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CNN's Kate Bolduan interviewed Texas Gov. Rick Perry this morning about his meeting yesterday with President Obama. She was impressive. As for him? Well...

Rick Perry

Most of it was spent with Perry "explaining" costly problems with Central American children presenting themselves to US Border Patrol agents at the US-Mexico border.

Perry had said Sunday on ABC's "This Week," "We either have an incredibly inept administration, or they're in on this somehow or another."

He had continued on that Sunday show, "I mean I hate to be conspiratorial, but I mean how do you move that many people from Central America across Mexico and then into the United States without there being a fairly coordinated effort?"

Bolduan was sharp. First, she noted, "The concerns you are voicing about costs are the same as those cited by the President in his emergency funding authorization request to congress. Those appear to be the very same points he says the extra funding will address. Does this mean you will support the President in his funding request?"

Perry: "I will support the President in securing the border."

Bolduan: "[We've been discussing this, and] that doesn't seem to be the issue here."

Perry: "Securing the border is where it starts. You have to secure the border first. This administration doesn't understand that. Unless they're in on it somehow," quipped Perry.

"In on it somehow?" repeated Bolduan, for emphasis. Whereupon she immediately brought everything back to Perry's accusations made to her, and on ABC's Sunday show -- the same accusation Perry has been making to various news outlets -- that the Obama administration is engaged in a conspiracy to bring foreign children here from Central America.

Bolduan: "Do you really honestly believe, as you said in that interview... that the Administration might be in on this somehow? I mean, you're suggesting there's some kind of conspiracy here."

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Perry: "No. What I'm suggesting is that this Administration and their words and their actions, or the lack thereof, are part of the problem," Perry responded.

He added, "I think you're putting the words of conspiracy in my mouth, which I did not say."

Bolduan: "Well, let me quote you Governor, you said earlier, 'I hate to be conspiratorial,' but doesn't that sound like an accusation?"

Even with your new professorial glasses on. Maybe you need little screens in them so your handlers can type answers to send you.

Perry: "I didn't say there was a conspiracy."

Bolduan: "No, you said, 'I hate to be conspiratorial, but' --" (he cuts her off).

"And I hate to be be conspiratorial but I didn't say I was," replied a suddenly smirking Rick Perry.

Whatever else transpired after that? Immaterial. We all got our latest Perry Oops Moment, right there.

Y'see, Mr. Perry, this time, it wasn't a third major agency of government you wanted to eliminate, but you couldn't quite remember which one it was. It wasn't even a second thing to occasion a gubernatorial "I don't remember."

This time it took only one thing -- the same thing you've been repeating for days -- but yep, ol' pard, jes' one thing to get you to "Oops."


Even with your new professorial glasses on. Maybe you need little screens in them so your handlers can type answers to send you.

Larry Wines