Kamala’s Campaign and the Crenshaw Office

kamala harrisKamala Harris for California Attorney General

As Manger for The Crenshaw Democratic campaign office I am pleased to say that the accomplishments of the office far exceeded my expectations. The campaign lacked support from powerful forces within the Democratic Party and withstood vicious attacks from Karl Rove and the Republican Party. The primary reason for opening the Crenshaw office was to inject the potent Black Los Angeles political power structure into the campaign. This strategy paid off in gold and the Crenshaw office is one of the main reasons that Kamala is now ahead by a razor-thin margin. Over 500 volunteers of all races and ages came to Crenshaw and banged out over 25,000 calls in two weeks in support of Kamala.

This race for Attorney General might end up being the closest statewide election in California history. The historical dynamics makes it more significant, providing an opportunity to elect the first African American woman to a statewide position in California. There has only been one African American elected to a statewide position in California’s history — Merv Dymally in 1975 — which is shameful. LA’s political power structure, including the LA Times and many Democrats, has been taken aback by the success of the Crenshaw office, which has contributed significantly to the 12,000-vote lead that Kamala currently holds over Cooley.

Nyabingi KutiThe question now is why did so much of the LA political establishment choose to back a corrupt Republican DA? Kamala Harris is a highly qualified African American woman who has the chance to break the Jim Crow cycle of California Democratic statewide politics.

Nyabingi Kuti


  1. says

    How does one get in touch with you all? No contact info for Crenshaw Office or the Office Manager on-line.

    I’d like to get the contact info for Atty Gen Harris’ scheduler.

    619-264-0753….. it shouldn’t be this difficult.

    Alyce Pipkin-Allen @ San Diego, CA – a Blue City!

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