Kamikazes, Nazis and Republicans

kamikazeKamikazes, Nazis and the Problem of Republicans in Government

I have been trying to figure out the current Republican approach to government and it finally hit me. There is a peculiar mix of the theory of the Kamikaze pilot and the approach of the Nazi Party in the Reichstag pre-1933. Let me explain.

At the end of World War II Japan was in desperate conditions. They were expecting an amphibious assault on Japan itself from the USA, the Soviet Union was preparing to enter the war, and the Japanese were running very low on fuel. Out of this desperation emerged the Kamikaze, named after the “divine wind,” the typhoon that destroyed the Mongol invading fleet of Kublai Khan.

A Kamikaze fighter plane was only loaded with enough fuel to reach the target. There was no plan for their return. They were well armed and had plenty of explosives so that they could create maximum damage. Since the pilots never planned to return, their approach toward a target was different from most. They went straight through the anti-aircraft fire with their plane aimed at the target and…BOOM.

Part of what we have to understand about the approach that Republicans are taking toward government, and this is especially true of the Tea Party, is that they do not see themselves occupying positions of government for very long. Part of this flows from their hatred of government. Part of this may also be that they know the clock is ticking, given changes in the USA. But the other part is very shrewd. Their aim is to get through all the Washington ‘flack’ and create as much damage as they can. Since they are not worried about polls, they can dive straight in without much in the way of fear of ramifications. After all, they do not plan on hanging around. If they can damage government enough, and we should be clear that this means destroying everything that is left of the New Deal, then they have accomplished their mission. They have become part of the ‘divine wind.’

There is an equally disturbing part to this which we can learn from the 1930s. When the Nazi Party was able to achieve a critical mass of elected officials in the Reichstag (the German parliament), they had no intention of being respectable or constructive. In fact, they did everything they could to discredit not simply a particular political party, but to discredit elected government. By creating a situation where nothing could be accomplished, the Nazis fueled the popular frustration with the Weimar Republic and laid the foundation for the willingness of millions to embrace German fascism.

The antics of the Tea Party wing of the Republicans bear a striking resemblance to the approach of the Nazis. The point here is not to ascertain whether the Tea Party movement are closet Nazis (I actually do not think that they are, but they are right-wing populists) but more to point out that a second objective of that wing of the Republican Party is to discredit elected government. They are looking, as we can see in numerous states, for authoritarian or semi-authoritarian methods of governing. They are looking, despite their rhetoric, for restrictions on democratic rights and liberties, such as the right to join and form labor unions. We can see part of this in the increasingly repressive election laws that have been passed by Republican-dominated legislatures. Rather than expanding democracy, which was the clarion call for millions during most of the 20th century, they seek to restrict ‘democracy’ to those with means, or to those who this segment of the political Right believes to be deserving.

bill fletcherFor these reasons, we should get away from thinking of the Tea Party elected officials as crazy. They are not. They are no more crazy than the Japanese Kamikaze pilots in 1945. They are just as determined and wish to create maximum damage. The Tea Party is no more crazy and rude than the Nazis in the early 1930s. Rather they are shrewd and manipulative and know how to play to the frustration of the public.

So, just as there was no compromise with either Kamikazes or Nazis, we must understand that there is no compromise with the Tea Party. They are not looking for compromise. In fact, they actually do not seem to care whether they blow themselves up in the process, as long as at the end of the day someone can say…the Tea Party won…

Bill Fletcher Jr.
Black Commentator 


  1. Tyrannus Evisceratus says

    The Tea Party isn’t afraid to do what is necessary which is more than I can say about Democrats.
    The more passionate side does and should win in politics.

  2. Bob says

    Dang. I’m throwing the Reductio ad Hitlerum flag. It’s okay to call Republicans plotting Nazis, but not call the left plotting C…? >sigh<

  3. in_awe says

    The author shows a disturbing lack of insight and understanding of historical and current political realities.

    Was it the Tea Party representatives or Republicans who in the last 2 years told the citizens of this country to go eff off when it came to demanding to know what was in Obamacare, or stimulus programs? I seem to remember comments from Obama and his enablers along the lines of “We won” and “elections have consequences”, and “you’ll have to wait for us to pass it to know what is in it”, and “the Constitution? Are you serious!?”…

    When the rating agencies say the credit rating of the nation of the nation will be down graded unless there are $4Trillion of credible cuts in spending – what do the Dems do but scream that spending must be increased another $14Trillion over the next 10 years! And to put an exclamation point on it they demand the largest increase in history in the debt ceiling or “life as we know it on this planet will cease to exist”. Now who are the kamikazies? Not enough? Share we start listing Obama’s Czars who lie outside the reach of Congress and have no oversite except that of Obama himself? How democratic is that my friend?

    Most Republicans don’t “hate unions” they hate public employee unions that have hijacked our government at every level and are trying to turn private sector citizens into serfs who exist to feather the beds of the anointed public employees. Their demands have cascaded into fiscal disasters for almost every city, town, county and state in this nation. Republicans think that private sector unions shouldn’t be allowed to read the ballots of people voting in an election (how anti-democratic that is!!) and be allowed to freely intimidate those who oppose unionization of their workplace. What the unions want is quite akin to the Nazi Brown Shirts of the ’30’s and ’40’s had – not that I think that union members are actually Nazis – they just act like Nazis. Republicans think that government shouldn’t promote the financial well-being of unions while abrogating the rights of stockholders and bond holders in violation of the law a la the GM bailout – and that companies shouldn’t need to ask the permission of unions to open new production facilities wherever they please. The outrageous regulatory rulings and the thumb on the scale approach of leftist regulators will assure the continued exodus of US production resources to friendlier nations.

    As to civil discourse and bipartisanship, do you guys really think calling concerned citizens terrorists, kidnappers, thugs, racists, jihadists and all the other foul invectives thrown our way makes us like you and want to deal with you? Or how about a president who having gotten the Speaker to abandon fiscal conservatives and agree to $800Billion in new tax revenues then turns around overnight and now demands $400Billion more in tax revenues to move forward ? Sounds like Obama wasn’t serious about compromise – it was his way or the highway. It was done for campaign positioning – he couldn’t care about the carnage left in his trail.

    Leftists are so insular that they have completely abandoned reality to live in their ideological world where they rule with no consequences. Amazing.

  4. Craig says

    Fletcher’s article is thought provoking . There may be analogies to the Nazi’s ,since they are right wing, nationalistic and use terms like “non negotiable” issues. The Germans had gas chambers , we have more prisoners than any other conservative government in the world. Also,the one way missions of the Kamikazes is not very different than the suicide missions of current suicide bombers. That bombing in the Reagan era in Lebanon according to terrorist expert Robert Page changed the world. Maybe they are now coming home to roost.
    Having some form of undemocratic authoritarian government appeals to both many conservatives as well as multinational corporate leaders. Then again without Just Cause at work for most employees (except union members) and a corporate controlled main media ,what real freedoms do we have as citizens? Tea Party elected officials get rewarded handsomely for what they “no,” by the Citizens United Party.

  5. bigbadjohn says

    you are right. they are not crazy…..the democrats are pussies. now that the democrats have rolled over do you think they can be taught to fetch?

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