Harry Reid Puts Up

harry reid smilingOne of my main complaints in recent years with regard to the Democrats is their Senate Majority Leader. As I said in a posting a couple of years ago, any political party with a befuddled old Andy Gump like Harry Reid at the wheel is going to have….”issues” shall we say? So you can imagine how pleasantly surprised I was this week when the old guy started to show a little bit of long-overdue moxie.

The senator from Nevada is an extremely cautious man. He says that a reliable source has informed him that Mitt Romney went for a decade without paying a dime of income tax. Given his well-earned reputation for timidity, if he’s gone out on a limb to make a charge as serious as this, it must be true. Old Harry has never been the kind of pol to throw caution to the wind.

The Mitt Romney campaign has said that Harry Reid has either got to “put up or shut up”. He already has. The ball is now in Romney’s court. If we are to take him at his word when he tells us that he has paid what he was legally required to pay in taxes then he should prove it to the nation that he wants to lead. Senator Reid has made a pretty serious charge. Mitt has a golden opportunity here. If he really has nothing to hide he is in the position to make Reid – and the entire Democratic media machine – look really foolish. All he has to do is release his income tax returns for the last twelve years; just like his father George did during the Republican primary campaign of 1968. What the hell is he waiting for?

I’ll tell you what he’s waiting for: he’s waiting for the story to go away. Only this is a story that’s not going to die of natural causes. It needs to be killed like a rabid wolverine. Watch in the next couple of weeks while Campaign Romney (along with FOX Noise) goes on a desperate hunt for as many mole hills as they can find to make mountains out of. This should be quite interesting.

Der Mittster was considered for the Number Two spot on the ticket during John McCain’s 2008 presidential run. While he was undergoing the vetting process, he handed over to the campaign his income tax returns going back over two decades. Call it a silly hunch on my part but I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that the McCain people were absolutely horrified by what they saw.

How can I be so sure of this this, you may ask? Because they went running to Sarah Palin as a preferable VP candidate! Talk about desperation. If a relatively sane and intelligent human being like Mitt Romney can’t outshine a half-witted extremist like Fascist Barbie, that very fact speaks untold volumes. Mitt’s tax history must be pretty embarrassing. That is the reason – and the only reason – they refuse to make it public. I was born very early in the morning, but it wasn’t this morning.

If it ever got out that Romney paid less in income tax (even in one year) than your average blue collar worker, it wouldn’t bode too well for him come November the sixth. My guess is that if his sordid past regarding taxes ever became public it would mean a landslide for President Obama similar to Richard Nixon’s in 1972. Tricky Dick won every state in the union that year with the exception of Massachusetts and the District of Columbia. Less than two years later he would be forced to resign in complete disgrace. My irony meter goes into the red zone just thinking about that one. Aren’t politics strange?

The “Bain” of His Existence

Mitt is trying to portray himself as a tireless champion of the working class masses. It really is an amusing thing to behold, isn’t it? Remember that this is the same guy who put thousands of his fellow Americans out of work as the chief of Bain Capital back in the nineties, sending their jobs to China and Lord knows where else. There is no longer a Republican in Washington who gives a damn about hard-working people. Barry Goldwater and Milicent Fenwickare dead and they’re not coming back. This is a party whose sole purpose is to concentrate as much wealth into as few bank accounts as possible. This is a party whose ultimate goal is the utter destruction of the middle class. They’d love nothing weirder than to bring us back to the Gilded Age. You think I’m being paranoid? You think the disintegrating middle class in this country is merely a coincidence? You think it’s the fault of all those evil-doin’ Liberals? Fine. Keep voting Republican, folks.

It’s hard not to feel a little pity for poor old Mitt. I sure as hell don’t envy him. He has managed – inside of two months – to take that plate of exquisite caviar that was handed to him when he became the presumptive nominee and turn it into a pile of elephant shit. All of this on top of his disastrous performance overseas during his 2012 Foot In Mouth Tour.

tom deganThe poor schmuck just can’t get a break. As each hour ticks by, it is becoming more and more apparent to the GOP “base” that handing the nomination over to this “Massachusetts liberal” will be a huge mistake. Be sure to tune in to their convention later on this month. This is gonna be a riot – and I mean that literally.

Tom Degan


  1. Tyrannus Evisceratus says

    I bet the tax returns come out the night before the election, so the democrats don’t have time to pick through them.
    This is all rather silly however since he has already handed over enough tax returns to be legally allowed to run.
    When is Barrack gonna turn over his college application?

        • -Nate says

          Then stop posting your lying bullshit corporate gop shill crap . this is a simple lesson for you Child : act like a Child , get treated like one . (duh)
          (who’s not only an American Citizen but , a True Conservative unlike you)

          • Tyrannus Evisceratus says

            I assure you I am an American Citizen and I have served in the armed forces. I am not sure why you think your views are anymore accurate than mine and I don’t really care. Now If you reply to me again I am going to report you to the site administrators to have you blocked.

            • -Nate says

              OOO ~ I’m askeert now , a dishonorably discharged goof doesn’t like me posting the TRUTH .
              I’m either quivering in my boots or shaking with laughter , you decide .
              It is comical and so telling of your Chilish nature that you follow me all over a public site then threaten me when you realize you’re the public fool .

              • Tyrannus Evisceratus says

                I was honorably discharged and you are the one following me. Please don’t reply to this or anything else I write.

                • -Nate says

                  Sorry coward ; when you play at the Adults Table , you have to wear your big boy undies .
                  Lying is not an honorable thing , now you’ve besmirched our Military , thanx a lot .

  2. -Nate says

    Of course , the gop shill says anything but addressing the simple truth : where are the tax returns if nothing is fishy ? .
    This is simple logic any 7th Grader (but not _one_ tea bagger retard) can figure out easily .
    Let the obfuscation begin ! .

  3. youcancallmeray says

    ” long-overdue moxie” Only thing Harry proved is he can lie with the best of them! But then you already knew that didn’t you?

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