Obama’s Hillary Card

Obama and Clinton

President Obama has the extraordinary option of rekindling the historic spirit of his presidency and riding the sweeping tides of history for the advancement of women by naming Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as his vice presidential running mate in 2012.

Most likely, the final results of the 2012 election will be a close outcome for the presidency, control of the House and Senate and a Supreme Court that will almost certainly experience an earthshaking and generational swing decided by vacancies filled by the president elected in 2012.

This is not a moment for the president to balance niceties and nuances. It is a moment for the president to play to win. The best way to win is to run with the most popular political leader on the American stage, Secretary Clinton.

Shakespeare wrote that there is a tide in the affairs of men which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune. There is a sweeping tide of history which is the yearning for equality and the spirit of achievement by women in America and throughout the world. I have previously written that we have begun the Female Century.

Hillary Clinton as vice presidential nominee would electrify the Democratic vote from women and turn the gender gap into a gender canyon. Equally important, Hillary Clinton has great appeal to working-class voters of all races. She has great appeal, along with the president, to the second great demographic wave that is reshaping American politics: the surging Hispanic population.

Watch Texas, which will expand its presence in Congress after the census, in large measure due to dramatic growth among Hispanics. After successfully (and shamefully) gerrymandering Texas following the 2000 census, Republicans tried again to disenfranchise Hispanics with another gerrymander after the 2010 census. The GOP plan backfired.

When the dust settles in Texas, Democrats should gain between three and five new House seats from Texas alone. This materially increases the chances that Democrats regain control of the House.

Watch the underdog but potentially powerful Texas Senate campaign of retired Gen. Ricardo Sanchez, who is running for the seat being vacated by Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R). Sanchez and other Texas Democrats will increase Hispanic voter registration, organization and turnout. The general will add strong support from veterans and highly patriotic Texans.

In politics, demographics are destiny. Democrats are on the right side of history and demographics with the advancement of women and the surge of Hispanic voters.

Watch Elizabeth Warren in Massachusetts. I have long argued that Warren will be one of the most powerful Democratic Senate candidates. She taps into the Female Century. She also taps into another sweeping trend: the backlash from countless workers, consumers, veterans and military families of the 99 percent who are fed up with being financially ripped off.

Watch North Dakota. Recently, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) mentioned to me that Democrats have a strong chance of taking North Dakota’s lone House seat. I checked. Reid is right. Former North Dakota Attorney General Heidi Heitkamp, another brilliant woman who is rising, has a good chance to win.

A brief word about Vice President Biden. He has earned another term. He is doing a spectacular job. He would make a great president, White House chief of staff or Secretary of State. As JFK said: Life is unfair. As Don Corleone said: Nothing personal. This is business.

Brent BudowskyObama can once again ride waves of history. The rise of women. The surge of Hispanics. The backlash of the 99 percent.

If Obama puts Clinton on the ticket, enthusiasm surges. Voters register. Organization mobilizes. Turnout soars. The base rallies. Main Street will be reassured.

Obama should swing for the seats of a Democratic president, Democratic Senate, Democratic House and more enlightened Supreme Court. Hillary Clinton can make the difference. This is business. Democrats must play to win.

Brent Budowsky
The Hill 


  1. Philip Fornaci says

    In the midst of the massive Occupy movement sweeping the country, it is disturbing, though hardly surprising, that a “progressive” publication would run this piece. Ms. Clinton is no more nor less than a tool of the twin parties of war, economic oppression, and racism. The ills that plague this society, from mass unemployment to constant war to domestic spying and indefinite detention to mass incarceration, will never be addressed by Ms. Clinton, or any of her ilk. They are in fact the motor for expanding and enforcing these ills. The LA Progressive is serving a counterproductive role in even engaging in this nonsensical advocacy.

    • says

      Yeah, what’s wrong with you LA Progressive? Don’t you know you should only run articles endorsing candidates with no chance in Hell to win? So what if the result is a Republican victory. Both parties are exactly the same, right? Elizabeth Warren and Scott Brown are just two sides of the same coin, as are Barney Frank and John King. You guys must be sellouts who want to see Democrats take over Congress, keep the Presidency and get rid of the reactionary majority on the Supreme Court or something. Stop this nonsense.

  2. marte says

    Good discussion. Thanks all! Last I knew (but I’m not too ?”au courant”?) Hillary was — I thought reasonably enough — not interested to be a vp candidate. Why should she be? As Secy of State she at least has a realm of her own even if she IS committed (constrained?) to carry out Obama’s perspective … to whatever extent she can’t persuade him to amend it. As for Donna’s comment, I loved it; but ………… Are we talking fairy tales here or trying to address reality? Or is there that much difference left? :-(

  3. TCinLA says

    We need another Clinton in public office about as much as we need another member of the Bush clan running. In other words, not much.

    I find it amazing that the LA Progresive would run an op-ed by an alleged “Democrat” with Budowski’s resume. He’s a DINO neocon. I’m surprised we’re not running pro-Hillary propaganda from Baroness de Rothschild.

    Hillary Clinton is the same woman, after all, who thought Mark Penn was a fountain of good advice and that Howard Wolfson was a political genius,. and was quite content to let the first female vice presidential candidate make racist comments about Obama, remember? It was only 4 years ago.

    We need to pass a law that people named Clinton and people named Bush can no longer run for public office.

    • marte says

      Thanks, TC; Nicely done! Google (I use Gmail) and I are in one of our ongoing fights so I’m not yet prepared to give LA Progessive a website for me but I’ll be hoping to find you here as I keep logging in.

  4. Jay Levenberg, Esq. says

    I guess I should get some comfort from the fact that Obama might be forced to ask Hillary on the ticket. I supported her over Obama because it was perfectly obvious to me that he was not ready to be President and that he was too egotistical for the job. Nevertheless, I think she should turn down any such offer and frankly, I don’t think Obama would want to admit that he needs her to be re-elected. It appears he can depend on the Republicans for that. Obama has been a terrible President, even worse than Carter and he should retire and go back to teaching at Harvard where he belongs.

  5. Donna Hughes says

    I volunteered for Joe Biden in Iowa in ’07, and yes he should not be VP. He is a decnt human being in the best sense of the word and has a great many assets from the years he spent learning from some of the best people who ever represented us. He should have been President. He is so much better than Hillary! The only reason we voted for Obama was because of Joe.

    Needless to say, I think you are WRONG-WRONG-WRONG!!!

  6. says

    I supported Obama over Hillary in 2008 because at least he offered promise of change, whereas all she could do was point to a record of unabashedly rubber-stamping Bush’s Iraq war. So what’s changed? Almost zip. In place of rubberstamping Bush, Hillary as Sec of State has been little more than a toady for Obama. Maybe she brought about intervention in Libya – but has smugly gone along with tolerating repression in (and exporting of terror from) Iran and Syria and Sudan.

  7. John Atkeison says

    A note from Nebraska: Nothing symbolizes political business as usual more pointedly for us than how the Clinton State department has handled the evaluation process of TransCanada’s Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. Not only do prominent former staffers of her campaign lobby the department for the project, but a company closely allied with TransCanada was chosen to manage the public input process.

    Perhaps in earlier times this would not be the issue it is today. But this is not only the Occupy era, it is the very year when over 1200 people were arrested this summer and over 10,000 ringed the White house this fall, to urge that President Obama kill this project. This was also the year that popular pressure over this pipeline project forced the Nebraska legislature into special session to respond.

    Secretary Clinton has her own track record to defend, and I can guarantee that she will be on the defensive after this exposure. I think Obama can do better than Biden, but he should select from the Left, not the Right.

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