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Throughout the course of human history we have devoted considerable time and effort to identify a savior, a hero or heroine, a larger than life itself manifestation of redemption to which we could pledge unconditional allegiance in exchange for the hope that all would be right with the world. Foolishly we strive to anoint a mere mortal with providential authority, an act of unrelenting futility, despair, and disappointment, so we turn our attention skyward and place a spiritual trust in religion to save us.

Attorney General Barr

Whether or not one is a religious or spiritual individual, at one time or another most of us fall victim to the illusion that great leaders will rise from the heap of human endeavors and provide at the very least a temporary respite from the horrors we inflict upon ourselves. Speaking only for myself I too have fallen victim to what many would label hopeless romanticism. While great men and woman have risen to the task over the centuries, in the end they are merely human and carry many of the same faults, insecurities, and foibles as those of us self-appointed ordinary people.

In most instances those who place the enormous burden of leadership upon our fellow humans end up disappointed. It is only natural that we let our hopes and dreams carry us away and expect the impossible. However, many leaders do emerge in times of great crises, demanding substantial sacrifices that we agree to agree to endure and help us avert, if only temporarily, a greater catastrophe.

Contemporaneously, many concerned with the encroaching authoritarian bent that is being exhibited throughout the world, but most troubling and unexpectedly right here in America, have cast their lot with the foundational notion that our representative democratic would in the end save us from ourselves. I am one of them, believing that appealing to our better angels would help resurrect a society whose guiding principles are so eloquently embodied in the words of our Founding Fathers and would avert what has been labeled a constitutional crisis.

Idealistically, liberals have placed their trust in individuals and institutions whose conservative credentials are relatively foreign to our beliefs and political ideology. So we at first resorted to a cadre of military generals to keep the President from destroying a world order that has withstood seven decades since the end of World War II. That failed. Next we put our faith in a governmental bureaucracy that certainly would protect our national security (Intelligence community) and the rule of law (Department of Justice). That failed.

We have relied upon individuals with strong partisan Republican credentials to rectify or at the very least mitigate the rampant corruption that has overtaken our society.

Finally, we turned to a Special Counsel whose solemn responsibility would be to present the case of whether or not our President and his administration have compromised or conspired to thwart the will of the American people. The verdict is still out on this one. In all of these instances we have relied upon individuals with strong partisan Republican credentials to rectify or at the very least mitigate the rampant corruption that has overtaken our society. It is looking more and more likely that we may have to wait until the 2020 election to render a verdict on this issue.

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We still do not know whether or not our system of checks and balances is anything more than a fanciful aberration held hostage to the realities of a gangster government. The Special Counsel’s report has been sequestered by an Attorney General whose predisposition to despotism was on display when he authored a 19 page document essentially proclaiming his belief that the President was above the law, hence cementing his modern-day status as a judicial hack whose allegiance is to an individual not a system of government. His June, 2018 letter essentially arguing that the President could not be subjected to an obstruction of justice charge by the Special Counsel is a disqualifying action that should have demanded his recusal. Instead, it served as an audition tape for the role he currently plays in this modern version of a Greek tragedy.

So as the President, a congenital liar who is most likely suffering from dementia and surrounded by family advisors, mimicking the telltale signs of a banana dictatorship, who worships at the altar of unfeathered self-aggrandizement and suffers from uncontrollable narcissism, revels in the nether regions of dubious exoneration, the American public is left in the dark wondering if the report they paid for will ever see the light of day.

I wonder, who will prosecute Attorney General Barr for the audacious perversion of authority he has assumed that would allow him to purposely misrepresent to the American people the results of a Special Counsel investigation? Mr. Mueller, it is now time to stand up and be counted. The American people placed their trust and faith in your service to the nation to present the truth as you and your investigators see it. If your work is being fashioned and misshaped to reflect anything other than what your original report has found, you need to speak up. Too many have put their unconditional trust in you because of your carefully honed reputation for honesty and integrity at a time when both are in short supply at the highest reaches of our government. Consider this the ultimate act of dedication and devotion to your country.

Republican leadership in the US Senate, a body I devoted 6 years of my life in service to, is absolutely devoid of patriotism at this point and hopefully will be relieved of that responsibility in the next election. I worked in the Senate under the shadow of the post-Watergate years when leaders like Howard Baker, Lowell Weicker, Mark Hatfield, just to name a few, faced their obligation to the nation and regularly placed it above crass partisanship. Such a thing no longer exists in the Republican Party and the damage it inflicts upon our nation is staggering.

I have not read the Mueller report, few have. I do not know what is has to say other than the pathetic whitewash concocted by a crooked and corrupt Attorney General whom history will treat very harshly. But it is common sense that the actions of the AG and the President clearly reflect consciousness of guilt regardless of whether or not actions warrant criminal prosecution. We must allow the report to be released in its pristine form and let the chips fall where they may. Why would any conscientious citizen want anything other than such a conclusion? If the President is indeed innocent he should be screaming for such and if he were it would have already happened.

So on behalf of those who wish to know the truth, regardless of where or what it points to, it is time for Mueller to step up and be heard. The President is doing everything he can to shape the public narrative, as he is inclined to do regardless of whether or not it resembles the facts, and the longer that is allowed to carry the day, the harder it will be to face up to the truth. The public is weary and delay only exacerbates tensions that worsen as division and polarization tear at the very fabric of our republic. It is time to face the music and move on.


Lance Simmens