Lanny Davis Defends Limbaugh, Smears Liberals

rush limbaughEven I reach my limit. I will resist the temptation to opine at any length about Lanny Davis or his recent column, but I take aggressive offense at the way he smears liberals as McCarthyites.

First Lanny gratuitously states the obvious, that Rush Limbaugh has a First Amendment right to be a sexist, a misogynist, to sadistically make fun of the ill (as he sickeningly once did to Michael J. Fox), to lower our discourse, and to preach whatever one calls what Limbaugh preaches.

Where I take offense is when Lanny smears, demeans, misrepresents and ridicules liberals as McCarthyites when they (perish the thought) call for a boycott of Limbaugh sponsors.

When I was a younger man, I supported the grape boycott advocated by the great labor leader Cesar Chavez on behalf of farm workers. Does Lanny believe that Cesar Chavez and his supporters were comparable to Joe McCarthy?

Then, for many years, I supported Nelson Mandela when he was in prison, and supported the sanctions and boycott against South Africa while racist apartheid continued and Mandela remained in prison.

I assume Lanny Davis opposed the boycott and sanctions against racism in South Africa, and would write a column today attacking Mandela, myself and others for being like Joe McCarthy because we supported sanctions and boycotts against racism and apartheid in South Africa, right?

At this moment, there are American sanctions against Iran over the nuclear issue, sanctions that are supported by Israel. I assume Lanny would believe that boycotts against Iran by Americans and Israelis make those Americans and Israelis like Joe McCarthy too, right?

I can handle liberals being demeaned by the right, which comes with the territory, and I will answer the right when necessary. But I find it particularly offensive when these slanders come from so-called Democrats,” in this case Lanny Davis.

Brent BudowskyI vigorously defend Lanny Davis’s right under the First Amendment to insult, demean, ridicule and misrepresent liberals, and I will answer his free speech with mine:

Lanny, your column is baloney.

Here is what liberals opposing Limbaugh have in common with Joe McCarthy:


Brent Budowsky
The Hill


  1. Tyrannus Evisceratus says

    The problem I see is a double standard. Yes liberals have a right to blacklist Rush Limbaugh and boycott his show, but if they do that they have to be ok with
    People like me going to chick fila more to support anti gay marriage ammendments in a counter boycott.
    Boycotts and Sanctions are fine in my book, but you have to allow the other side the same rights.
    I am guessing that Lanny Davis just doesn’t like boycotts at all which is fair if he applies it to both sides.

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