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Latino Community Takedown

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Enough is enough. The Latino community's best choice for the November presidential election is the Biden-Harris ticket. Now is the time for the Latino community to cast a tactical vote.

Political conditions facing the Latino community today are serious and dangerous. It is not an exaggeration to say that our nation is trending toward an authoritarian state with the current president leading the way.

Political conditions are now in place creating an environment to systematically take down the Latino community disguised as immigration policy. This is a policy objective by the current administration and I would say a re-election strategy.

It is no secret that the president is leading this takedown of the Latino community. Anybody that doesn't see this apparent takedown hasn't been paying attention or just refuses to believe that such a thing can happen. Some will even rationalize anti-Latino policies as something positive simply because the president has decided it is a necessary approach. This is very dangerous and threatening to the Latino community.

This must stop and stop now. The political issues that face the Latino community should not be viewed as some academic exercise in political science. The political conditions facing the Latino community is not some abstract analysis or some imagery conspiracy theory. This is reality-based, just like the COVID-19 is science-based reality. Yeah, there are those who deny this reality. It's time for the Latino community to organize, resist, and vote out the current president, his administration, and take back the senate. It is in the best interest of the Latino community to cast a tactical vote.

The Biden-Harris ticket is the best option for addressing important issues facing the Latino community. The November election is not just about personalities or campaign rhetoric. It's about real issues. It’s about who has the best approach to solving some of the important issues affecting our country today. Of course, It's one thing to put out an agenda or plan. It's another thing to implement such a plan. 

The campaign plan put out by the Biden-Harris ( ticket is not perfect. The Latino community is not seeking perfection or a perfect candidate. However, the destructive policies by the current president and his administration offer very little incentive to vote for his re-election. This is why the best choice to lead our country is the Biden-Harris ticket.

There will be disagreements, disappointments, and criticism regarding the Biden-Harris plans. This is okay because the Latino community must continue to find the best path forward ensuring democratic processes and community empowerment. These are issues that the Latino community has been struggling with for a very long time. But the late Cesar Chavez said, " cannot oppress the people who are not afraid anymore." This is so true for the Latino Community. 

Oppression of the people comes in many different forms. History has shown that oppression entrenched in a political system does not disappear overnight. It takes constant struggle and the unifying various political forces to combat oppression. That is why a tactical vote is so relevant. It allows for a political short-term commitment knowing that the struggle will continue. But be assured. Whatever the outcoming in the November elections the Latino community is not going back to the old days. We are no longer afraid.

Latino Community Takedown

Another perspective in casting a tactical vote is that the Latino community will need to take into account an analysis of the Republican and Democratic party platforms. The Latino community has to consider which party platform benefits the working class and people of color. Should the Latino community cast a vote for a president based on a party platform that is pro-democracy, pro-worker, pro-union, immigration policies of inclusion, or a party platform that is anti-democracy, anti-worker, anti-union, and anti-immigrant rights. The case is clear on which party platform and which party the Latino community should vote for. The Democratic Party platform offers the best opportunities for the Latino community. But again it is not perfect.

Latino Community Takedown 

The Latino community understands that the economy is getting worse, not better. Thousands of Latinos are hurting due to the worsening economic conditions. We have a president that has ignored the pandemic and takes no blame for the widespread death and destruction affecting our communities. This president refuses to develop a national plan to address the ongoing pandemic. However, he has a national strategy to put children in cages and separate children from their parents. He has a national policy to suppress the vote. Latinos have to ask whether the current president has any type of plan for the country in his re-election campaign or is it based on the same old failure of leadership and a senate developing plans for the wealthy elite.

Lee Saunders, President of AFSCME, said it best. "The choice could not be more clear: Continued corruption, incompetence, and complete disregard for working people or building back better with Joe Biden and candidates for Senate who know how to run a country with expertise and empathy for struggling Americans.”

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Here are just three recent issues that the president will truly face serious blowback. Issues that will have a negative impact on his re-election. These three issues have created much anger in the Latino community but be assured there are many more issues.

The current president wants to take away social security benefits and place your money into private accounts. Does anyone believe that Wall Street is the best place to secure your retirement funds?

Social Security

For senior citizens and young Latinos, the issue of social security is primary. Latinos, like most retired individuals, work hard all their lives. Money that belongs to the retiree has been secured over the years. This funding for retirement is safe and secure.

Now the current president wants to take away social security benefits and place your money into private accounts. Does anyone believe that Wall Street is the best place to secure your retirement funds?

Those that have the most to lose under the redesigning of social security, better known as eliminating social security, are young Latinos. The Latino community has one of the youngest populations.

Taking away their social security is nothing more than a give away to the corporate elite and Wall Street titans who have been wanting to take away your social security and the president will do just that if re-elected.

Defunding the United States Postal Services

The president seeks to suppress the vote by destroying the U.S. Postal Service. Some have described this action as a backdoor attempt to suppress the vote. This is inaccurate. It is a direct attack on our democracy. Any attempt to suppress the vote is an action against the people’s democracy. It is an attack on the Latino community that has great respect for the mail service and depends on the postal service.

The president calls his new policy a slowdown. His administration is now backtracking on the promise to remove thousands of mail sorting machines. His administration has promised to oversee the removal of the much-identified local mailboxes. Again they are backtracking on this promise. Be assured. It is not beyond this administration to lie about their desire to backtrack.

Education - Back to School Insecurity

Education is a right. Most Latino families hold education in high esteem. Generations of Latinos have sought to make the most out of our educational system. Even with all the disparity and with the lack of resources. Latino families have no choice but to make the best of what they have regarding education. Like many parents, Latinos fear the unknown of sending their children back to school in an era of the pandemic. The president has demanded that schools open up. This is easy for the president to say because he has no national plan to secure the safety of children who will be going back to the classroom. So he will not take the blame no matter how many children will get sick. This fear is real. 

Can children be safe in the classroom at this time of the great pandemic? Once again the president has shown a lack of leadership and he tweets-OPEN UP THE SCHOOLS!!! Latino families seem to think that the president is sacrificing Latino children knowing that the coronavirus has a high infection within the Latino community. There will be major blowback when children become ill with the virus. 

For the Latino Community, the Time for a Tactical Vote is Now. 

The Latino community is affected by many of the same issues as the general population. But no other group will be questioned more for casting a tactical vote. It is a disservice to attempt to tell the Latino community for whatever reason the Biden-Harris is not a proper choice in the November elections. The Latino community does not need to be lectured by any political group or individuals. 

Voting for the Biden-Harris ticket is truly a vote for reasonable assurance for a better working and community environment. There is a sense that we can agree to disagree on whether casting a tactical vote for a moderate is sufficient for change.

But for November, this choice is clear. For the Latino community, this election is truly a case of life and death. For the Latino community, it is the Biden-Harris that is the most logical choice. Get out and vote. 


David Trujillo