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LA Progressive Live: Becoming an Activist -- Watch It Here!

Dick & Sharon: This Monday's program will attempt to answer the question of how to become an activist by interviewing two people, one who has been an artist for decades and another who was thrust into action by a particular tragedy.

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The LA Progressive is now streaming live!! Don't miss its weekly broadcast -- devoted to progressive politics and social justice.

Tune in Monday, November 10th, at 3 p.m. PST right here for the next installment of “LA Progressive Live!”. You’ll find us streaming at — and we’ll archive the 1-hour show.

At LA Progressive, we're always urging people to get engaged in issues that affect them and their communities. Simply voting and then complaining about what a lousy job one politician or another is doing is hardly enough. You've got to become activists, we always say.

But just how do you do that? This Monday's program will attempt to answer that question by interviewing two people, one who has been an activist for decades and another who was thrust into action by a particular tragedy.

LA Progressive Live

Carlos Montes with Maria Elena Durazo

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Carlos Montes

Carlos Montes has been a nationally respected leader in the Chicano, immigrant rights, and anti-war movements stretching back to the 1960s. As a founder of the Brown Berets, a Chicano movement often compared to the Black Panthers, Carlos helped lead the Chicano Blowouts, a series of walkouts of East LA high schools to protest inequality and racism in Los Angeles-area schools.

Fast forward to today, Carlos was a key supporter of the Raise LA campaign that recently succeeded in getting the minimum wage raised to $15.37 in Los Angeles and has signed on to the Fight For Fifteen campaign that is attempting to get the minimum wage raised across the board in the city. Carlos is also president of the Boyle Heights Neighborhood Council

LA Progressive Live

Ronda Hampton

Ronda Hampton

Joining Carlos will be Ronda Hampton, a clinical psychologist who mentored Mitrice Richardson as an intern in her psychology practice, in time becoming her friend and internship director. When Mitrice went missing after being arrested and released by LA County Sheriff's Deputies, Ronda launched a long campaign to pressure the Sheriff's Department to continue an active search for the missing young woman. And when Mitrice's body was ultimately found in the mountains not far from the Sheriff's station where she been released in the middle of the night, Ronda continued to fight for justice for Mitrice Richardson, mounting a campaign to find the person or people responsible for her death.

Drawn into activism by this injustice directed at "just another missing black woman," Ronda has recently completed "Lost Compassion," a documentary about Mitrice Richard that has been officially entered in the Sundance Film Festival and is entertaining inquiries from a top television network.

So we hope you'll join us for what we think will be an exciting conversation about activism and how people become activists.


Dick Price & Sharon Kyle
Editor & Publisher, LA Progressive