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Adam Schiff's Town Hall Fracas

Last night tempers flared during a boisterous town hall meeting on health-care reform attended by 3,000 people.


The event was organized by U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff (D- Burbank). The townhall meeting was originally to be held in a inside the Alhambra Civic Library. But, due to the huge turnout, the meeting was instead held outdoors on a stage in front of the Library.

The meeting turned into a confrontation like you have been seeing on the news, except this one had at least an equal number of health care reform supporter to counter the lunatic fringe.

A local anti-tax group, Pasadena Patriots, rallied members, as did the local Republican party.

Supporters of health care reform carried signs decrying insurance industry profits and calling for a single payer system to be on the table. While, opponents carried signs denouncing what they called Obamacare, and comparing Obama to Hitler.

The real loser here is American Democracy and the ability to have a meaningful discussion on the merits of ensuring that people in this country are ensured health care.

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The opponents appeared unwilling to listen and were there to disrupt. This appear to be an extension of the President election and many of the anti-health care mob were the same sorts you found at the Sarah Palin rally’s during the election.

Congressman Adam Schiff should be applauded he stood his ground against the right-wing mob and clearly stated that health care reform was needed and that he supported it.

Other speakers included:

Moderated by NBC-4’s Dr. Bruce Hensel

Panel Discussion with:
- Dr. Benjamin Chu, President Southern California Region, Kaiser
- Dr. Richard Brown, Director, UCLA Center for Health Policy and Research
- Leeba Lessin, .President CareMore Health Plan
- Jerry Flanagan, Health Care Advocate, Consumer Watchdog

Larry Gross
Executive Director
Coalition for Economic Survival