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On Beyonce's Big Day, Haitian Revelers Celebrate Slaying of Carnival King

Ezili Danto: Does Giuliani think he's Bill Clinton 1992 and Beyonce is Sistah Souljah to take down because she artistically lifts up Black power? Haitian Revelers

By ourselves, we disenfranchised Haitians took down the fake elections and U.S. puppet president, Michel Martelly. He left on Superbowl 50, February 7th—the day Beyoncé set off a politically chargedFormation, unapologetically Black.

Haitian Revelers

On Beyonce's Big Day, Haitian Revelers Celebrate Slaying of Carnival King—Ezili Danto:

America's most powerful artist dressed her dancers in Afros and Black Panther leather outfits and got in (Malcom) X formation, Black fists raised up. She straight-up channeled Èzili Dantò—"Petwo womb blood (red dress) in trouble waters"- with centuries of warrior-mother battles behind her. Banm sèt kout kouto - bring it! she said. She twirls off all haters. Used her huge megaphone to ask, what happened to Black people after Katrina in New Orleans? Bluntly challenging her audience to rise to the occasion, uncaring if they don't get it. She broke the Internet, they say.

Does Giuliani think he's Bill Clinton 1992 and Beyonce is Sistah Souljah to take down because she artistically lifts up Black power?

They’re still dissecting the in_formation laden video where Queen Beyonce surprisingly goes back to source. Lifts Southern trauma. The historical suffering Black body, its self-expressions. Beyonce pays tribute to the warrior Ancestors and the struggle for Black lives to matter.

She loves—publicly—a Black man with Jackson Five nostrils. Her babygirl's nappy hair.

She's James Brown Black and proud. Marvin Gay with more going on. Nina Simone in the middle of Goddam Mississippi apartheid, feeling good!

The classics are musically better listening music. This is not a ballad or poetry. Formation engages other senses. The mind, our sight, our sense of rhythm and movement, visceral womanhood, sexual senses, our spiritual connection to the Ancestors, revolution, the cosmos, a video visual America. It's raunchy and revolutionary.

The Popstar was still the Popstar star though. Still will make you cringe with the Bill Gates idol thing. She probably doesn't know the pharmaceutical, missionary guinea-pig eugenicist thing he does abroad with the Clinton ilks. The parts elevating conspicuous consumption, Givenchy lace materialism and money as the epitome of success, does make you shudder. It is what it is. Enter if and where you can.

The point is, on leap year February 7, 2016, Beyonce was also brilliantly and loudly Black. Told us "we gon' slay, okay." Empowered, our warrior goddess danced in her head, moved through her images, body, performance—sexually, spiritually, blunt, glaringly Black, proud, woman powerful.

50 years later, on the anniversary of the formation of the Black Panthers, what we’re going to do?

Slay, says Queen Bey.

Haiti, as usual, was ahead of the game.

We cancel the carnival king on carnival day. Then dropped to customary Haiti formation to do the New Orleans protest, a rara uprooted Kundalini twerking from Haiti via Afrika.

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There's an image of Beyonce in New Orleans on top of a cop car in the flood waters. Her body sinks the car. We push against injustice this tells us, even if we must do it with our very bodies, drowning. Sacrificed.

Haitian Revelers

If You’re Dissing the Sisters, You Ain’t Fighting the Power: Kendrick Hailed, Beyonce ‘Failed’—Janaya Khan

At one point in the video, a hand pops out holding out a Final Call (NOI) newspaper with a photo of Dr. King. The caption reads "The Truth: More than A Dreamer." The graffiti on one wall reads, "Stop shooting us." There's more.

At the most feted U.S. knucklehead sports event, in front of the largest audience in the world, Beyonce took a huge chance. Wrapped in a Michael Jackson jacket, she sacrificed the banal for substance. Saw through her own Black points of references. Nixed what W.E.B Dubois calls our double consciousness—white eyeballs forced over Black eyes. Jeopardized her pop career for the greater good. Like an "albino alligator." Deep irony there. Black metaphors, identity, visuals and symbols abound. Black women recognize themselves, this energy.

Old man Rudy Giuliani got on Fox News to say her Super Bowl performance was an attack on police who “put their lives at risk to save us.” Argh! Why that fool giving me work? Black love and pride equals an attack on white policemen? Is not “decent and wholesome entertainment” for Superbowl halftime?

Does Giuliani think he's Bill Clinton 1992 and Beyoncé is Sistah Souljah to take down because she artistically lifts up Black power? The question for Giuliani is why is showing Black love and a historical consciousness a criticism of systemic U.S. racism? Uhmmmm?

It's no longer Giuliani time. Haiti revelers happily celebrated the last two days of carnival after shutting down the carnival king.

See the 2016 carnival videos (here,here, here and here) of Haiti revelers on February 8 and 9, 2016.

Yeah, this is the country, these are the people, Empire and its media minions want to image as grossly violent and dangerous because of their “power vacuum.”

What did indigenous Afrikans do, millennium upon millennium of years ago, when the Europeans weren’t around to colonize everyone's breath, with their nervous systems' needs for a governance structure controlled by a tiny power elite? From Superdelegates to the One-Percent up to the Bank of International Settlement scheming families?

Live, dance, love, play, take care of the family, community, the earth, pay homage to the Ancestors. Slay. Slay the haters.

Ezili Dantò

In Haiti, without a president, the people joyfully celebrated the last two days of Carnival. Fueled up on fun Black protest traditions to exorcise trauma, like Beyonce's Formation.

Èzili Dantò