Arizona Legislator on Difference Between Her and Jan Brewer: ‘I Believe In The Facts’

Rep. Kyrsten Sinema

Monday, the Center for American Progress hosted “In Search of Secure Borders,” an event assessing the federalgovernment’s effort to control illegal migration. One of the panelists, state Rep. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) — an outspoken critic of Arizona’s new immigration law — sat down with Wonk Room to discuss some of Gov. Jan Brewer’s (R-AZ) recent statements indicating that she believes that the majority of undocumented immigrants who cross into the U.S. are drug mules “doing drop houses and they’re extorting people and they’re terrorizing the families.”

Sinema joined a growing chorus of voices, which includes Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) and T.J. Bonner of the National Border Patrol Council, who have affirmed that Brewer’s remarks are false:

SINEMA: Well it’s just not true. And while some might find it politically expedient in the short-term to be loose with the facts or make allegations that aren’t based in fact, I think that’s unfortunate. In the political process I think it’s healthy for us to have a variety of opinions. And we certainly should have a robust debate about the ideas. But we’re not entitled to our own facts. And the bottom line is the facts she uses not only this week, but in previous weeks, are just not true. […]

WONK ROOM: Why do you feel you can say that and Jan Brewer can’t say it? What’s the difference between you and Jan Brewer?

SINEMA: Well, I believe in facts.

Watch it:

Sinema also told Wonk Room that not only is it not true that the majority of undocumented immigrants act as drug mules, it’s also not true that the majority of people in our jails are undocumented persons. “That doesn’t mean that border crime and interior crime isn’t a serious problem,” stated Sinema. “But I believe that problem is serious enough without making up facts.”

andreaBrewer has also defended her decision to sign off on SB-1070 by stating that Arizona is “under siege” by Mexican drug cartels and undocumented immigrants and has repeatedly slammed the federal government for not securing the border. However, SB-1070 only deals with people who have already crossed the border into Arizona and does nothing to stop the flow of undocumented immigrants and drug cartels alike. Meanwhile, recent reports reveal that the border has only become safer in recent years.

In the past, Brewer has also claimed that her father “died fighting” the Nazis — despite the fact his death came 10 years after World War II had ended.

Andrea Christina Nill

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  1. Marshall says

    I am not sure to whom the gun shops are selling, I assume you think it is to grug dealers. Could be, BUT the dealers are using military type weapons, which are not the normal inventory at gun stores. Speaking of armed drug thugs, they are acting as para-military, forming base camps that move if our side shows up, and managing the drug routes if our police are not near by their routes. This sounds like we are invaded and do not yet know it or if we do know it, we are not responding with enough force to protect our country. If Americans were occupying land in Mexico, I think they may take action against us. We could use this as a training mission for our drones.

  2. annieR says

    I’ve lived in Arizona for many years, and the other day I called Brewer’s office to ask why, given her concern about violence, she has never mentioned the thousands of gun shops along the US side of the Mexican border. Her staff member was astonished at the question and said what a great point that was. Duh!

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