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I'd bet next month's Social Security check that Mitch McConnell believes Boof Kavanaugh fibbed through his pearly whites when he testified under oath before the Senate.

Boof Kavanaugh

That, of course, is beside the point. The Senate's top dog doesn't care.

Machiavellian Mitch plays the long game. Boof is his hedge against Democratic presidents and Congresses to come.

McConnell knows that when the opposition gets back in, they'll go to work reversing the GOP's red-tooth-in-claw, social Darwinian scheme of enriching the already rich while shafting workers, consumers, minorities, immigrants and women.

With Boof on the bench, the Republicans have a solid 5-4 Supreme Court majority, probably for decades. McConnell is counting on the quintet to overturn Democratic bills that threaten the GOP's greed-is-good agenda.

With Boof on the bench, the Republicans have a solid 5-4 Supreme Court majority, probably for decades. McConnell is counting on the quintet to overturn Democratic bills that threaten the GOP's greed-is-good agenda.

Oh, Boof told the truth when he snarled, “What goes around comes around.” He evidently didn't realize the old saw cuts both ways.

Boof implied that vengeance would be his against Democrats for trying to torpedo his nomination. But Boof's brag might have backfired by making Democratic voters doubly determined to dump the GOP on Nov. 6.

Anyway, I'd also wager my December check:

  • That deep down inside, Trump and the Ever Trumpers think Christine Blasey Ford spoke truthfully when she, under penalty of perjury and having passed a lie detector test, swore that Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her when they were teens.
  • That they're pretty sure Boof in his salad days was a puking, staggering, obnoxious drunk and flannel-mouthed frat boy, who, like many of them, has always been well-heeled and has traded on white privilege for his whole life.

No matter, the big lie tops big truth with Team Trump. After all, The Donald dotes on dictators.

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Anyway, McConnell claims that Democratic opposition to Boof has boomeranged on them.

“The ironies of ironies, this has actually produced an incredible surge of interest among these Republican voters going into the fall election,” he crowed to USA TODAY right before the Senate confirmed Boof.

“We’ve all been perplexed about how to get our people as interested as we know the other side is, well, this has done it."

All along, Boof had the blessing of the GOP's almost all-white, mostly male base of plutocrats, neo-Confederates and Christians of the Jesus-loves-me-but-He-can't-stand-you persuasion.

Even so, a new NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll shows the "enthusiasm gap" between the R and D faithful is narrowing, at least for now. Trump has been bloviating about a “Red Wave” for weeks.

Yet "McConnell's victory could be Pyrrhic," suggested Al Cross, of the Louisville, Ky., Courier-Journal, McConnell's hometown paper.

Columnist Cross added: “The allegations against Kavanaugh remain unresolved, and his demeanor in response to them wasn’t judicial. The seating of such a justice on the Supreme Court would further energize the Democratic base, especially women who are fed up with what they see as men’s cavalier attitudes toward sexual misbehavior."

He cited polls indicating that Republican ardor is on the rise. "But in five weeks, Trump’s voters won’t care as much about a Supreme Court seat as women voters care about issues that are deeper and more personal," Cross argued. "The base-energizing strategy took a very ugly turn this week, as some Republicans followed Trump’s shameful lead in mocking and attacking Kavanaugh’s chief accuser.”

Of course, revving the base is big in any election. But so is broadening the base. I don't see Trump-Boof boorishness winning many independent and swing voter hearts and minds.

Nor do I see Trump. McConnell and the GOP's other grumpy old men scoring points beyond the base by belittling Ford and condescendingly suggesting she's "mixed up"—clumsy code for "she's a liar."

Before Boof, Democrats were already sky high about the party's election day prospects. I suspect Boof has booted them into the stratosphere.

Go ahead. Accuse me of whistling past the graveyard. But I'll stake January's Social Security check that Boof's bile and Trump's “shameful lead in mocking and attacking” Ford will carry more weight with more voters than McConnell's poor-little-Boof bleats.

Berry Craig