Hey, Prez, Got a Minute?

glenn beckDear President Obama, I want justice.

I want you to serve not our enemies, but those of us with tears of joy over your inauguration.

I want you to lead America in treating our veterans with generosity, gratitude, and dignity.

I want the Attorney General of the United States to man up.

I want the Fairness Doctrine back in place.

I want transparency and clear sunshine on every political action.

I want lifetime single-payer health care for every tax-paying American, not just Congress.

I want laws that mean something, laws with sharp teeth, against corporate polluting.

I want video of Dick Chaney being arrested and perp-walked for criminal conspiracy…and, if there’s time, tortured.

I want there to be enough time.

I want Limbaugh investigated for drug abuse.

I want Christine O’Donnell indicted for stealing political contributions.

I want Rupert Murdoch deported to his beloved Australia for being complicit in abetting attempts to overthrow the US Government.

I want McConnell, Boner, and their larcenous anti-American senatorial puppets to be charged with malfeasance.

I want the US Supreme Court to be honest, untainted, and non-partisan.

I want Texas bigots out of the schoolbook business.

I want the Dicks, Chaney and Armey, to be cellmates.

I want Sarah Palin to never stop talking.

I want an enlightened southeastern USA. (Good luck with that one.)

I want the tea party to keep on embarrassing itself.

I want Ann Coulter gelded.

Mike PriceI want Bill O’Reilly’s pomposity cause him to explode.

I want to smack Sean Hannity in his lying mouth.

I want Roger Ailes caught on film nursing Glenn Beck.

Some of this might be beyond your control. That’s okay. Time works magic, and payback’s a beautiful thing.

Michaelangelo Price

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