Haitians will accept this conclusion by the UN’s “independent” panel? As I wrote already, that’s like handing over a rapist kit and letting the rapists investigate themselves! (“The accused UN cannot investigate itself” – Ezili Dantò, Oct 30, 2010 interview with Yves Point Du Jour, and Haiti elections and Cholera , interview with Ezili Dantò of HLLN, Oct. 22, 2010, Gorilla Radio.)

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The UN and their various “envoys” are not above the law. Yes, they’ve unilaterally usurped Haiti relief and reconstruction and the country’s civil functions, but indigenous Haitians know they are our jailers and executioners, not our rescuers. The powers responsible for bringing cholera and allowing its spread in Haiti will be held liable for whatever criminal consequences their false benevolence has secured and that can be duly determined by independent courts of law.

There are laws against gross negligence, wrongful death, false benevolence, massive infliction of pain and suffering, not to mention destroying Haiti’s water system, territory and environment, already burden with TOURISTAH (aka MINUSTAH) and foreign NGOs! (See the UN “independent panel” report ; “93% of the USAID funds come back to the US” ; It’s called “Tied Aid .“)

Since the outbreak, HLLN has attempted to find a commercial law firm with deep pockets who could help us bring this Haiti tort and wrongful death case to a proper court of law. To date, most of those we’ve approached have declined to take on the Clinton/UN/Farmer/USAID gang of “humanitarians” in Haiti “saving” us for our own good.

We know HLLN will file a case against the UN one way or the other on this. But we need the Haiti Network’s support and help. I am so very tired of hitting my head on steel doors that won’t open to help us Haitians and so I come to you, I open this search to you the Ezili Network for you constructive input. HLLN has no financial resources to take on this case but we are the best informed Haitians to defend Haiti with partners who do have the resources and respect for life and dignity of our people. So, write and call me directly if you’re willing to fight against the UN’s callous expectation of immunity and impunity and you are a partner in a law firm or have University connections to an entity with the staff, willingness to defend what’s just and deep pockets to take this on with HLLN as special co-counsel.

We hope to publish your various responses if they are on point and helpful in this case.

Men anpil chay pa lou! Time is of the essence for there ought not to be any general or broad UN immunity for this gross negligence, wrongful deaths, personal injuries, deliberate social and environmental destruction which are caused by the deliberate and illegal dumping of raw feces into a sovereign nation’s main and central water systems. The UN is not and should not be above the law, morally or legally.

The 32-page report, prepared by the so-called UN “independent panel” of medical experts at the behest of U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, took over six month to say what the CDC and several world renowned epidemiologists have already said just a few weeks after the outbreak. The UN report:

“clearly states that the source of the epidemic was most likely a camp for U.N. peacekeepers in Haiti, whose human waste was dumped by independent contractors into an unsecured pit that was susceptible to flooding in heavy rainfall. That conclusion, the report notes, mirrors “a commonly held belief in Haiti” virtually from the moment the outbreak began. But the report buries that central finding under a welter of circumstances that caused investigators to conclude that the outbreak, which is ongoing, “was not the fault of, or deliberate action of, a group or individual.” (U.N.-Sponsored Report on Haiti’s Cholera Outbreak Points to U.N. Itself as Culprit By George Russell, May 05, 2011| .)

It seems to us Haitians that the UN “independent ” panel simply took over six months to find the language, the blatant conscience and daring, to package and feed Haitians some more raw feces, this absolute lie to swallow and make us sicker – namely that the Haiti cholera outbreak was caused by a “confluence of circumstances … and was not the fault of, or deliberate action of, a group or individual!”

At HLLN, we herein respond directly to the UN and say, "justice will be done even if new laws must be written or precedents made to cover and avenge Haiti's people against these egregious and daily compounding UN injuries and injustices. The official UN denial of responsibility for importing cholera is a further UN excrement dumped on Haiti to swallow, untreated by international laws.

The UN is not immune from prosecution under international conventions but obligated under the Status of Force Agreement with Haiti, for instance, to properly dispose its feces, address sanitary issues and control communicable diseases. This Haiti tort case shall be heard in courts on law. Justice will be done.”

Ezili Danto

Ezili Dantò