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UN Ducks Blame for Haiti’s Dying Cholera Victims

Ezili Danto: Are we Haitians simply not supposed to notice the stark reality that it’s not the white population, the tourists nor the UN folks who are suffering a mass loss of life due to the imported cholera germ to Haiti? But the poorest Black woman’s children, that is, the masses in Haiti?
haiti cholera

Photos by Gaetantguevara

It’s been one year since the UN imported cholera to Haiti. Nearly 500,000 Haitians have been infected and over 6, 500 have been killed. But UN representative, Paul Farmer, is obviously the “impartial one” the Associated Press is going to as “expert” to speak on the situation. (AP Interview: Expert says Haiti has worst cholera, October 18, 2011.)

Of course said UN representative is telling all and sundry that Haiti is dirty and that’s why the outbreak is so ‘freaking’ severe. Not that lives would have been saved if clean water and sanitation, which the UN says is a human right, had been a funded relief priority perhaps as soon as the outbreak began, or maybe even seven years ago when the UN “peacekeepers” came to “help” Haitians? Or, maybe sometime before when President Aristide tried to bring desperately needed water and sanitation to Haiti but first the Clinton Administration and then the George W. Bush Administration forced the already approved Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) loans to Haiti to be blocked.

Saying, in effect, if US rulers don’t approve of who Haitians vote in as President and his public health initiatives that would service the general public welfare, then monies from the Haiti government ought to only be used to pay down old Western Duvalierist debts, not Haiti public welfare health projects and infrastructure. More than most, Paul Farmer is well versed in these Haiti truths, well-versed.

We won’t learn any of this from the AP’s interview of Paul Farmer, the total sell-out. We only learn that “the spread of the disease” is due to what Paul Farmer, uhmm, “describes as Haiti’s status as the “most water insecure” country in the world, which means people have insufficient access to clean water. Trenton Daniels then is all set to selectively opine, in his article, that “Cholera then spread through Haiti’s biggest river because a Haitian contractor failed to ensure proper sanitation at the U.N. base.”

There’s no mention in the article about the permanent solution to cholera, only an emphasis on taking pills – eradicating cholera with pharmaceuticals.

Oh yes, Haitians could defend Haiti from the embedded AP and Paul Farmer’s condescension, insulting paternalism, selective blindness, and stinking hypocrisy if only this was a rational world, interested in truth and justice.

If the Associated Press had come to a Haitian like me, I would have spoken on behalf of the 500,000 infected and 6,500 dead and said Haiti suffers from the foreign cholera outrage because the UN came to Haiti. Before this, Haitians indeed had insufficient access to clean water but no cholera fatalities. The Nepalese soldiers dumped their raw, untreated feces, directly from their toilets into Haiti’s waterways, contaminating Haiti with the most virulent form of the germ.

The truth, though, is incidental. Ever since Columbus. No one in power wants to know that Haiti suffers from the worst cholera outbreak in the world because the UN came to Haiti, as military US imperial proxy to institutionalize Martelly-type cholera democracy, disenfranchising 10 million Blacks and delegitimizing authentic elections. Au contraire, what’s lifted as truth, though the lifters are mostly in total denial, is the “insane imperial narrative and custom of honoring rapists, murderers, torturers, degenerate pedophile maniacs, pillagers, plunderers, enslavers and poverty pimps.”

The negative attractor field that animates the Paul Farmers of this world is up to those who see it to transform. There is always the higher energetic field above lies, subterfuge, colonial paternalism and these self-serving masking of slaughter and containment-in-poverty in Haiti by the depraved and tyrannical powers-that-be. But humanity seems possessed by the imitation of goodness these lousy devils project. Worst, the white man and his black collaborators, totally unconscious of their own wretchedness despite the facts of history, spend lots of time rationalizing their own falsehoods. Their mind, in its identity with the mythical goodness of themselves, cannot, by definition comprehend reality.

Westerners are told and trained in schools that their “schooled minds” shall be a great instrument of planetary progress. But yet that instrument refuses to act upon the reality that Haiti doesn’t need an export-led economy, wage earners as opposed to entrepreneurs, sweatshops in the information technology age, the NGO invasion, foreign investment(?), Hillary Clinton’s Monsanto hybrid seeds, Bill Clinton Foundation’s cholera insurance, the UN military acting as military proxy for the world’s one superpower to prevent dissent and deny the masses economic justice.

haiti cholera

The minds at these schools are not trained to see the limitation of Western rationale, since few professors at Officialdom schools would get teaching positions if they taught their students about the limitations of the mind, how to elevate consciousness and see their own ego blindness and incapacity. Schooled minds are mostly taught about Western civilizations’ mythical benevolence and superiority.

Thus, we have the world and soul terrors they’ve created for over 519 years of genocide and constant Euro/US warmongering upon humankind. (I hear New Orleans’s school privatization guru, Paul Vallas, along with the UN’s Bill Clinton are about to bring that entire Pèpè curriculum to Haiti along with Farmer’s lucrative but useless cholera vaccines and Martelly’s taxation-without-representation education reforms.)

The often-quoted prophets of old say to not fight or fear evil. This Black woman is sometimes confounded as to how to recognize evil and transform it without confronting, fighting to exterminate it. Thankfully, Janjak Desalin is my history teacher. I bow this October 2011, on the 205th anniversary of your assassination, Desalin, to the energy field you emanate. The only successfully energy field, codified in the Bwa Kayiman call, that met these vampires outrage for outrage and the only one the collective Western psyche cannot forgive or stop trying to reverse. (Bill Clinton has more power in Haiti than Haiti’s president: The Holocaust Continues .)

Are we Haitians simply not supposed to notice the stark reality that it’s not the white population, the tourists nor the UN folks who are suffering a mass loss of life due to the imported cholera germ to Haiti? But the poorest Black woman’s children, that is, the masses in Haiti?

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In the October 18, AP Interview , after Paul –the god – Farmer relieves himself on Haiti’s dying cholera victims, Trenton Daniels of the AP continues in the same vein, to say, that the negligence of the UN contractor (Haitian, of course) caused the contamination of the Meye River. Just for kicks, I figure I’ll take the time and point out the Nepalese soldiers crap was leaking STRAIGHT from their toilets into the Meye River. (See the UN Final Report, May 5, 2011.)

And while I am at it, for those dying of Farmer’s UN cholera in Port au Prince right now, why not also point out that the Nepalese contingent, never quarantined or punished, continued this year to poison Haiti’s waterways as seen in these pictures and video:

Video by Mediahacker: MINUSTAH still continuing to foul up Haiti: Haitians Upset With UN Base Runoff into Foul-Smelling Pool .

Pictures by Gaetantguevara: Waste water from the UN battalion is dumped right by the beach in Port Salut, Haiti.

Obviously, the UN will pull Paul Farmer out to tell the world to discount Haitian eyewitnesses and the evidence of continued UN germ poisoning going on in Haiti right now. It’s the raison d’etre for his powerful UN position as the UN is proxy for the US imperialism and godly narrative, Paul Farmer and his cohorts ultimately give their life force to uphold. And the old Dixie planter and enslavers’ negative energetic field possessing their minds keep these vultures and vampires in power, prestige and projecting humanity into this unmitigated profit-over-people-and-the-environment nightmare.

“If you have come here to help me then you are wasting your time, but if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine then let us work together.” — Lila Watson

Vaccines are not Haiti’s top health priority. Clean water and sanitation is.

In the article Farmer, says to “eradicate cholera we’re going to have to vaccinate huge numbers of people. It’s going to require a massive campaign like polio.” If cholera vaccines eradicated cholera, there would not be 100,000 to 300,000 cholera cases documented annually in Bangladesh each year. Someone please send Farmer there. When did Haiti or any single place in the world have over 500,000 polio cases, similar to Haiti’s 500,000 cholera cases that were wiped out by vaccines? Was it not just last year the CDC and other such health experts, including the World Health Organization, were saying cholera vaccines are not effective and not the solution for Haiti?

Instead of advocating for something that would help make Haitians sovereign and healthy, the real answer to cholera like institutionalizing sanitation and clean water infrastructure for all, Paul Farmer proposes to distract Haiti with HIS MISSION to go raise funds for 100,000 controversial cholera vaccines at$1.85 per dose, or $3.70 per person when there are 10million Haitians in Haiti. Will these Haitians be drinking down the oral vaccines with cholera infected water, or will Farmer also import bottled water just for the momentous occasion of swallowing the two required vaccine doses, which provides 70 per cent effectiveness, last for about two years?

The last cholera wave started in 1961, 50-years ago and the Nepalese strain that’s in Haiti is the most virulent strain and part of that wave. Thus, this disease will remain in Haiti unless actions are taken immediately to stop it from being endemic. So far the UN has made no attempts at mitigating its damages. Cholera will lift up in Haiti EVERYTIME there is rain, the rainy season or no sun in Haiti, which is predictable and quantifiable.

Why isn’t what Haitians want, that is, justice for the cholera victims, acknowledgement the UN brought it to Haiti, the permanent solution to stopping cholera, environmental clean up, a settlement fund for all cholera medical care and no more foreigners dumping foreign germs and contaminable diseases into Haiti, not being argued? What? Paul Farmer gets to decide what justice and Haiti health care is? And this, the temporary, ineffective cholera vaccines is Farmer’s decided prioritizing edict for Haitians?

As usual the poverty pimps are about keeping themselves in the Haiti picture, about DEPENDENCY, constant NGO profit/involvement in Haiti, poverty pimping, and disaster capitalism. They offer no sustainable solution. Farmer is not accountable to the Haitian people but to his partners and health industry in Haiti and the UN. This move he’s made in the name of Haiti cholera victims is not about institutionalizing domestic Haiti PUBLIC health care run by Haitians, financing clean water and sanitation projects.

In fact, Haiti’s last government refused cholera vaccines for good reason. But now that the Duvalierist puppet Martelly is in office, Farmer and Clinton can RULE Haiti through their UN pulpit, getting their useless cholera vaccines and cholera insurance as Haiti “relief.” Farmer, as usual, violates principle for expediency, loses power and credibility, honor and valor. (Paul Farmer: Uses Haiti to sell Ineffective Cholera Vaccines ; Support a clean water program for Haiti - Photo report: Support Zili Dlo.)

At HLLN we’ve inherited the problem with foreigners “saving” us since 1806. We know what it is about – whether it's the coup d’etat instigator (ie. Fire starters who create chaos to divide and conquer and always have a need to stay in Haiti FOREVER) or the Paul Farmers of this world (the self-styled fire extinguishers who empathize with the burnt victims and try to put out the fires while building themselves to stay in Haiti FOREVER.). We say to both, out, out, out. Get out of Haiti. Take the nasty UN and the NGO invasion with you.

Ezili Danto

Ezili Dantò
Ezili Dantò's Note