The Republican Proposal to Increase Abortions

In spite of what they say, the Republican members of congress are clearly not interested in reducing abortions in the United States; they only want to eliminate safe abortions. Their proposed elimination of funding for the Federal Program known as Title X (which funds organizations like Planned Parenthood which provide education and health care programs that are estimated to prevent about a million unwanted pregnancies a year) is estimated to result in an increase in abortions of over 400,000 per year—it’s just that they won’t be carried out in a safe and nurturing environment. They will end up in the high-risk back-alley abortion services system that was in practice before abortion was legalized by Roe v Wade.

Furthermore, the Congressional Republicans are not trying to reduce costs by taking this action because it has been clearly documented (by the Guttmacher Institute) that every dollar spent on prevention of unwanted pregnancies will save about $9 in costs associated with the pregnancies that would result without these contraceptive programs. None of the federal funds currently used to provide health and reproductive care for women is used for abortions.

frank drydenIt is not clear why Republicans would threaten to force the United States into bankruptcy by preventing passage of the required continuing resolution just so they can increase both abortions and costs in the United States. Since you would assume that elected officials are neither stupid nor irrational, one can only conclude that it is their intention to raise the number of abortions in the country regardless of the cost.

Frank Dryden

Frank Dryden is a retired environmental engineer, resident of Pasadena and currently serve on the Board of Planned Parenthood Pasadena and San Gabriel Valley.


  1. Don Duitz says

    Very few people in their right minds are comfortable with abortion. No body in their right mind would insist on the extremes to which the far right stretches hypocrisy to control peoples freedom of action. Another instance of how ignorant intelligent people can be.

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