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  1. Dear People,
    this is just another example of how it is that no one really is reporting news in the major networks anymore. Here we are tearing down the e-highway, way behind, so that you are multitasking all the time. If you want news, used to be that you just either sat down in front of a TV or bought a newspaper. Now even getting good news is a daylong task in itself and of course the pigs are reading what I write all over the ‘net. Had a pig decide what mail got through and what mail didn’t for six months at this college I use for e-mail services. Then one day he just banned me; seems he didn’t like me researching nazi psychology; oh well.
    Now it seems that yahoo has a real problem sending the word subsidization over the lines, and port townsend had a problem with me telling the truth about their illegal smoking laws; no e-mails out period. See? it really is a matter of how we as a people have abandoned so much of who we were for a mortgage and a credit card. Fortunately I have neither now. C’mon an outdoor smoking ban? Please!! It’s all about pleasing the boomers and the climbing upper middle class. Everyone else just doesn’t matter.
    I did a show for five years with these center-right republicrats; you know, cool for appearances. I would do 20 minutes of really good music and news, then go to the phones for the rest of the time and take calls with three rules; no cussing, no personal attacks, and no dominating the conversation (I had the greatest phone cutoff button; it would just cut off the caller temporarily and I would talk over them until they figgered out the game. Callers could go completely off topic; whatever they wanted to talk about, and boy did we both learn alot together. The republicans cut us off the air, it was so good. Then the boomers went back on their word and didn’t fight them; family values crap (thenazis developed the idea). Down I went and down the station went in audience from 500,000 to 100,000. Now I win.

  2. A very one sided self serving article which actually presents the wrong picture of what has occured for those whom thought the US constitution as written was suppose to be the law of the land.

    A suggestion is that the American Public should study the Constitution and recent associated economic issues and vote for those whom they feel will advance the priciples of the republican form of giverment that was established for the U.S. in 1776.

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