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Expanding Gun Rights

Carl Matthes: One last thought, Rep. King, to be even more safe, why not amend your bill to say that a gun may not be carried within your congressional district when you're there?

Another day, another shooting.

gun violence

In the aftermath of the Tucson shootings, with the sole exception of Rep. Carolyn McCarthy (D-N.Y.), whose husband was killed and son injured in a 1993 shooting, only one gun control bill has been introduced. Hers! 534 Democratic and Republicant members, where are you? To honor Rep. Giffords, I suggest that a minimum of 32 bills be introduced. One for each of the massacre bullets from that pimped-out Glock2.

One down.

Republican Rep. Peter T. King of New York will propose new gun control legislation making it a crime to carry a gun within 1,000 feet of the president, vice president, members of Congress or federal judges.

Two down? Hmmm.

It’s not surprising that King wants to ban weapons within 1,000 feet of the political elite. After all, that includes him. (Much like the government medical care he enjoys and wants to torpedo for everyone else.) I’m just surprised Republicant King didn’t include people with annual incomes of over $1,000,000. in his ban!

If Congressmembers won't limit gun rights, why don’t they just come out-of-the- closet and pass laws to expand them?

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A few suggestions.

Since the most recent gun incidents involved students, let’s start with student gun rights. For instance, in Tucson, the assassin fumbled with the reloading of the extended ammunition magazine. Distracted, he was unable to quickly insert it, getting off “only” 32 shots. His frustration with college is now clear; classes weren’t offered in how to insert a magazine expertly. Rep. King, consider mandating gun classes and start them early, at least by middle school.

In Tucson, a spectator was packing but hesitated to shoot because he was unsure of who was the assassin. Rep. King, add an immunity clause to your bill for anyone who shoots at a possible assassin of a political elite. People who pack guns need to have confidence that they have "right-to-shoot powers" under the Second Amendment, thus encouraging them to shoot without hesitation. Legalize the concept of shooting first and asking questions later.

Students need gun training. Money for shooting ranges and the hiring of high-profile shooter/teachers such as Dick Cheney needs to be available. Cheney could mentor young students on the proper way to wound but not kill people who might be in proximity. And, speaking of proximity. Tucson is just a hop, skip and jump from the Mexican border. Tie these courses to the need for controlling our borders. I’m sure students would more fully realize the importance of the Second Amendment if it were combined with the war on illegal immigration. For special significance add to your bill the provision that any moving target within 1,000 feet of the Mexican border may be legally shot. I’m sure Arizona Republicant colleagues would sign onto your bill.

In Gardena, California, if the student hadn’t hidden his firearm, but packed it on his hip, everyone would have been safer knowing he had a gun. Obviously the student was poorly trained on how to conceal a gun. Classes need to include the proper way to conceal, assemble and load firearms. Additionally, allow for gun clubs and competitions between schools. Imagine students winning a varsity letter in guns and shooting.

carl matthes

One last thought, Rep. King, to be even more safe, why not amend your bill to say that a gun may not be carried within your congressional district when you're there?

Carl Matthes