LA Progressive: June 7 to 13, 2009

All the Presidents' Girls: 1st row: Alice Glass, Carrie Phillips, Nan Britton. 2nd row: Dorothy Schiff, Ellen Romesch, Paula Jones. 3rd row: Sally Hemmings, Kay Summersby, Judith Exner. Annie Kevans paintings (

The Other N Word: Nappy—Sharon Kyle

Affirmative Action the Chicago Way—Steve Ybarra

New Jobless Stats: Still “Less Terrible”? Not for Some—Carl Bloice

Will Obama Save the Mideast from Itself?—David A. Love

Department of Homeland Security Suspends “Widow Penalty”—Michele Waslin—

Get That Colonization Off Your Crown, Michelle—K. Danielle Edwards

The Latest Public Option Bamboozle, and How to Recognize the Real Thing—Robert Reich

Populist Hate and the GOP—John Delloro

Equality: Obama vs Truman—Carl Matthes

Glenn Beck Spins the Holocaust Museum Shooting—Joseph Palermo

Beck Decries ‘Empathy’ For ‘Anchor Baby Thing’—Andrea Christina Nill

The Great Debt Scare: Why Has It Returned?—Robert Reich

What John Edwards Should Have Learned from Warren Harding—Phillip Payne

Challenges Confronting and Confounding Institutional Change—Robert Letcher

Poor, Elderly, and HIV/AIDS Citizens to Die in California—Herndon Davis

Ultra Racist British Party Captures Seats in Parliament—Denis Campbell

Civil Rats Are Human Rats!—Steve Ybarra

Cuba and Change We Can Believe In—Philip Fornaci

Pubbroken-economylic Rejects Newspapers’ Survivalist Rhetoric—Randy Shaw

Forget Paper vs. Plastic: For the American Right, Gay Marriage Is the New Green—Tanya Acker

Newt Gingrich Declares: “I Am Not A Citizen Of The World!”—Linda Milazzo

Remembering Multiculturalism—John Delloro

The Other War in Pakistan—William Lambers

Health and Human Rights in South Los Angeles—Diane Lefer

Watching Out for the Details in Healthcare, and How Hard the White House Pushes for Them—Robert Reich

Obama Versus Osama—Ivan Eland

How Pharma and Insurance Intend to Kill the Public Option, and What Obama and the Rest of Us Must Do—Robert Reich

Health Care Folly: Insurance Companies Bet Big on You Smoking to Death—Charley James

Will the Out of Iraq Caucus Live Up to Its Name?—Marcy Winograd

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