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Brazilian Butt Lifts to the Rescue

Can you believe it? One video of a chipmunk eating nuts has been viewed 280 million times.

This fall, the Washington Post’s deep dive, “How TikTok Ate the Internet,” led off telling how one young woman’s 16-second video of her playing a video game garnered 3 million TikTiok views overnight.

Three million! What’s going on here?

The young TikTok user isn’t part of the Kardashian tribe. No movie star, her last job was slicing pies at a pizzeria. She didn’t even think her viral video was all that funny. She was as flummoxed as anyone.

And the three of us were plenty flummoxed, too—some more than others. So we decided to discuss it.

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Brazilian Butt Lifts to the Rescue

Dick had a glancing blow with TikTok last summer. However he managed to screw it up, the only thing his TikTok account presented him was one provocatively dressed young woman after another dancing in what came within a whisker of being soft porn—most of them with large headlights swinging and improbably rotund cabooses swaying.

Nea assured Dick that he was just doing it wrong. Again. She told of finding a million fascinating things to watch on TikTok—cooking tips, funny animal sequences, music clips—so much so that she was worried she was developing an addiction and needed to delete the app from her phone. For now.

Ever the practical one, Sharon wondered how we could turn TikTok to LA Progressive’s benefit. After all, that WaPo article said the United States boasts—if that’s the word—100 million TikTok users, fully one third of the country, and at least some of them spend an inordinate amount of time swiping through TikTok stories.

Can you believe it? One video of a chipmunk eating nuts has been viewed 280 million times. Good grief, don’t you think at least something on LA Progressive could capture some fraction of that?

Nea and Sharon also schooled Dick on what he had been seeing on TikTok last summer with the extraordinarily voluptuous women swinging and swaying. Brazilian Butt Lifts! You learn something new every day. Whether you want to or not