Hillary for Vice President

obama clinton ticketIf President Obama makes the bold and historic decision to run with Hillary Clinton in 2012, an Obama-Clinton ticket would launch a rocket of enthusiasm throughout a rejuvenated and mobilized Democratic base. He would send a powerful message of reassurance and confidence to political independents, seniors, blue-collar workers and all women who deserve and should win equal pay for honest work after an Obama-Clinton campaign that would champion this cause throughout every corner of the nation.

An Obama-Clinton ticket would increase the president’s popular and electoral votes. It would increase voter turnout for Democrats and elect more Democrats to the House and Senate.

An Obama-Clinton team would bring a powerful new momentum to Democratic fundraising. It would rally small donors to a campaign that would regain the spirit of a powerful cause for historic, continuing and lasting change. It would motivate the wealthiest Democratic donors, who are now being dominated by their competitors among power-hungry Republicans, super-wealthy special interests and far-right billionaires who would destroy the legacy of every enlightened president since Teddy Roosevelt.

An Obama-Clinton team would reduce the dangers of a generation-long Supreme Court rightist majority on a court that is already far to the right of two centuries of American jurisprudence with decisions such as Citizens United, in which five unelected justices have put under aggressive and hostile attack the core American notion that our Founding Fathers shared. Our republic should be a government of all of the people, all of the time, not a government owned or run by self-interested factions with the most money or the greatest greed.

An Obama-Clinton ticket could take a great cause and great case to the nation.

We are not a nation in which partisans slander their opponents and neighbors by calling them fascists or communists. We are not a nation in which money buys democracy or greed buys Washington. We are not a nation in which the rising tide lifts a few to great heights of luxury while the many sink to the pain of joblessness and poverty, and are then blamed for their suffering, and would be hurt more even by some who invoke the name of Christ.

In a campaign now dominated by competing smells of sludge, an Obama-Clinton ticket could highlight the very best of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and the American idea. They could run a campaign that speaks respectfully and intelligently to voters for a presidency that is standing “on your side” and working to “lift all boats.”

Obama and Clinton could champion great capitalists who lifted the nation, such as Steve Jobs and Warren Buffett, and challenge great wrongs that are not capitalism but the abuse of capitalism, which must be reformed in the name of true capitalism, real democracy and patriotic Americanism.

An Obama-Clinton team could explain both the president’s successes and his unfinished business, and explain both the president’s plans for a second term and the layoff-heavy business practices and disastrous governorship of his opponent, who was one of the four most incompetent job creators among all 50 governors who served when he did.

Vice President Biden would emerge as a heroic and hugely popular figure championing an Obama-Clinton team and then serving as secretary of State or White House chief of staff in the tradition of Howard Baker or James Baker under Ronald Reagan.

Brent BudowskyPresident Clinton might sometimes make the White House nervous, but he, and Hillary Clinton, stand for a Clinton presidency that was a great and well-remembered economic triumph and for an Obama presidency that has done great good, with much more great good to come.

Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton and Joe Biden would create a first-ever, history-making, five-star bully pulpit that would win the election for the president and a mandate for the Democrats.

Brent Budowsky
The Hill

Posted: Thursday, 7 June 2012


  1. Tyrannus Evisceratus says

    As unpopular as Joe Biden is I think the public would see it for what it was. Dumping your four year vp for a more popular vp. I am pretty sure the Republicans would sieze on it as well. “Barrack betrayed the nation and now he betrayed Joe Biden.”
    The Clintons were wheeler dealers who knew how to keep the economy rolling and the the scandals hushed. Sometimes people died by shooting themselves in the back magically, and sometimes interns and maids got sexually harassed, but I liked them.
    Barrack is just useless. He passed one freaking bill that John Roberts had to let slide through the supreme court which is basically the republican party giving him a free strike(he needs all those he can get). When you have one win and the republicans hand it to you I have a hard time seeing him as a leader.
    Barrack can’t have Hillary as a vice president, because she would show him up too badly.

  2. JoeWeinstein says

    According to Budowsky, Obama should and could just unceremoniously (or pseudo-ceremoniously) dump Biden, all in order to bring about a “bold and historic decision”  to have Hillary as running mate. 

    Only for naive (or cynical) amnesiacs – incapable of remembering the past or anyhow determined to forget it, would such a decision be “bold and historic”.    

    What Mondale did in 1984, bringing in Clemintine Ferraro as running mate, was truly “bold and historic”.  But Obama dumping Biden for H. Clinton in 2012 would correctly be perceived by most voters as simply “desperate and opportunistic”. 

  3. Vdestefano says

    After the nightmare of 8 years of Bush it is perhaps to easy look back to the Clinton years with longing. However, that great and well-remembered triumph was actually something far less of a triumph for the 99% and it may be well-remembered but only by the plutocrats who profited from it at the expense of the rest of us. It is important to remember that the current economic crisis had its genesis in two pieces seminal of legislation that Bill Clinton worked very hard to fashion and ensure passage; The Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 1999 and the Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999. Both of these Acts did away with the last vestiges of any serious regulations of Wall Street. Those regulations which Bill Clinton worked so hard to eliminate had allowed The USA to rise out of the ashes of the Great Depression; principally Glass Steagell or the Banking Act of 1933. The Clinton Administration did nothing for working Americans because they sold their souls to the Banking sector for campaign contributions just as Hillary did when she ran against Barak Obama. they paid those contributions back more than a thousand fold by ensuring that the banking sector could gamble with our savings and be bailed out by the rest of us when they cam up short. Bill Clinton is one of the most important parents of too big to fail.

    Let us not forget either The Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996 which Bill Clinton said was ending Welfare as we know it. It did that by simply kicking millions to the curb. It ultimately left the poor, 70% of whom are children, to fend for themselves. Ending Welfare is not the same as ending poverty, it is simply sweeping it under the floor.

    I thought this was a Progressive site. However without wishing to insult Mr. Budowsky I must point out that he is no more a Progressive than Bush was a compassionate conservative. He is presenting a proposal, the second time I believe he has presented it here, that is nothing more than offering up Hillary Clinton as our salvation rather than what she is; another Republican dressed up as a Democrat; owned completely by the very same banking interests which are carving their profits out of the working 99%,the poor and disenfranchised. She may be better than Mitt Romeny and the lunatic fringe of the Ayn Rand Tea PArty collective but only by a small degree. It is a fantasy to see Hillary and Barak as Progressives. 

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