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Kirstjen Nielsen Departs

Kirstjen Nielsen Departs

Should we cry for Kirstjen Nielsen? Yet another blonde bimbo abused and cast aside by the Donald? The “me too” movement working so hard, and achieving some success by getting a woman into a position of power and influence, only to have her career dashed by the dastardly Donald.

OR, should we talk about some things that the corporate “liberal” media is downplaying about Kirstjen Nielsen?

Part of the “drain the swamp” meme relates to the old Republican theme that it is better to have lobbyists run government than career civil servants. Nielsen is the second generation of a family of civil servants—both parents were career U.S. Army employees. Her father, an ophthalmologist, always safely behind the lines of battle. Her late mother a doctor doing classified word (perhaps, torture interrogation or research into anti-civilian medical practices).

Kirstjen graduated from law school and went directly into a job at the Cheney/Bush White House. When that ended, she founded her own “consulting”—lobbying—firm, until she could finagle a new taxpayer-funded job in the Donald's White House. She has never worked in private industry, as the Republicans claim everyone should do. But she has always been generous to private industry, giving extravagant contracts for child cages, subsistence rations, etc.

Nielsen may look like one of the blonde sorority bimbos from Animal House. But as a single woman well into her forties, Nielsen has even forced male Homeland Security staffers to “escort” her to state dinners (although this may also simply be an effort to discourage the Donald from pussy-grabbing her). Taxpayers thus get to pay not only for her attendance, but that of whatever flunky she requires.

It wasn't merely her lying, but the way she seemed almost gleeful in contradicting documentary records and even statements on her own Department's website. She seemed to revel in mimicking the Donald's style of flagrant lying.

There may be some who believe that any increase in the number of women in government is a good thing. But many Brits and most Argentine women would argue that a warmonger like Margaret Thatcher contributed nothing by taking office. Similarly, Theresa May is going to go into history as devastatingly bad for working class people. Kirstjen Nielsen's record has created a similar place in history for her.

As a high government official, Kirstjen Nielsen repeatedly lied to Congress, even when it was controlled by Republicans. It wasn't merely her lying, but the way she seemed almost gleeful in contradicting documentary records and even statements on her own Department's website. She seemed to revel in mimicking the Donald's style of flagrant lying.

And she shared the Donald's love of graft. It will be years before all the details come out, but as head of Homeland Security, Nielsen oversaw the construction of concentration camps for children ripped from their parents. She approved the lucrative contracts for well-connected, or contribution-making contractors to buy standard dog pen fencing, relabel it as “high security, prison-grade detention fencing” and then sell and install it in warehouses to contain “terrorist” pre-schoolers and adolescents.

This spring, we will celebrate(?) the 65th anniversary of the Supreme Court's decision in Brown v. Board of Education. That decision has been followed by 65 years of resistance to educational integration, and more recently by reverses in non-white voting rights. It is now official Republican Party policy that black voter suppression should be increased and social safety net programs should be slashed. Kirstjen Nielsens Homeland Security policies were right in step with these Republican goals.

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After eagerly implementing the Donald's family separation policy, Nielsen implemented policies to prevent the concentration camps from educating the children they housed. As with resistance to integrated education in the 50s and 60s, “security” was a primary concern voiced to prevent education of non-whites. The “priorty” in the concentration camps must be "national security.” And since “everyone knows” that teachers are dangerous and un-American, particularly with their "misplaced" reliance on facts and logic, teaching regimens can't be implemented until adequate security measures are in place to ensure that teachers don't simply create a new generation of people demanding physical freedom and freedom of thought.

One successful practice was that of moving children, without notice or preparation, from concentration camp to concentration camp. Nielsen initiated a novel system of NOT tracking what child was where. This prevented court-ordered family reunifications. And it also made it possible to feign lack of knowledge when children were moved away from whatever limited instruction they were receiving.

When children started to die in the custody of Homeland Security, Nielsen saw such deaths as a potential “deterrent” to other families against trying to get to the U.S. As public outrage at increasing numbers of child deaths at her hands, Nielsen determined, in time-worn / time-'honored' tradition, to “study” the problem, thereby delaying any real efforts to stem the tide of child deaths.

Nielsen also looked to the lucrative model used by the Bureau of Prisons to contract with private, for-profit prison corporations to manage concentration camps. One wide-spread practice of private, for-profit prison corporations is to recruit sexual predators for prison jobs. They are offered jobs at lower pay, but with guarantees of unfettered access to prisoners for sexual abuse, up to and including unpunished killings of prisoners.

Nielsen contracted with the same people to run her child concentration camps. And now, as expected, reports of rampant sexual abuse of child prisoners is emerging. More “deterrence”?

There may be those who would like to say that Nielsen is merely young and inexperienced. That she is being blamed for things planned by the Donald and “his people,” like Stephen Miller. But such excuses deny history.

Kirstjen Nielsen graduated from law school and went to work for the Cheney/Bush administration. By 2005, she was IN CHARGE of the White House office to prepare for disasters. As Congressional investigations showed, she was well informed, BEFORE Hurricane Katrina drowned New Orleans, that the storm was going to cause devastation. She was well informed by plenty of government planners and offices with experience in disaster training and preparation of things that needed to be done to prepare for a major hurricane.

Yet she did none of what was required. To her, New Orleans was a “black” city, and thus not entitled to any advanced storm preparation. Her contempt for the “black” city blinded her to the risks the same storm posed for the white areas surrounding New Orleans. So they also suffered from her racial animus.

After the Katrina disaster happened, people who saw young Kirstjen as an attractive blonde, alt-whitie with future potential for the Party, joined together to excuse her neglect of New Orleans. There were other, older, not-in-the-future-pipeline, hacks who could take the blame for any failures, leaving Kirstjen 'clean'. And ripe for resurrection in a new, overtly racist assault on a different group of largely helpless people, this time children - non-white children.

In the past couple of months, the corporate “liberal” media have reported on groups of “grunt level” U.S. soldiers trying to advance white supremacy and anti-white violence within the ranks of our forces. But much less attention is paid to the systemic problems in the Pentagon. As noted above, Kirtjen Nielsen's parents were both career Pentagon employees, living on the taxpayers' dime while raising a daughter who is an active, eager racist. Nielsenwas the protégé of General Kelly, the Donald's chief of staff and one of the most openly racist of the Donald's cabinet.

[dc]T[/dc]he problem is not a few uneducated, lunkheads who will never rise above corporal. Rather Kirstjen Nielsen will go on to her next job in corporate politics as an educated, sophisticated, well-connected racist, working with other corporate racists to keep racial strife bubbling, and profitably keeping workers from banding together to work for their own betterment.

Tom Hall

Tom Hall