Interview Sarah? “Not In The Campaign’s Interest”


OK, so like every other major, minor, would-be and never was journalist in the world, I want to interview Sarah Palin. Yet when I called McCain’s campaign headquarters in McLean, Virginia, this morning I was told, “She’ll be made available for interviews when it is in the best interests of the campaign.”

Excuse me?

“She’ll be made available for interviews when it is in the best interests of the campaign.”

A woman no one outside of Alaska ever heard of before last week is running for Vice President of the United States of America, purportedly the second-most important job in the country if not the world, yet reporters are being told the overarching consideration of the McCain organization is “the best interests of the campaign.”

What happened to the best interests of the people of the United States? Isn’t that what presidential elections are all about?

And why are the boys and girls on the bus –reporters on the McCain-Palin campaign plane – sitting quietly in back with their hands folded neatly in their laps and their reportorial curiosity stowed in the compartment above their heads instead of throwing food over the top of the bulkhead separating them from the honcho’s riding up front, demanding she be made available to them? Why aren’t they shouting “Give us Sarah! Give us Sarah!” out loud every time the charter takes off, every time Palin comes out of hiding to stand next to McCain at some carefully orchestrated photo op, whenever a campaign official pops out of his or her hotel room in the morning?

charley-james.jpgDrown out McCain when he’s giving a speech, if necessary; shout questions at her with a bullhorn if that’s what it takes; refuse to cover any of the campaign if the Republican Party media machine stands in your way.

Do your bloody job, you simpering band of so-called professionals. What are you afraid of? Being denied “access?” You’re not getting access now so there’s nothing to lose.

You didn’t do your job in 2002 and 2003, and the country was lied into the Iraq war. For God’s sake, do it now.

by Charley James

Charley James is an American journalist, author and essayist who lives in Toronto.

Reprinted with permission from The Progressive Curmudgeon

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  1. Red Dog says

    “Best interest of the campaign”??? What happened to country first? Guess that stops when it doesn’t benefit the campaign so nicely eh?

  2. Aileen says

    Well said Corwin. Who is this wacky reporter anyway. From Canada? Maybe a trip to learn – and prove – facts, is warranted. Maybe you should be the reporter Corwin, not Charley. Bravo to you!
    There is mudslinging on all their parts, I would say Obama’s is equal to Palin’s. So – get over it and deal with the issues at hand.

  3. Corwin says

    I fear the LA progressive has irretrievably damaged itself by printing Mr james story.And Charley,instead of asking for an interview from someone,who,if she’s ever heard of you,thinks you’re three bricks short of a load,why don’t you try to get some evidence on the Sambo/Bitch comments.Get OJ,if hre’s not too busy bringing his ex’s killer to justice.
    And Dan,I don’t expect you to understand fiscal issues(You’re a Democrat) but there was a great big bdlg erected.Going into debt is how cities do it.
    Let’s have some comments on
    a)As a Mayor,she tried to cut the mayoral salary by 4K(Something she’d espoused as a commi
    b) As Gov,she got rid of the private jet the previous Govs used.
    c)She fired the private chef prev Govs had used.
    d) Yes she did support the Bridge initially.Guess what tweo politicians at the top of the Democrat ticket voted funds for it twice?(The second was over a proposal from a Repub Cngrsman to give the funds to katrina relief instead)Any idea if ,say OB and Joe B voted for it twice?
    Look .She’s a bright ,hard working person.And don’t kid yourself(although you have) that she’s come this far on nothing.Carolyn K’s prime qualification for beeing on/Sen Obie’s VP search committee was a murdered father.HRC’s election to the senate was based largely on sympathy.Anyone named Bush wouldn’t have been elected without the name/connections.She has admirable personal qualities and you’re making yourself look foolish.Charley,your credibility,such as it is is limited to the nutso’s who’d believe she sacrificed infants(Although not trisomy 21) to Hoonch the dog god.Change your lives utterly

    • Suzanne says

      She’s being used by John McCain because he needed a “woman.”

      Does he REALLY think women are that stupid that one woman is as good as another?!

      Get a clue McCain!

      Palin is as dumb as a BOX OF ROCKS and as greasy as oil in Alaska.

      She looks like a caribou caught in headlights when asked questions by the media.

      She is a liar, and a bigoted racist too.

      Bad for freedoms — bad for the United States.

      I pray she never gets near OUR WHITE HOUSE.

  4. Ellen says

    Obviously Palin is so inexperienced she can’t answer questions. If she had backbone instead of just self serving ego, she would tell the Rebublican machine no thanks.

    • Patiently Waiting says

      She’s merely a bauble head that Republicans are obviously using to hurl insults and barbs because they have absolutely nothing else to offer Americans. It will get old real fast as people keep losing their jobs, foreclosures force people to become homeless, and the economy continues to tumble. As bitter as people may be I hope their fears don’t drive them to vote for superficiality which makes them feel good for a moment vs substantive change. We’ll see…

  5. Neeraj says

    I don’t know how much to believe about this guy’s views on Palin (CNN and NBC would have had field days if this Sambo and Artic Arab stuff got to them) but the fact that she just takes potshots at Obama all day and doesn’t say anything about the issues makes me think she has nothing to say at all.


    There are plenty of issues to attack palin on. It is of little good to post and distribute an article which contains little backup other than the hearsay reporting of a person who probably has obviously democratic ties that palin is racist and sexist.

    CBS reports 50% of the electorate do not think Shark Palin is qualified to be president. This is also amazing given that she has to face the tough questions at some point. They can not keep hiding her from that nasty liberal media or if they do the fat lady will laugh them right off the national stage.

    There are many ligitimate issues such as:

    1. Lied about plance sale on ebay;
    2. Put her city government 22 million dollars in debt;
    3. Is a porker exposed by McShame;
    4. Does not believe in global warming;
    5. Would criminalize abortion.


  7. flyboy1945 says

    Yes, it does seem strange that Palin and McCain seem to always be within 10 feet of each other. Must be to keep their lies the same. They will not answer any questions, Palin tells the lies and McCain stands there with his hands folded and smiles. Why won`t they appear seperately? All she does is berate Obama, but never says what republicans will do. I think it is because they will do exactly as Bush has done for 8 years.

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