Rev James Lawson Honored — September 9th

Rev James Lawson HonoredHonoring the Reverend James Lawson with the 2nd Annual George F. Regas Courageous Peacemaker Award  

September 9, 2012
Holman United Methodist Church

Ticketed Reception at 5:30 PM
Free event at 7:30 PM


REGISTER FOR 7:30 FREE EVENT HERE (Seating is limited)

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  1. Steve mcCracken says

    As a Former Republican MYSELF, not too long ago, You would have seen a Very Different STEVE as a PROUD REPUBLICAN. AND IF NOW ASKED WHY?, THIS WOULD BE THE REASON SWIFTLY LEFT THE PARTY. I have a PERSONAL HISTORY OF BEING REPUBLICAN up until 4 years ago! The Republican Party is NO LONGER the Republican Party I Once supported. I Voted for Both George Bush’s. And Even President Bush Jr. stated that Gay Couples were deserving of Gay rights, which is the only thing I saw made sense in his Presidency. The REPUBLICAN PARTY has been over taken over by Radical Fundamental Christian Groups and Funded by the Wealthiest of this Nation. POLITICALLY THE REPUBLICAN PARTY has Pander to these Fanatical Backers any way possible and have left all sense of fairness out the door. The MOST of the wealthiest of this Country want to keep the Tax advantages they got from the Failed Policies of GW BUSH JR. The Trickle Down Economic Plan (TDE) that made the claimed if Wealthy make more the Middle and Lower class American would benefit. Proven Fact TDE did not work, In fact If it had worked one would think that the overwhelming growing of this advantaged group, making record breaking Profit’s , there would have been an decrease for those seeking job’s and Americans Middle class Americans would not be suffering today. One would look at the A Policy which CLEARLY hurt the Middle class and shrank it’s number by Millions to a NEW Poverty level. And to Religious Fanatics who feel that they are THREATENED should Any American Homosexual be granted equal rights, as if there Religious freedom would be compromised if others gained liberty. Interesting Fact that I just learned about the so called, “TEA PARTY”. Not too long ago the Democratic Party is am sad to say was the Obstruction party of Negro Civil rights. And I whole Heatedly Agree that Fact, they were not helpful in America’s struggle for Civil Rights. But one thing I can truly say the Democratic Party Has and still stands for Change and evolution of thoughts and policies. They have evolved themselves, NOT slowly, but VERY fast and shed their thoughts of anti -Civil Rights quickly. When the disenfranchised White Democratic VOTER Population saw this evolution they began a Slow move to a Political party , who also was undergoing a Political Change to Go Backwards in their thinking. Yearly Disenfranchised White Democrats left and Joined the Republican party. Democrats EVOLVED to total Inclusiveness this discouraged these white Democrats who abandoned the Democratic Party and clung to the Republican party’s. Like the Democrats, I too evolved when I sat back and watched the Changes in Both Parties. Changes that became more and More evident when Fanatical groups settled in and Clenched the Once Sane OLD REPUBLICAN PARTY. A party that, at one time stood for equality and inclusiveness is now the Party of which the majority are FANATICS seeking to Justify Hate, Class division and Now subjecting basic Civil Rights to Gay Americans. And Now I am Proud to say I am part of a Party that has evolved, Has stood firm for the “LITTLE PERSON” the average middle class American just wanting the Government to make sure that Middle Class is not stomped into the Ground by the Wealthy and Religious Fanatic. A Government FOR the ALL the people standing for JUSTICE, FAIRNESS and EQUALITY ! ! ! The Idea of the Republican,” Small Government” does nothing more than remove Government protection granted the Minority population of this Country! Smaller Government means GIVING your Safety Net a swift kick in the pants. Small Government allows MAJORITY to take advantage of those who can protect themselves and their rights. THE MINORITY is and will be used and abused by the Majority making laws to subvert the little guys rights and advantages while bending to those Fanatical Groups dictating there politicle platform . A SMALLER GOVERNMENT that wants the Majority to Vote on the Rights of the Minority !
    That is NOT the America I believe in. When a Christian enters their Church they are free to Worship however they see fit, and I for one Stand Firm on that right. When a Christian comes out of that Church and Dictates to my Government or a political party, they then Cross My Government and My personal Faith and Subvert MY PERSONAL freedom to worship my faith as I see fit. A personal belief that just might disagree with your thoughts on Religion. I hear today Many Christian Religions say Abortion should be illegal. PERSONALLY if I were faced with the decision, it is Just that, MY DECISION and should Not have to rely on YOUR faith to make that decision for me. What it boils down to, If you don’t Believe in Abortion, DON’T HAVE ONE. If you don’t believe in Contraception, DON’T use them. If you don’t like Same Sex Marriage, Don’t get married to the same sex. So when you Leave the Church, Leave your faith in your Heart and in your church and not force your Religious belief on other’s who just not might not ascribe your version of God. When I was younger I was always taught that God gave us Freedom to CHOOSE. If he had not, we would be nothing more than God’s Puppets. Our God is wise, He didn’t want his believers to Love him because he programmed them to do it. He gave us Freedom to think on our own and learn on our own of his love. Fanatical Christians, we don’t need Puppets for God. We need those who come to God on their OWN terms believing in their own personal faith. And If you believe those terms are not what YOU THINK God wants based on your RELIGION, Leave it up to GOD and NOT YOU and your personal belief! I back a political party of Inclusiveness, a party the sets a tone of fairness and equality, even if it goes against your PERSONAL belief and faith. No Political party should have to Answerer ONE faith. After all, whose faith would we affirm? September 11, 2001 a Radical Religious Group of Islamic Fundamentalist using GOD as their reason, Killed 2985 innocent persons. In the History of our Vast Planet More people innocent people have died at the Hands of FANATICLE RELIGIOUS groups than any one war, contagious disease break out or famine. This should give a clue that this is NOT what our GOD intended. There are a Multitude of Faith’s in this world, Just WHO’s Faith, God or religion are we, as American to ascribe to, My answer NONE. What Religion holds SOLE TRUTH, NONE. We are NOT a Christian Nation founded solely on a Christian Belief. We are a Nation who relies on their Constitution which firmly separate’s itself from any one particular belief system, as it should be. If this Nation is to be under one particular faith, we then become nothing more than the SAME FANATICAL Islamic religion that subjected innocent people’s right to exist. We then ascribe to the Christian Taliban and become just as guilty as their blood stained hands on 9/11. We need to come together as a Nation who reaffirms that we stand for ALL. For Together we stand Divided we fall. Who will you stand with? A political party that is inclusive of ALL Faiths, assures freedom of all its citizens, cares for the less fortunate, Props up the average American and helps them succeed. All of which I stated were once part of the Republican Party that once existed and since had died. The Tea party Republicans have destroyed this party. They have joined together to Vote out of office those Sane Republicans who stood by the OLD PARTY line across this nation. Placing those in office who only think there way and voting out those who stood for a bipartisanship government where we all sat down and could agree on a solution to a National Problem. For them , the Tea party there is One solution and one solution only, Do it OUR way or Your out. Therefor I am proud to say I stand for and will defend the Democratic Party’s platform of Forward, To move forward is to advance the thinking and progress to a country where all benefit from its government. Not just the Chosen few.

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