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Reflections on May Day

Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez of Democracy Now! sat down with Alex Sanchez of Homies Unidos and Janis Rosheuvel of Families for Freedom to discuss the nation's immigration policy, its overall treatment of undocumented immigrants and the impact of the May Day protests in Los Angeles.

Alex Sanchez believes the May Day movement has not moved the issues of the undocumented forward in ways that many were hoping. Said Sanchez speaking of the movement, "it has gone back to sleep". He is working to build a movement that looks at the local issues and their relationship to the overall foreign policy positions of United States.


Janis Rosheuvel of Families for Freedom says our responsibility is not to boost President Obama but to push him to implement the change he so often speaks about. Rosheuvel is a proponent of The Child Citizen Protection Act HR 1176 which, if passed, would provide discretionary authority to an immigration judge to determine that an undocumented resident parent of a United States citizen child should not be ordered removed, deported, or excluded from the United States.

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