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San Francisco Eight
Harold Taylor

Harold Taylor

Tune in Monday, January 26th, at 3 p.m. PST right here for the next installment of “LA Progressive LIVE!” You’ll find us streaming at—and we’ll archive the 1-hour show.

Your hosts Dick and Sharon will examine lessons learned from yesterday's activism as they apply to today's Black Lives Matter.

Joining us will be Melina Abudullah, a central figure in the Black Lives Matter Movement, along with former Black Panthers Harold Taylor and Hank Jones.

Dr. Melina Abudllah is Professor and Chair of Pan-African Studies at California State University, Los Angeles and immediate past campus president and current Council for Affirmative Action Chair for the California Faculty Association (the faculty union).

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San Francisco Eight

Melina Abdullah

As a leading spokesperson of the Black Lives Matter movement, Melina was recently arrested as part of the protests at the Los Angeles Police Department Headquarters, where she and her colleagues have been demanding that LAPD Chief Charlie Beck fire the two officers involved in the Ezell Ford killing and that District Attorney Jackie Lacey then bring murder charges against the men.

In 2003, Harold Taylor, Hank Jones, and six other former Black Panthers became known as the San Francisco 8 (SF8) when they were again targeted by a joint terrorist taskforce, under the direction of the Department of Homeland Security and established to investigate and prosecute an unsolved killing of a police officer in 1971.

San Francisco Eight

Hank Jones

As a result of the taskforce investigation, Harold Taylor spent thirty days in jail for resisting a grand jury investigation in 2005 and seven months in county jail due to a criminal complaint in 2007. In 2009, 36 years after the taskforce began targeting the SF8, all charges were dismissed against Hank and Harold. Harold Taylor now lives in Panama City, Florida, and Hank Jones lives in Altadena, where they both continue to work for social justice and human rights.

Harold and Hank will be central figures in the "Courage and Resistance Tour" that will visit campuses and churches this week, including a panel session at Occidental College on Thursday, January 29th.

Dick Price & Sharon Kyle
LA Progressive Editor & Publisher