LA Progressive: May 17 to May 23, 2009

dollar-soldierA Modest Plan for Paying College Costs. –Robert Reich

Budget Baloney. -Adam Eran

Local Police Report Makes the Case for Federal Enforcement of Immigration Laws. -Michele Waslin

“Of Course (The CIA) Misled Congress. We Were Trained How.”-Charley James

The Arlen Spectacle.-Robert Illes

Los Angeles NAACP Life Achievement Award. –Anthony Asadullah Samad

Obama Expands America’s Warfare State. –Sherwood Ross

A Growing Sense of Anger at Obama – and Others. –Charley James

Veterans Reactivated Again and Again. –Donna Perdue

When the Law Is the Crime Being Committed. –David A. Love

Obama’s Controversial Two-Step Moves in Direction of Immigration Reform. –Andrea Christina Nill

Anti-War Hero. –-Jonathan David Farley

The Health Care Cave-In. –Robert Reich

Decrying California’s Double-Digit Student Fee Hikes. –Lillian Taiz

Community Organizer Obama Asks Activists: “Where’s Your Base”? –Randy Shaw

Tortured Reasoning and Tortured Results. –William Loren Katz

Bibi Goes to Washington: How About a Nuclear Free Middle East?-Joseph Palermo

Wait, Wait, and The Party of the Psychotic No. –Denis Campbell

Arnold’s Legacy: Driving the State Towards Bankruptcy. –Paul Hogarth

My Take on California’s Propositions. –Sheila Kuehl

Iraq: Ticking Away. –-Charlie Jackson

Obama Meets Netanyahu: Time to Tell Israeli the Facts of Life.-Charley James

The Speech Not Given. –Herb Engstrom

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