Israel and Harman in Tandem: From High Seas to Airwaves

Vietnam vet, author, and antiwar activist Ron Kovic with Marcy Winograd

When Israel attacked the Gaza aid flotilla, Congresswoman Jane Harman was engaged in a parallel assault. Israel’s government relied on the efficacy of violence; Harman’s campaign was counting on the power of paid media. In both cases, the targets were advocates of human rights for Palestinian people.

Brandishing guns and stun grenades, in international waters, Israeli commandos rappelled from a helicopter and boarded from a fast-moving boat onto the flotilla’s largest ship. The mission was to halt a Gaza-bound expedition carrying 10,000 tons of humanitarian aid.

The mission of Harman’s campaign strategists — targeting her progressive opponent with a slick TV commercial — was to achieve a related goal in California’s 36th congressional district. Stopping the Gaza flotilla and stopping the congressional campaign of Marcy Winograd are similar agenda items.

Harman, a powerful member of the center-right Blue Dog Coalition, is one of the Israeli government’s most valued allies on Capitol Hill. She’s a standout — even in a Congress teeming with fervent apologists for Israel’s relentless suppression of Palestinian rights.

In sharp contrast, her opponent Marcy Winograd — an outspoken advocate of human rights without regard to race, religion or ethnic background — has been unrelenting in her support for Palestinian rights.

And so, less than two weeks before California’s June 8 election, Harman hit the airwaves with a slimy TV commercial aimed at her challenger in the Democratic primary.

After claiming that Winograd “wants to kill the defense budget, putting thousands more people out of work and exposing our nation to attack,” the commercial declared: “Congressman Henry Waxman says in Marcy Winograd’s vision, Israel would cease to exist.”

Yes, liberal Congressman Waxman has distinguished himself by supplying the most demagogic ammo in Harman’s re-election arsenal. And endorsements from several other members of the Progressive Caucus — including John Conyers, Barney Frank, Jim McGovern and Lynn Woolsey — have given Harman more cover.

The basic difference between Harman and Winograd on human rights is clear in the aftermath of the killing of Gaza flotilla activists.

Harman stayed silent. Not a word about the massacre on her campaign website.

Winograd quickly released a statement. “I suspect the murders were committed as a warning to others who might want to bring humanitarian aid to Gaza,” she said. “Ironically, the killings are bound to heighten awareness about the brutal blockade and to increase pressure to end the imprisonment of over a million people in Gaza.”

And Winograd added: “Violence begets violence. Hatred begets hatred. Enough, we must stop this, and adhere to the laws that have been established by the international community. Working for peace and human rights for all is the only way forward. As a Jewish woman of conscience, I invite my opponent, Jane Harman, another Jewish woman, and all of Congress to join me in denouncing this kind of barbaric violence, demanding an end to the blockade and seeking an international investigation into these murders. I recommit myself to working towards a true, just and lasting peace.”


Subsidized with a few billion dollars from the U.S. Treasury each year, the Israeli government depends on support from high Washington places. And that support, in turn, gets reinforced by the kind of propaganda weaponry that Harman is now firing at Winograd. In the process, the salvos amount to preemptive strikes, aiming to dissuade others in politics who might be tempted to speak up for Palestinian rights.

The so-called smart money is on Harman in next Tuesday’s primary, but the incumbent — like the Israeli government — has reason to worry. Sometimes, moral revulsion can topple defenders of the indefensible.

In any event, no amount of advertising firepower can bring down the high moral ground of Marcy Winograd’s grassroots campaign for Congress.

Norman Solomon

Norman Solomon is national co-chair of the Healthcare Not Warfare campaign, launched byProgressive Democrats of America. His books include “War Made Easy: How Presidents and Pundits Keep Spinning Us to Death.” For more information, go to:


  1. says

    The knife-wielding ‘peace activists’ were given the choice of having their actual humanitarian goods delivered. Their goal however was not peace but breaking the blockade, so as to promote the flourishing and re-armament of a Hamas regime whose observed as well as openly documented program calls not for peace but for rocketing and other destruction of Israel and of Jews.

    By the way, remember the size and shape of Israel-plus-Palestine territories. If you rotate counterclockwise, so that 12 oclock goes to 10, here’s the SoCal equivalent that you get. Coastline: approximately our coast up from the Cal-Mex border (replacing the Egyptian border) to Pt. Dume (start of Lebanon). Gaza strip: A six-mile-wide San Diego strip up to Carlsbad. Land border with Lebanon: Pt. Dume inland to Gorman. Land border with Syria and Jordan (mostly following the Jordan rift fault): From Gorman down the San Andreas fault past Wrightwood and San Bernardino and on to the Salton Sea (replaces the Dead Sea), and straight across the Imperial desert to the Colorado R. at Yuma. Land border with Egypt: Cal Mex border, from Colorado R. to Pacific.

    Except that Israel-plus-Palestine is less mountainous on land and has fewer coastal cliffs – altogether less readily defended than SoCal.

    It’s no real surprise that Israel’s stubborn existence in this limited space bothers Islamic supremacy jihadists masquerading as ‘peace’ activists. What’s more interesting is that Israel manages to bring out other people’s holy-land-idealistic fantasies that no one in their right mind would dream of imposing undemocratically on any other country.

    Thus, we get phenomena like Winograd preaching that -regardless of what Israelis or non-Israeli Palestinians actually want – Israel should not only not defend herself from knife-wielding ‘peace activists’ but should also cease to exist as a separate state. This, according to the article, is said to be ‘moral high ground’.

  2. paul kirz says

    Israel is not preventing humanitarian aid to the Palestinians. It is protecting its borders from terrorists. We Americans would do the same under similar circumstances. Where is the UN? Why aren’t they checking the ships supplying the Palestinians to make sure no weapons are being smuggled in to Gaza? Why isn’t the UN policing the border between Gaza and Israel and punishing any side who dares to attack?

  3. coastx says

    I wrote this in response to another article, but it has importance here as well.

    Yes, that would be correct. Domestic sabotage is pretty clearly a feature of the British Intel sedition model, and Israel is no less involved. It seems that everyone it taking orders from British Intel, which brings us around to God.

    Take a closer look at the Sanhedrin, Mystery Forces, and Knights Templar diffusion throughout the middle east and Europe approximately 100 AD through 1600 AD and you will see Israel in your face through British Intel. This also explains the war between Islam and Christianity, since the Pharisee are the pro-generator of Muhammad.

    This movement ended up in the US with colonization and subsequently led to independence from Britain under guidelines developed into a constitution, inclusive of a bill of rights, by the Freemasons (Knight’s Templar/Sadducee).

    Britain moved on this knowledge in 1936 understanding how to play this back through what has become known as modern liberalism and involvement with at first American corporations and a propaganda mechanism known as the engineering of consent. Bilderberg came later, which is a far cry from the Illuminati, although they like to be compared to such.

    That’s it in a nutshell. The modern liberal movement, PNAC, Trilateral commission, CFR, G8, all those entities are in place and designed to replace US government once the bill of rights has been completely circumvented the British Intel sedition model we have come to understand as modern liberalism.

    Vet your candidates for congress, or any public office. Modern liberals are anti forst ten amendments and have ties to Bilderberg, PNAC, Trilateral Commission, CFR, G8, etc. they are dangerous, and they are the politicians who have sole out to British Intel. And yes, Israel is involved in this US sedition project through Intel.

    This was the movement that had JFK assassinated, and every president since has been bought and sold by this little enterprise. but the party is partly over in November 2010 and again in 2012, if Obama even lasts that long.

    The value of militancy is that British Intel will eventually use it to motivate one of their NATO strikes against Palestine. You have to remember, these are the folks who masterminded JFK’s assassination, 9/11 and Deepwater Horizon.

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