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  1. Georgianne,

    Incredible work. If only we had more citizen journalists like you! Hopefully more folks will trash the Red Cross and research any NGO they choose to send money too.

  2. As long as the corrupt Haitian government funnels humanitarian money to their own banks, thw people will continue to suffer. Baby Doc has returned with his palm out for more money during a horrible tragedy. As Raum Emanuel would say , ” Never waste a crisis!”

    • Thanks for reading and weighing in. There is no doubt that the Haitian government has been corrupt in its handling of foreign aid pre-quake. However, most of the billions pledged by foreign governments directly to Haiti has been held up post-quake..which may be a good thing. The NGOs on the other hand, operate out of privately generated funds with no oversight by a basically non-existent government. Will have case study coming up next that will demonstrate a sliver of this.


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