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College Admission Fraud

Lori Laughlin and Felicity Huffman

So, the rich and famous of the entertainment industry are among those who got caught rigging the game. Actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Laughlin are among 50 of society's privileged, including corporate CEOs, who were just indicted. And of course, in our celebrity-obsessed cultureless culture, it's the celebrities who bring attention to the story.

For what? For paying an illegal "service" run by William Singer to apply its fraud to get their kids into elite universities by either (a) faking high SAT scores when their kids are as dumb as a post, or (b) creating athletic achievement profiles in sports the overindulged couch potato kids don't even play.

Stanford, USC, UCLA, Yale, Wake Forest, and more are neck-deep in it. Their coaches are neck-deep, taking big bribes, kickbacks and payola to demand recruiting of the fake athletes for a given coach's team or program.

The FBI held a lengthy news conference Tuesday morning to lay-out the investigation. Federal charges include conspiracy to defraud, mail fraud, and more. Even tax fraud is included, because those making the bribes had the hubris to deduct what they spent. Fraudster Singer himself agreed to plead guilty Tuesday to a wheelbarrow of charges.

Some of the beneficiaries of the scheme—students in the elite schools whose way-in was bought—are fully aware of exactly how things were rigged in their behalf.

It seems that some of the beneficiaries of the scheme—students in the elite schools whose way-in was bought—are fully aware of exactly how things were rigged in their behalf. But other lawbreaking parents paid to keep their kid "protected" from knowing as part of the "services" they paid Singer to perform for them.

Let's be clear: the privileged paid millions to get their kid into the right school, and that denied placement to other students who worked hard trying, unsuccessfully, to get-in on their own merit.

We'd like to see this become, in the words of the song, "the start of something big."

This an opportunity that our agenda-driven corporate media rarely affords us. While this bit of news is ever so briefly vying for inclusion against the Trumpcentric story-of-the-day, we can commend this to our fellow travelers on the information superhighway. We can encourage our purposefully distracted society to rise-up and demand exposure and prosecution of slam-dunk financial deals that harm others who are brushed aside; prosecution of corporate suite deals and "personally serviced" horizontally-determined deals; prosecution of corporate entertainment payola that promotes crap, sabotages talent, causes division for cynical ends, promotes an air of Amuurican ass-kicking righteous superiority, and enriches those who foist an agenda while playing no role in the creative process.

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There are so many more important ways we must demand our investigators and prosecutors go on from Tuesday's game-changing start.

We can demand exposure of the billions in taxpayer ripoffs obtained through nepotism and insider no-bid contracts; we can demand to see exposure of the role of political contributions in maintaining fossil fuel primacy and climate change denial. We can demand prosecutions for crimes against society, crimes against humanity, and crimes against the planet itself.

We can demand to see charges brought against Big Pharma for profiteering and payola while they spend more on advertising to create obfuscations and addictions than they spend to develop and test drugs.

We can demand indictments for corporate racketeering and buying elections and requiring proprietary software that can rig voting machines with no trail to detect the crime, and for myriad other collusions that illicitly control public opinion and enable and empower masters of an empire of cyberspying that knows no bounds.

We can demand exposure of, and an end to, the insidious blood money of the warconomy, the corporate/military revolving-door Pentagon and State Department weapons deals and giveaways and "rewards" for the right policies; an end to clandestine US determination of foreign election outcomes; an end to the arrogance of "regime change" and of threatening and purchasing the politicians and policies of foreign governments; an end to the profitable paradigm of perpetual war that leaves indigenous populations destitute, living in ruins surrounded by unexploded ordnance and dead relatives -- while it sends home to us a generation of young military veterans permanently damaged by PTSD and crippling war wounds that are and are not outwardly visible.

And while the investigators and grand juries and federal prosecutors are at it, let's see a thorough and comprehensive, across-the-board, full-spectrum outing of corporate welfare for the privileged and incompetent, and revelations of the paved paths of subsidizing the connected greedy who have no conscience, rake in billions, pay no taxes, and portray themselves as "job creators."


Bring. It. On.

Larry Wines

- 30 -