LA Progressive Books – The LA Progressive provides readers with access to via a portal that is embedded in the LA Progressive site. This makes purchasing easy and helps to generate revenue for the LA Progressive.

The team at LA Progressive added the “Books” tab – which is basically a link to – for a couple of reasons. First, we wanted to provide the readers with a convenient way to purchase books that wouldn’t require that they leave the site or have to launch another browser. Second, we needed to generate revenue in a way that would not be burdensome to our readers. So we added the book purchasing option. With the book tab, a reader of an LA Progressive article whose interest in piqued by what they’ve read might want to research the topic further. With easy access to readers need only click the “books” tab to search on a particular topic. They are able to find and purchase the book right at the LA Progressive site. The LA Progressive earns a small fee, typically 5% of the sale price of the book.

We also offer access to Amazon books using Amazon’s embedding capability that allows us to sell books right from the articles posted on the LA Progressive. We will often embed links to Amazon based on the topic of the book. For example, if the article is on the topic of mass incarceration, we will often suggest additional reading on that topic using books that we’ve researched at