1. JoeWeinstein says

    You can never correctly represent all communities of interest by carving up town into geographic districts, no matter how sensitively, and then giving each district just one representative for an extended period of time. 

    It’s bad enough without staggered terms, but staggering can make things even worse.  Here in Long Beach, thanks to staggered Council terms, recent redistricting to equalize district populations, and thereby allegedly serve the purposes of the 14th amendment, in fact subverted the 14th amendment by depriving some residents of their right to timely vote and run for office. 

    Rather than merely protest the inherent failures of the oligarchic republican ‘representative’ system (especially when the system uses a single long-term representative for each of mutually exclusive geographic districts) it’s time to demand a better system for public decision making, one which incorporates post-18th century scientific advances for reasoned decision-making processes and moreover provides democratic empowered involvement to teams of ordinary citizens.; 

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