LA Progressive: May 24 to May 30, 2009

sonomaSingle-Payer Health Care versus Individual Mandates: A Dilemma for Democrats. –Gene Rothman

What’s Not Being Said About the Obama-Netanyahu Talks. –Carl Bloice

A White Gay’s Guide for Dealing with the Black Community. –Jasmyne Cannick

Lieutenant Dan Choi Takes “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Directly To Obama. –Linda Milazzo

A Tip Without An Iceberg: Americans, Not Canucks, Are The Real Medical Refugees. –Charley James

UN Report: Arms from Sudan Fuel Humanitarian Disaster as Congo/Rwanda Initiative Fails. –Georgianne Nienaber

Stop Wasting Money on Executions. –Ramona Ripston

Is Economic Growth a Delusion? –Steven Stoll

Hot Docs in Cool Toronto. –Charley James

California Needs a New Constitution. –Joseph Palermo

When Will The New York Times Stop Believing The Pentagon? –Charley James

Can Obama Build A Grassroots Health-Care Movement? –Randy Shaw

Marriage Equality, Beyond the Lying. –Tom Hall

Proposition Hate Redux. –Rev. Irene Monroe

Sotomayor and the Republicans. –Robert Reich

Lady Justice. –Ron Wolff

banksProp 8 Ruling: The Measure of a Court. –Sheila Kuehl

Obama Betrays Liberals. –Sherwood Ross

Hiding Behind the Skirts of Women. –Jodie Evans

The Only Sure Way to Fund Universal Health Care. –Robert Reich

Wingnuts Take Aim at Supremes’ Nominee Sotomayor. –Charley James

Intellectual Monopoly Is an Unnecessary Evil. –Art Carden

Award-Winning “Journalism” Targets Obama’s Head. –Virginia Hoge

Why TV Is the Pits. –Charley James

Who Celebrates Our Queer Servicemembers on Memorial Day? –Rev. Irene Monroe

Nazis Were Terrorists, Too. –Steve Ybarra

Save $1 Billion in Five Years—End the Death Penalty in California. –Natasha Minsker

Reports from Flies on Cheney’s Wall and Undisclosed Bunkers. –Jerry Drucker

Special Election: Dear Los Angeles Black Mega Church Pastor. –Jasmyne Cannick

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