Justice Clarence Thomas’ Income Tax Oversight?

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas

Justice Clarence Thomas and Ginni Thomas

Justice Clarence Thomas and Wife Ginni Thomas

The standards of behavior to which we hold ourselves and others – particularly those in public office – have slid towards mediocrity. In the media the slide appears to be most driven by ratings and greed. In politics and government it often seems to be driven by misplaced feelings of self-righteous entitlement.

Recently, it has come to light that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, over several years, has failed to report his wife’s rather substantial income. A one-time failure may be human error; but muliple consecutive failures is a willful, criminal, act. Thomas deserves impeachment. His behavior is not acceptable for a Supreme Court Justice.

Other Supreme Court justices have accepted gifts and/or gratuities in the form of travel benefits and/or vacations from various corporations and other organizations. One currently seated justice has even voiced the opinion that such behavior is ethical. It is not. It is unacceptable behavior for a justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. The justices who have accepted such gifts and gratuities should also be impeached.

According to a January 24, 2011 report written by Jennifer Epstein of Politico.com,  Justice Thomas omitted his wife’s earning from his income tax filings.  Said Epstein ” he had omitted details of his wife’s earnings in what he wrote was a “misunderstanding of the filing instructions.” He also had checked a box marking no spousal income.”

Where’s the shame?

At this juncture in our history, the United States may well be headed in a direction that is not good for any of us be we Conservative, Republican, Democrat, Liberal, or Socialist.

What none of us should be is indifferent.


  1. Rick Aucoin says

    I would like to know why a politico article that talks about Thomas’ financial dislcosure forms he has to file yearly is being described by laprogressive.com as having anything to do with his Income Tax filings? Did anyone READ the politico article?

    This misinformation is going all over the place, with this laprogressive article being quoted in at least one other prog-blog as a source for “Justice Thomas Tax Problems”.

    Where is the shame, indeed. It does’t take a LOT of fact checking to get an article like this right. All it takes is READING the article you are referencing.

    • HeyNeighbor says

      I read it, how about you? He lied again.

      “Thomas did not include in his new submissions any information about Ginni’s work for Liberty Central, a tea-party-affiliated group. The group’s 2009 990 tax form did not include any payments to her and she stepped down from her official role with the group in November.

      ( http://www.politico.com/news/stories/1110/45142.html
      “Virginia Thomas, the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, reportedly is stepping down from her leadership role of a well-funded tea party group she founded last year.
      Thomas, who goes by “Ginni,” has long been active behind the scenes of conservative politics, and the high-profile she brought to the group because of her husband helped Liberty Central raise money and get attention. Her involvement also generated criticism that it could present ethics issues if her husband were confronted with a case involving a donor to Liberty Central – especially since, as a so-called “social welfare” organization established under section 501(c)4 of the tax code, the group does not disclose its donors.” )

      Last week, watchdog group Common Cause reported that none of the nearly $690,000 the Heritage Foundation said it had paid Ginni Thomas between 2003 and 2007 had been reported on Justice Thomas’s annual financial disclosure forms.

      In a statement Monday, the group said did not believe Thomas’s explanation.
      Until 1996, Thomas included his wife’s income on his disclosure forms.

  2. Nancy, Ojai says

    You can bet the Thomases don’t do their own tax return, which is even worse than if they did. Obviously, a CPA would not overlook the omission of Ginny’s income unless instructed to do so.
    Sounds like all of the people involved are ethically challenged.

  3. says

    I watched the nomination hearings conducted with the same hubris as the march to invading Iraq. They besmirched Anita Hill, who did not volunteer the testimony against his character, but was questioned by the FBI, and it is a criminal offense to lie to them. it is no surprise that he and his wife are involved with a tax underreporting.

  4. Elaine says

    Marie and all above – I didn’t hear any of this when Geithner was caught not paying and ended up paying for only what years he had to. The earlier years were passed time to do anything about so he didn’t pay them. Rangel didn’t pay for all his taxes and he writes the tax laws and nothing has been done to him he is still hanging in there with Pelosi, Hoyer, Clyburn & Reid. Then there was Tom Daschle that was caught and he just left Washington DC, I never heard if he paid or not. Then there was Sebelius she had to pay a smaller amount then what the rest owed. I can’t remember the rest, so stop with Supreme Court Clarence Thomas. This man was put through hell because of the Democrats and Anita Hill, I hope she got paid enough for the hardship she put on Justice Thomas and his wife, Ginni. The insults and lies she sat there and told have to be a hate filled woman and afraid to ever tell the truth. She is never going to tell the truth because she knows if she does she will probably go missing.

    • marie says

      Reacting on Judge Thomas dishonesty, does not mean approving of the dishonesty of other big shots. I want them all equally to be fined like all of us when we are dishonest.
      The problem is that too many small offenders are punished while the big-shot offenders get away with it. Big-shots , who have hurt many people might get a temporarily confinement to a nice hotel-suite, while common-people for small offenses have to do real jail-time.
      And how can we expect honest judgments from a dishonest person?

      • George A. Crackuh says

        Apparently some of the commenters here can’t comprehend what they read very well. All the Thomas’s taxes were paid in full, no dishonesty whatsoever, Unlike Rangel, Geithner, and Daschle, all of who actually failed to pay their taxes.

        There is no “income tax oversight” issue in play here. This is just more Soros-funded socialists endlessly beating their bongo drums against Justice Thomas. It’s the price he pays for insisting on upholding the Constitution.

  5. Roberto says

    If Justice Clarence Thomas is dishonest, he should be charged. If charged, he should be temporarily removed from public office. If convicted, he should be permanently removed from the Supreme Court. He should also be investigated for any past financial malfeasance.

  6. marie says

    If someone is not intelligent enough to understand the tax-papers, he should let a qualified tax-agency do it for him.

    People who are “sloppy” (dishonest) with official papers don’t qualify to fulfill the position of a judge.

  7. keller says

    I’m guessing their combined returns might be a wee bit more difficult than the 1040EZ you’ve been filling out since you were 16

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