Hillary Wins Big in 2012

hillary clintonThis column is dedicated to the late Dorothy Rodham, a very proud mom and grandma who did good in the world.

The true political state of the union is best revealed in a recent poll in Time magazine that found that Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton would win an epic and possibly realigning landslide in a presidential election against any Republican candidate.

First, the numbers. Then, the reasons.

In the Time poll, Clinton would defeat Mitt Romney by a whopping 55 percent to 38 percent. She would defeat Rick Perry by an even more devastating 58 percent to 32 percent.

These are realigning numbers. In this hypothetical match-up, the Clinton landslide would be so huge, and the Republican defeat so catastrophic, that Democrats would almost certainly regain control of the House and maintain control of the Senate.

In the Time poll, President Obama also defeats any candidate in the Republican field, though by far smaller margins than Clinton. Anyone who suggests that “Obama is toast” should not be taken seriously.

I believe the president, whom I support, would be a slight favorite in a close election against Romney, and could win a landslide against other Republicans, who have not come close to crossing the threshold of being serious contenders for commander in chief.

The lesson of the Time poll, which I believe would be replicated in other polls, though possibly not as dramatically, is this:

The next great realignment in American politics is very likely to be a Democratic realignment. It cannot be a Republican realignment, because the GOP has moved so far to the extreme right that it is now far outside the mainstream of American opinion.

While it is true that Hillary Clinton’s huge popularity is partly due to her being removed from partisan politics as Secretary of State, there are other powerful messages for both parties in her soaring popularity.

Hillary Clinton represents the brand of the Democratic Party embodied by traditional Democratic presidents in hard economic times. She is identified with the great prosperity of the Bill Clinton presidency. But there are other powerful forces at work:

Hillary Clinton is part of what I once called “The Female Century.” Throughout the nation and around the world there is an epochal movement toward true equality for women.

By contrast, some Republicans slander Planned Parenthood. Many Republicans aggressively oppose pay equity for women. Congressional Republicans launch hostile attacks on countless programs that benefit women.

I have written before, and will write again, that a tidal wave of support from female voters will be a powerful factor helping President Obama and Democrats in 2012.

This “woman power” that benefits Hillary Clinton with women now benefits her with many men as well. In an economy where many view the 1 percent as unfairly gaining at the expense of the other 99 percent, Hillary Clinton is seen as a fighter. She never gives up. She is a voice for those who feel disempowered, including white male blue-collar workers, blacks who feel trapped in joblessness and injustice, Hispanics who are told their dreams can no longer come true and seniors who trust Hillary Clinton as their protector.

Hillary Clinton will not run for president in 2012. She will be one of the greatest assets of President Obama, who had the good judgment to name her Secretary of State.

Hillary Clinton disproves the notion that America is a rightist nation. If the 2016 election were held today, America would not turn to the right, it would turn to Clinton.

Brent BudowskyIn the eyes of voters, Hillary Clinton is the North Star of an America where Democrats act like Democrats and where every woman deserves equal pay, every worker deserves a job and nobody should be left behind.

The great source of Clinton’s strength is that the dreams of women are the dreams for all. Dorothy Rodham was one great mom who raised one great daughter. If Democrats remember why, they will do just fine in 2012.

Brent Budowsky
The Hill

Brent Budowsky was an aide to former Sen. Lloyd …Bentsen (D-Texas) and former Rep. Bill Alexander (D-Tenn.), then chief deputy majority whip of the House. He holds an LL.M. in international financial law from the London School of Economics. He can be read on The Hill’s Pundits Blog and reached at <i>brentbbi@webtv.net</i>.


  1. says

    It does seem likely that Clinton as VP would make for an extremely strong ticket — but I would also say that much of Clinton’s popularity is because she is… not taking the heat. If she were President right now I don’t think she’d be fairing any better than Obama (and perhaps much worse.)

    Perhaps Obama has considered this option and Biden wouldn’t go for it. There are a lot of things to consider… maybe Clinton wouldn’t go for it either. Who knows?

  2. says

    Commenter Hollis S is correct and commenter P Jerome is on point. Sadly, Hillary continues to self-disqualify herself. She failed to be an independent voice vs warmonger GWBush and she fails to be other than a minion for warmonger and radical-Islamism-enabler ‘peace’-prizer Obama. Too bad, because commenter Jay L is correct about Obama – he’s done more to destroy than to aid the Democratic Party.

  3. Julia Russell says


    Hilary is as much a part of the establishment power elite as she could be! She is totally irrelevant to the popular uprising that’s occupying our country and the world right now. And worse than irrelevant, she’d be an obstacle to real change.

    We need a real progressive to back.

  4. Jay Levenberg,Esq. says

    Of course the article only proves the point that she should have been the nominee in 2008 instead of the incompetent and inexperienced occupant we now have running the show. If Obama is re-elected, it won’t be due to anything he did in office but merely the inability of the Republicans to field a strong candidate. All the signs were there that Obama wasn’t ready for the office, but all the so called progressives would not hear any of it–They wanted this media created star with no background except a long record of voting “present” when he was a state senator. So next year, even if he is re-elected, there will be a Republican House of Representatives and most likely a Republican Senate. I would say Obama has done more to destroy the Democratic Party than help it and Hillary would have been a vast improvement.

  5. Hollis Stewart says

    If the Super Committee brings out a decision to cut or damage Social Security, Medicare and/or Medicaid then I think that a lot of Democrats will be toast in 2012 because it can’t happen without their votes. I walked precincts for Kennedy in 60 and for LBJ in 64 as a young democrat and I spent time and money working for the election of the present President. LBJ won and got us the Medicare program that now Democrats reportedly are willing to undercut in order to please right wing GOP senators and congresspersons. I will not be able to vote for any democrat that supports such a move including the current President or Hillary if she were the candidate. Being retired I am around a good number of retirees and I think I can say with some surety that many of them will not vote for those who allow cuts to our bedrock social programs. These are issues of bread and butter, health or illness and are not to be treated as budget problems. Seniors are well aware that these programs are not the source of the deficits but rather that the wars, occupations and our bloated military as well as budget cuts for the rich are the problem. Will the Democrats destroy themselves? We shall see very soon.

  6. Cheryl Ann Alexander says

    Obama should ditch Biden and run with Hillary as his vice president. That would be an unbeatable ticket, and it would put her in the perfect position her to run for president n 2016.

  7. P Jerome says

    “She is a voice for those who feel disempowered, including white male blue-collar workers, blacks who feel trapped in joblessness and injustice, Hispanics who are told their dreams can no longer come true and seniors who trust Hillary Clinton as their protector.” This is absolutely shocking. In what universe is she a voice of the working class and the unemployed? She has no personal record beyond a couple years in the Senate (where she supported war, secrecy, spying on Americans, and budget cuts) and her shockingly horrible tenure as Secretary of State. She has supported now-deposed dictators (“We consider the Mubaraks family friends.”), drone murders of foreign nationals and American citizens, and has provided diplomatic cover for the raging American war machine. That Ms. Clinton has any popularity speaks only to her successful pr machine and the craven servitude of the mass media to the American empire.

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