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The gun worshippers just sent around the following letter:

“Texas just became the 21st permitless carry state, and this marks the largest state to join the Constitutional Carry Club!

“The final passage and signing of HB 1927 represents an amazing grassroots victory that would not have happened without enormous support from our Texas team and the everyday, ordinary grassroots activists who put in so much hard work.

“Texas becomes the 21st Constitutional Carry state!

“Today, it was an honor to represent tens of thousands of GOA Texas members at Governor Abbott's signing ceremony for HB 1927, which recognizes the right of law-abiding gun owners to carry handguns, open or concealed, without having to ask the government for permission. The Governor has now also signed HB 957 (suppressor freedom), HB 2622 (2A Sanctuary), and HB 1500 (Emergency Powers repeal).

“This is an amazing victory – and it is your victory.

“Without you, our dedicated and passionate community of gun owners, we would not have achieved this victory. And so today I honor every ordinary Texan who has worked and sacrificed to repeal the unjust permit requirement for handgun carry in Texas.

“Any requirement of a license to carry hinders our ability to protect ourselves and hurts the vulnerable most of all. Most important, the right to keep and bear arms is ultimately intended to serve as a check against a tyrannical government, and it defeats the purpose if we have to ask the government for permission to carry a handgun.

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The people who want to carry guns openly are people who are psychologically ready to use them if they get ticked off at someone else.

“Other states are beginning to pass what they called Constitutional Carry - the simple idea that the Constitution is the only permit I need to be able to carry my handgun.”

Yes, an amazing victory. This means that many more Texas will die every year from gunshots. But who needs them, anyway? These are the dumdums who want people to be able to carry firearms, so they will suffer the consequences.

Hopefully, Californians aren't so stupid.

The “open carry” law doesn’t necessarily increase the number of guns in the state, but it certainly increases the circumstances in which armed citizens will meet with unarmed citizens. And if permits are not required to carry guns openly, then more people will do so. 

Those who favor this new law state baldly that carrying a gun is no worse than carrying a knife or a baseball bat. That’s pure poppycock. Guns are far more dangerous than knives or baseball bats. Furthermore, how many people are here who wander the streets with a baseball bat or a knife in their hand? Moreover, the people who want to carry guns openly are people who are psychologically ready to use them if they get ticked off at someone else.

Wyoming in 2011 was the first state to allowing the carrying of guns without a permit. “Wyoming has the 12th-highest societal cost of gun violence in the US at $1,270 per person each year. Gun deaths and injuries cost Wyoming $736 million, of which $14 million is paid by taxpayers. . . . In Wyoming, the rate of gun deaths increased 43% from 2010 to 2019, compared to a 17% increase nationwide. The rate of gun suicides increased 38%, compared to a 13% increase nationwide. Data on gun homicides was not consistently available in Wyoming during this time period.”

michael hertz

That seems like pretty clear evidence. Of course, if you want to check the other 19 states, go right ahead. I would guess that most if not all would see an increase in gun violence as opposed to the national average.

I guess some Americans just like to see people killed with guns.

Michael Hertz