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Submit a Comment to the FTC: Hold Flo App Accountable for Reckless Privacy Violations

Action: The FTC has issued a proposed settlement with fertility and period tracking app Flo. Demand stronger enforcement of women’s privacy rights by March 1st!

Flo—a fertility and period tracking app used by over 100 million people—is in hot water with the FTC for deliberate, rampant, and persistent privacy violations. The FTC alleges that Flo lied to users about sharing their sensitive data with third parties like Facebook and Google from 2016 to 2019.

Flo deceptively assured its users during that time that their data was kept private. But in fact, Flo was actively collecting and selling sensitive user information to third-party entities such as Facebook and Google.

The FTC’s proposed settlement—while a step in the right direction for protecting women’s health and privacy rights—does not go far enough to ensure that Flo, and other apps like it, refrain from deceiving their customers by levying stronger punishment and regulations. Flo is not the only women’s health tracking app to abuse customer’s privacy and security. Recently, Glow was fined by the CA State Attorney General, and both Clue and MyDays were ousted for privacy leaks.

We now know that these companies share sensitive customer data with corporations like Facebook and Google, but don’t know what other entities are benefiting from sensitive customer data such as periods, pregnancies, and sexual practices. Insurance companies and employers could obtain or purchase such data and use it to further discriminate against women.

Companies such as Flo that use deceptive practices must be held accountable and compelled to protect the privacy and security of consumer data by the FTC using whatever legal and regulatory tools are at their disposal.

What can you do?

Demand that the FTC bring stronger sanctions against Flo for their deceptive and harmful practices! Below are suggested items to include in your public comment to the FTC.

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  • Applaud FTC’s efforts to hold Flo accountable for privacy violations, but emphasize that they do not go far enough
  • Demand that they bring a financial penalty against Flo for privacy violations
  • Require that Flo give consumers the option to opt-out of sharing their personal data with third parties
  • Require Flo to admit wrongdoing

Interested parties may file comments online or on paper by following the instructions in the Request for Comment part of the SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION section. Please write “Flo Health, Inc.; File No. 192 3133” on your comment, and file your comment online at by following the instructions on the web-based form.

If you prefer to file your comment on paper, mail your comment to the following address: Federal Trade Commission, Office of the Secretary, 600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Suite CC-5610 (Annex D), Washington, DC 20580, or deliver your comment to the following address: Federal Trade Commission, Office of the Secretary, Constitution Center, 400 7th Street SW, 5th Floor, Suite 5610 (Annex D), Washington, DC 20024.

Submit a public comment to the FTC on or before March 1st.


Encourage others to submit a comment as well and send a strong message to Flo that their egregious and dangerous privacy violations are not without consequence and will not be tolerated!

Yadi Younse and Norma Rodriguez