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We see the signs everywhere, hear the otherwise meek stepping forward in defense of the unborn. They call themselves “pro-life”, but are they? Or are they merely anti-abortionists who wish to “punish” women and young girls for becoming pregnant and not wanting to bring these children to term?


We don’t need to know the stories behind the pregnancies, the intents, the thoughts, the agonies each woman must go through when making the final decision to abort. Instead, we need to look at those who oppose them and see whether or not their motives are just.

Instead of accusing the victims, instead of imposing your will on others, put your bodies where your opposition sits and volunteer to become a surrogate.

There is a solution to abortion, one which the true pro-life individual should be more than willing to employ. It’s really very, very simple. Instead of accusing the victims, instead of imposing your will on others, put your bodies where your opposition sits and volunteer to become a surrogate.

We have the technology. It really isn’t that difficult. For decades we’ve been capable of fetal transplant, and it’s been highly successful. Many a dairy herd has been strengthened by producing genetically superior fetuses elsewhere, then implanting them into the wombs of lesser cattle on farms so that the new generation will be bigger, stronger, better milk producers. Ever since Louise Joy Brown in 1978, we’ve known that we can not only fertilize ova in vitro, but they can successfully be transplanted in human wombs and brought to term.

We’ve even discovered that you don’t need a womb – just a place in the body to attach the fetus, give it good blood flow and room for the placenta, and presto! It will be just fine. This opens up a whole line of opportunities.

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Instead of vilifying and condemning women for not wanting to bring their pregnancies to term, instead of trying to “punish them” for these “blessings from God”, get out there and donate your bodies to do the job. Women with wombs will be the best recipients, but men needn’t be shy – you can take on fetuses as well. We may have to invest you with cervices, and maybe an added chute for delivery purposes, or we could look to Cleopatran section, but it doesn’t really matter. What does is that you get what you want. These precious little lives will be spared. Someone will bring them to term, someone will be there to love and care for them, to nurture them and raise them to maturity at their own expense. Someone to help them for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, until they reach the age of legal majority.

That is what is meant by “right to life”, is it not? If so, please, get out to your clinics immediately and sign up. I’m sure they will be more than happy to accommodate you, to make sure you and your new children get the absolute best of care and consideration.

Or are you saying, “No way! I’M not the one who got pregnant, so I shouldn’t be punished by having to bring these children to term and to take responsibility for the rest of their lives!” If so, then you really aren’t a believer in the right to life, you’re simply an anti-abortionist.

“Choice” does not mean “abortion”. Another misconception (pardon the pun). If it were so, we’d ask if you wanted an abortion of chocolate or vanilla ice cream for dessert. “Choice” means exactly that – the right to decide what one believes is best in a given situation.

No one really supports abortion. That is not what “pro-choice” means. However, when choices are limited, abortion may be seen as the only option. And women will get abortions if they want them badly enough – unsafe, sometimes deadly, abortions under the worst of conditions. Chances are very good here that you aren’t just losing the fetus, but the mother as well – two deaths for the price of one. In those cases, the ones responsible are those who would make safe medical abortions illegal.

So it all comes down to choice. Do you choose to be “pro-life” or “anti-abortion”? Are you willing to stand by your choice? In the end, who should be judging whom?

Lorraine Payette

Lorraine Payette