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For the 2016 elections, LA Progressive gathered two dozen criminal justice activists representing a number of high-profile organizations to create our first Criminal Justice Report Card. You can see the result here.

Criminal Justice Report Card 2018

As we explained then, our aim was to give voters a handy, reliable guide to which Sacramento legislators are working to reform California's too often dysfunctional and overly punitive criminal justice system.

With this year's even more critical November elections rapidly approaching, we're gearing up to help voters again winnow through the electioneering so many political campaigns rely on.

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Right now, we're again gathering our team to grade California's legislative record in 2017. Then this summer, before the November elections, we'll update the grades with 2018 legislation.

As they did last time, voters will have access to a simple A+ to F grading system. But they'll also be able to dig deeper to see which bills were deemed crucial for grading their state senator's or assemblymember's performance.

This year, we'll likely expand our scope to include California's federal congressional delegation and also feature profiles of "Criminal Justice Champions" -- those legislators who lead the way for their colleagues.

To do all that, we're going to need your help. Please consider donating to this cause so we can bring the Criminal Justice Report Card to a wide swath of California's voters. Your donations will help us reach those voters.

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Dick Price & Sharon Kyle
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