Sarah Palin Rolls Out the “I” Word

Impeach ObamaOne of the main reasons I have never regretted leaving the Democrats over 16 years ago was because of their spineless, cowardly behavior during the sick and twisted reign of George W. Bush. Think about it: Here was the most corrupt, mind-jarringly incompetent chief-executive in the history of human folly, a man who led his clueless countrymen and women into a war that never should have been fought, for reasons that were based on lies, the result of which led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of human beings – and not one of those worthless Democrats had the political courage to call the little bastard on the carpet by initiating impeachment proceedings against him.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for the Obama Justice Department to do the right thing by prosecuting both Bush and Cheney (not to mention Donny Rumsfeld and Condi Rice) for the atrocities committed against the human race. The precedent has been forever set in granite: Any United States president will, henceforth, be able to get away with murder – that would include mass murder on an unimaginable scale.

Now then, doesn’t that make you feel all warm and squishy inside?

Say what you want to about the right wing in this doomed land. What they lack in brains they more-than-make-up in chutzpah. They’re now seriously talking about impeaching the sitting president for the failure of his immigration policies. Sarah Palin has condemned the prez for what she calls “years of abuse” (she wasn’t specific on that point) and then went on to proclaim that Obama’s failures at the border were “the last straw”.

It’s my opinion that a former governor who walked away from her job for no other reason than to make a boatload of money in the private sector is the last person on the planet who should be proposing that anyone be forcibly be removed from office. The fact that this blabbering nincompoop was once selected for the second spot on a national ticket defies any sense of rationality. Gee, we do live in wonderful times, don’t we?

Will they really go through with something as outrageous as that? If they regain the Senate and retain control of the House in the fall, they will – count on it. Will the American electorate make it happen? There’s the cockeyed optimist inside of me that thinks that by that time they will have had it up to here with the GOP’s obstruction and indifference to the national well-being. Then there’s the gambler inside of me that remembers the old adage that “no one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people”. We shall see.

The fact that this blabbering nincompoop was once selected for the second spot on a national ticket defies any sense of rationality. Gee, we do live in wonderful times, don’t we?

That they’re even having this discussion at all is further proof (as if more was really necessary) that the Republican party has lost its mind. This is black comedy at its finest. Move over Dr. Strangelove! Just when you come to believe that the freak show couldn’t possibly get any freakier, they lower the bar even further. That a failed policy (which has been failing for decades by the way) can be defined as “high crimes and misdemeanors” is a rib-tickler in itself. Someone should make this into a movie. And what actor alive possesses the comedic genius to take on the role of Ted Cruz? Where have you gone, Peter Sellers?

Maybe this is all a ruse; a distraction to take the people’s minds off of the train wreck that the GOP has become in recent years. That’s always a distinct possibility. Whatever their motivation, it’s a knee-slapping joy to behold. The sad thing about this whole, demented affair is the fact that it’ll be generations before the American people dare to nominate an African American for the office of president. So insane has been the reaction of the racists out there to the boringly moderate Barack Obama, I just can’t see it happening again in my lifetime. I’m just happy to have lived to see it happen at all.

tom deganAs disappointing as Obama has been in a lot of respects, I don’t regret casting my ballot for him.

Think of the alternatives.

Tom Degan
The Rant


  1. Ryder says

    Wow, quite a rant indeed.

    Too much like kids tossing insults around in the playground.

    But one can speak to the substantive issues. First, I don’t respect character assignation. It’s what people do to avoid real issues.

    First – GW Bush did not lead us to war. The war began after the invasion of Kuwait, and a cease fire agreement was in place, with very mixed enforcement. Sanctions were tried for many years to force Iraq to comply with the agreement, and as a result of sanctions, hundreds of thousands of people died (while not affecting the military or leadership of Iraq). By ending the sanctions and resuming a hot war (natural, after breaking a cease fire), Bush was able to end the sanctions, saving hundreds of thousands of *innocent* lives.

    It takes quite a few lies to try to dance past these simple and known facts. They are not opinion.

    People should be very concerned when Presidents believe themselves to be able to write law. It’s very dangerous, as history shows. The President had violated his oath of office, certainly. Creating law from his desk, and also refusing to enforce the law of the land, are both basic violations. They don’t get more basic than that.

    If we decide to give presidents a long leash… and let them in effect *make* law, bypassing our representatives, then it is we that are given offense, and have been harmed.

    What I am seeing here is the selective application of principle by the people themselves. Feminists are for strong laws that protect women in the workplace from abuse… but then suddenly accept it when it’s Bill Clinton. They hate unconstitutional Presidents… until that president is B. Obama.

    This childish behavior has to stop.

    In the end, we do get the government we deserve. If you want lawlessness… then lawlessness is what you will have.

      • Ryder says

        I don’t know about you, but It tastes best, when taken with a rational/provable argument.

        Or, I suppose that just name calling could substitute, right?

  2. Joelle Lustre says

    70% agree with Palin because FAUX did the poll LOL Also, why oh why are they calling her GOV. Palin? She is a joke and fits right in with the GOP. SMH

  3. Gary in Ak says

    Correction: Palin left her govenorship to run for VP and because she was frustrated with the investigations of her and husband Todd’s petty shenanigans when in the guv’s office. $ from speeches came after her CP run. By then, Alaskans were glad to see her go.

  4. User1 says

    That poor lady is daff! I can’t help thinking how much better things would have been if Gore would have won the election out-right. Bush won cause he muscled into it. Not cause it was “determined” that he won.

    Thank your god I don’t have any little miracles that will have to see the eventual destruction of our world!

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