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Haiti to the US Embassy: Here’s the Will of the People

Ezili Danto: In our shallow, narcissistic, celebrity-driven globalize pop culture, the novice Martelly is merely a tool to be used by those “more schooled in the patterns of privilege and domination” than any self-serving Haiti politician could ever dream to be.
Election protest crowd in front of President Preval's house

Election protest crowd in front of President Preval's house

By the time United States policymakers in Haiti are finished playing with Haiti, they will hang Preval out to dry, ignore the process that was not inclusive, not fair, not free even before one ballot was cast; ignore that most of the candidates asked for the (s)election to be annulled by midday of the farce, their voters then stopped voting - and go on with their farce. But with Manigat and Martelly. I think that's most likely what they will do.

They've already set it up.

Everyone is supposed to forget the cast and un-casted ballots we saw all strewn around; the untold numbers of voters with ID cards unable to vote; those who couldn't find their polling places; video evidence of ballot stuffing and children playing around in the piles of ballots. There’s no unco-opted Haitian voice high enough in the Western power citadels to effectively point out that Haiti’s frustrated young are using the Martelly vehicle to drive their frustration, their discontent somewhere.

Even if it's over-the-cliff with Martelly in the crumbled palace driving seat. The marginalized, totally disenfranchised have died a thousand deaths. What’s another? Haiti has suffered through two Bush coup d'etats, Clinton's famine, the apocalyptic earthquake, the charity organizations enriching themselves with the earthquake donations, a hurricane, over a million still in tarp camps nearly a year later and imported UN cholera. (See also, Scientists Trace Origin of Recent Cholera Epidemic in Haiti .)

In our shallow, narcissistic, celebrity-driven globalized pop culture, the novice Martelly is merely a tool to be used by those “more schooled in the patterns of privilege and domination” than any self-serving Haiti politician could ever dream to be. Martelly is the valve that releases accumulated surface pressure while reinforcing the “violent Haitian” narrative. Brilliant US/Euro move. A no-brainer. Bottom line, once the US Embassy is done manipulating, its so-called November 28 election will count.

I’d really like to be wrong, to believe that Haiti’s beleaguered people will sidestep the UN/US use of Manigat and Martelly to divide the initial block of 12, calling for annulment. That the Haitian people will not play into the hands of the enemy; will have enough strength left to continue demanding for the annulment of this charade even if Martelly is put back in the run-off. That they won’t take Martelly’s re-inclusion as a victory, fall for the ol' okey doke; won’t allow this latest disaster, the disaster elections, to help push through a Haiti Clinton/Oligarchy cohort. Except when fairy tales end, reality steps into view.

This is the how they've set it up to resolve:

Quoting a December 7th statement by the U.S. Embassy in Haiti expressing concern over the CEP’s announced result which it said were “inconsistent with the published results of the National Election Observation Council (CNO), which had more than 5,500 observers and observed the vote count in 1,600 voting centers nationwide,’ CNN reported that:

The CNO, a European Union-backed local election monitoring group, had said Celestin was running behind the other two candidates.” (See, Anger sweeps Haitian capital despite calls for calm in election unrest By Moni Basu, CNN | December 8, 2010.)

Right after the UN reportedly convinced Martelly and Manigat to stop calling for annulment by telling each they were in the lead, I wrote:

If these farcical elections are not annulled, whoever wins will have no legitimacy, will depend on UN/US to maintain their rule. That means next president of Haiti will accept and legitimize the people's brutal repression, as their rule is dependent on it ."-- Ezili Dantò of HLLN

US Embassy Statement, Wikileaks, US hypocrisy, Imported UN cholera and the Will of the people
The statement by the US Embassy in Haiti on the November 28 election result is gobbledygook, double speak, signifying nothing but avoidance of the truth, duplicity and dishonesty.

In the statement the US embassy also writes that it “stands ready to support efforts to thoroughly review irregularities in support of electoral results that are consistent with the will of the Haitian people expressed in their votes… The United States is committed to the consolidation of democracy in Haiti and calls on the Government of Haiti, the CEP and all political forces to ensure that the will of the people is fully reflected in the outcome of this election.”

The US embassy talks as if the whole election process was sound but for some “irregularities; as if the Preval government and the electoral council (CEP) are unbiased and may be counted on to ”ensure that the will of the people is fully reflected in the outcome of this election.”

The US Embassy citing "the will of the people" in this statement when that embassy helped finance an election it KNEW would be rigged in favor of Preval's candidate, illustrates their duplicity, dishonesty, and rank hypocrisy. It’s an insult to our intelligence.

Wikileaks blew the whistle on president Renee Preval and the 2010 Haiti elections. The partisan CEP has no credibility, nor the US Embassy or that lying Mule(t). They’ve proven their only concern is to undermine the will of the people.

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By pushing these rigged elections down Haiti’s throats in the name of bringing stability, the international community basically is saying “beggars can’t be choosers.”

How can the US Embassy have any legitimacy to say their policies are about the will of the people, the beggars whose national election these foreigners say they paid for and so, for pragmatic purposes, won’t annul no matter that most of the candidates in said very election and most of Haiti is protesting, asking for an annulment? Who determines the will of the people, if not the people? Wikileaks cut the US Embassy’s hypocrisy asunder.

The US Embassy in Haiti is only comprehensive to Haitians as a long-standing obstacle blocking the will of Haiti’s people. All else is incomprehensible.

Elections without an electorate are a sham and therefore without meaning. Haitians are not props to be moved around at the will of the international community. Haiti's masses did not ask the foreigners to spend money on this charade. Nor will Haiti accept from foreigners that this circus they wish to push down our throats is "for our own good" and stability.

Haitians know when their will is being circumvented and the foreigners are destabilizing Haiti with these elections, not encouraging stability. Perhaps that’s because the UN troops need instability to justify why its in Haiti and distract the world from the fact that, in its 6-year tenure in Haiti, it has not laid one inch of pipe for clean drinking water, has made over $3billion dollars and fed Haitians 6-years of its raw feces to the point of importing cholera to Haiti.

Dying and being disenfranchised is not the will of the people of Haiti.

Imported UN Cholera
Although the often-cited figures of dead cholera victims is just over 2,100 with over 93,000 infected. Those numbers are a gross underestimation. Besides making over $860 million this year in Haiti, the UN even got extra money to do so, and has ordered 200,000 body bags for the cholera victims it is anticipating!

These are human beings, flesh and blood. My son, daughter, mother, sister, aunt. Haitians want justice, restitution and liability apportioned, as well as for the over $1.4 billion in the hands of the private charity organizations to provide clean drinking water, or at least if they won't, then to leave Haiti and stop blocking the Haiti Diaspora from organizing to get water treatment centers put in Haiti.

But the United Nations is avoiding responsibility in Haiti - it has been there almost seven years and not one inch of pipe has been laid for clean drinking water. Now Haitians are dying from its imported disease. 515 years ago the Tainos on Ayiti died from the discoverers' syphilis and smallpox. Today the indigenous African of Haiti are dying from imported cholera from the "peacekeepers" who know what’s good for us.

It's a false argument that the international community can't walk (help treat the cholera victims) and chew gun at the same time (establish the responsibility of the UN and others for bringing a deadly disease to Haiti) . That's just a continuation of the lack of value these foreigners and their supporters place on Haitian life. We see this especially in these elections without an electorate they're pushing down Haiti’s throats, for Haiti’s own good. Just as Haitian dying of cholera deserve justice and restitution, similarly these foreigners, occupying Haiti and reigning over genocide, have made sham elections (disenfranchisement) a Haiti priority before the health of Haiti's people, and the will of the people.

The United States, together with Haiti’s so-called international community partners, cannot be trusted “to support efforts to thoroughly review irregularities in support of electoral results that are consistent with the will of the Haitian people expressed in their votes.”

Moreover, the US Embassy has absolutely no leg to stand on to opine on “Haiti’s transition to democracy over the past 24 years” when it has orchestrated both the 1991 and 2004 coup d’etats against Haiti’s democratically elected president, thus thoroughly disenfranchising 10 million Blacks and undermined the “will of the people.”

President Obama has simply continue the trajectory by appointing George W. Bush and UN occupation force envoy, Bill Clinton, to the Haiti earthquake relief fund.

How can the US Embassy or the UN speak about upholding the “will of the people” to determine their destiny through their vote when they’ve put Haiti under legal protectorate with the non-elected, non-Haitian and anti-democratic Interim Haiti Reconstruction Commission (IHRC)? (See, Haiti Elections-HLLN Letter to Edmond Mulet:Goodbye UN! ; Sham Haiti elections complete disaster but US will proceed ; Haiti elections are neither free nor fair ; Haiti Elections and UN Cholera ; and Disaster Capitalism in Haiti, New Orleans, Congo & Pakistan.)

Haitians are hoarse and empty from screaming our their will. Our lost is bottomless. And these foreigners want the masses not to express that will. Not to demonstrate, not protest, simply roll-over, remain silent as they are being gorged, disemboweled alive with these foreigners’ election bayonet, cholera bayonet, UN occupation bayonet, 16,000NGO bayonet, the IHRC bayonet. Haiti’s is being gang-raped by these bayonets, raped and bloodied silly with no mercy. When Haiti screams, shows the crime is not hers, that she will be heard, will testify and not be ashamed of herself or fear her rapists, the US Embassy in Haiti comes out with its gobbledygook statement, talking about how its policies are to support the will of the people of Haiti and calling on the discredited Preval government, the biased CEP “and all political forces to ensure that the will of the people is fully reflected in the outcome of this election.”

The Will of Haiti's People
Listen US Embassy: it’s the will of the people to annul the November 28 farce, end the UN occupation, prioritize investing Haiti’s life-force and resources and any reconstruction funds in water treatment plants, sanitation treatment plants, sustainable housing, domestic agriculture and manufacturing, public works jobs, indigenous schooling and basic infrastructure. If this had been done in the first place, cholera would not have erupted. Instead, you foreigners prioritized your own interests in Haiti. Discounted the will of the people. Forced upon Haiti as “development” and “for our own good” your elections, your promises of aid that never, ever gets to Haiti, your self-serving US sweatshops, your UN soldiers replacing the traditional role of the bloody Haitian army and policies like privatization.

With all the funding given, water treatment and sanitation infrastructure should have been the first precaution. Now we must also stop the outbreak and clearly get UN accountability as the source of the cholera, get an apology of substance with wrongful death justice and restitution made. That’s the will of the people.

Ezili Danto

Ezili Dantò
President, Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network