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LA Progressive Live! -- What Now for the Democratic Party? Watch It Here!

LA Progressive Talk! hosts Carolyn Fowler, influential officer of the LA County Democratic Party, who will talk about how Democrats can regain their footing after their recent drubbing int he midterm elections.

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The LA Progressive is now streaming live!! Don’t miss its weekly broadcast—devoted to progressive politics and social justice.

Tune in Monday, December 22nd, at 3 p.m. PST right here for the next installment of “LA Progressive Live!” You’ll find us streaming at—and we’ll archive the 1-hour show.

We'll be talking with Carolyn Fowler, a long-time, influential officer of the Los Angeles County Democratic Party, who serves as "Boot Camp" chair of the Women's Caucus of the State Democratic Party.

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At question will be the role of the Democratic Party going forward. As they have for a number of years, Democrats hold sway in Los Angeles City and in Sacramento, but got a thoroughgoing drubbing elsewhere in the country in the most recent midterm elections. Do California Democrats have something to teach their brothers and sisters in other states -- or will the trends that have turned the tables elsewhere soon be coming home to roost on the Left Coast?

Democratic Party Now

And what about the demonstrations that are sweeping the country? As with the Occupy Movement several years ago, the Democratic Party seems missing in action as tens of thousands of outraged Americans take to the streets to protest the endless string of police-involved shootings of black and brown men.

We'll also ask Carolyn about how everyday people can get involved in their community's politics, leveraging her experience on the LA County Voting Systems Assessment Project (VSAP) and Community Voter Outreach Committee (CVOC).

Carolyn is a retired AT&T executive, who provides consulting, training, and organizational development services to nonprofits, corporations, and public sector entities.