Winograd Questions Harman’s Silence on Israeli Assault

Congressional Candidate Marcy Winograd (CA-36) questions why her opponent Jane Harman chooses to remain silent in the aftermath of an Israeli assault on the Free Gaza flotilla carrying 10,000 tons of humanitarian aid to over a million Palestinians imprisoned in Gaza.

Says Winograd, “My opponent’s shameful silence only reinforces the status quo, which in this case involves Israeli aggression towards non-violent human rights activists. Once again, I invite my opponent to break her silence and join me in calling for an international investigation into what happened in international waters.”

Following the Israeli assault, which resulted in at least 10 reported deaths, Winograd immediately issued a press release calling for an international investigation into the Israeli military attack on aid ships 90 miles off the coast of Gaza.

Winograd continues, “If my opponent wanted to exercise leadership, she would demand the U.S. government condemn these murders. Her silence leaves those of us in the 36th congressional district once again to wonder whether Jane Harman truly represents all the people of this district, or just the military contractors and those who prioritize Israel, right or wrong. Her tacit approval of such violent tactics also reconfirms my assertion that Harman’s policies make us all less–rather than more–safe. ”

Harman last week launched a media campaign attacking Winograd for her promotion of equal rights and justice for all in the middle east. Winograd states, “Millions around the world see the truth unfolding on their TV screens. My opponent can twist my calls for human rights, but the people see that there needs to be accountability for violence, and a sane policy for peace in the middle east.”

If you would like to learn more about the Marcy Winograd campaign click here.


  1. Paul McDermott says

    As usual, Joe, you’re promoting the usual Zionist hasbara*. Isn’t interesting how your hasbara sophistry is able to turn the victim of an overly aggressive Entebbe-type military operation into the rabid, knife-wielding, Jew-hating aggressors who you make them out to be? From the evidence we’ve heard, Israeli rambos began firing on the Mavi Marmara and its passengers before even boarding the ship.
    The truth needs to be heard, and this will happen only with an independent international investigation — which the Israelis don’t want because they don’t want the world to know the truth.

    * Hasbara = p.r. or b.s., take your pick.

  2. says

    It’s confusing. Wasn’t Harman supposedly to be blamed FOR dragging Israel into the campaign? Now it’s for NOT dragging Israel into the campaign? Maybe it’s simply that Harman is automatically guilty?

    Recalling various comments on the prior LA Progressive story of a couple days ago, the ‘peace activists’ (on the one boat where there was violence) were in fact knife-wielding jihadists. Israel was ready to transmit the humanitarian part of their aid, but not to permit busting of the blockade against the Hamas Gaza thugocracy.

    Yes, for the sake of ‘mideast peace’, there does need to be ‘accountability for violence’. There has already been accounting for Israel’s ‘violent tactics’: they were a desperate defensive reaction, based on Israel’s misguided presumption that self-proclaimed ‘peace’ activists would not be violently wielding long knives.

    But a true ‘accountability’ must note the reason for the blockade in the first place – namely the violence of Hamas – whose stated (indeed boasted) program and reason for existence is to do away with Israel.

    Harman is blamed for ‘tacit’ approval of Israel’s defensive tactics. Never mind timid Harman, such tactics certainly have my explicit approval – and that of millions of other people who don’t equate ‘peace’ and ‘justice’ with helping enhance Hamas thugocracy in Gaza.


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